Jared Miley, Tommy Schirnhofer Jr., Pat Weldon, Jake Simmons, Gary Smith (2), Todd Weldon, Rick Paster and Andrew Loria won the 9 scheduled features on Berk’s and Nickels $1.00 Hot Dog Night at Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway on July 14, 2012.

PITTSBURGH, PA – JULY 14, 2012 – Jared Miley, South Park PA ended a two year drought at his home track to win an exciting Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic DIRTcar Super Late model Feature. It was Miley’s first win since May 10, 2010. Brandon Burgoon returned to action after a 3 week absence and grabbed the lead at the start. Burgoon led Michael Norris and Miley. On lap 5 the first caution occurred when Scott Gunn spun and tagged the turn 3&4 wall. Burgoon led Miley and now John Garvin on the restart. On lap 7 4th running Norris slowed bringing out the next caution. He was able to restart after pitting. Miley took over the lead on the restart. Miley lead Garvin, Burgoon and Alex Ferree. On lap 9 Jim Lepro brought out the next yellow.   Garvin overhauled Miley on the restart and began to put some distance between himself and the rest of the field, while Lynn Geisler moved into third and began to challenge Miley. On lap 15 Ferree slowed bringing out another caution, and pitted with overheating problems and did not return . Garvin pulled away again and looked as if he was going to pick up his first win of the season. But a quick caution for John Flinner and Jon Hodgkiss who tangled coming off of turn four was his downfall. Miley made a wild move on the restart and got by Garvin and led the remaining laps. Geisler also got by Garvin, as it appeared his tires went away. At the checker it was Miley, Geisler (who picked up the Awesome Design Hard Charger Award), Garvin, Burgoon, Steve Baker, Ben Miley, Daryl Charlier, Kari Gasser and John Flinner. Daryl Charlier was the K&N Persistent Performer. The heats had John Garvin and Jared Miley take the victories. 

Dormont PA’s Tommy Schirnhofer Jr., continues his great season by winning the Brougher’s Machine Shop Fastrak Crate Late Models feature, his second win of the season. Rocky Kugel grabbed the lead at the start and looked strong leading the first 7 laps. Schirnhofer, who started 6th took over on lap 8 and weathered thru a pair of cautions to grab the win. The battle for second was great with Colton Flinner beating Nico Dabecco, Beau Glemba, Chuck Medved, Mark Moats Jr., Kugel, Justin Lamb, Paul Jablonski, and Tom Bateman. Kugel also picked up the K&N Persistent Performer Award. The heats had Colton Flinner and Nico Dabecco grab the wins. 

Monongahela PA’s, Pat Weldon won the rain out Sunoco Race Fuels Late Model Sportsman feature from July 1. Weldon grabbed the lead at the start and lead the entire distance to win over Nick Kocuba, Danny Rich (in the Jake Simmons #68X), Wayne Carbo, Jarrod Westover, Brian Huchko (in Jenn Barker’s #33), and Mark Lee. The K&N Persistent Performer was Jarrod Westover. Vince Laboon and Dwight Boice did not start the main. 

Jake Simmons, McKees Rocks PA won the regular Sunoco Race Fuels Late Model Sportsman feature for his 6th of the season and first in over a month. Simmons took the lead off Nick Kocuba after starting 4th and held off a strong charge from Pat Weldon to get the win. Weldon was second followed by Wayne Carbo, Brian Huchko (in his new ride), Nick Kocuba, Curt Bish, Jarrod Westover, Jenn Barker, Craig Koteles, and Mark Lee. Lee was also the K&N Persistent Performer. Pat Weldon won the heat. 

Gary Smith, West Mifflin, PA had a career night in the Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks, winning both the rainout July 1 feature and the regular main. Smith grabbed the lead on lap 1 and held off a strong challenge from Joe Podolinsky and Chase Evans to win the first feature. Hannah Ramsey did not start. In the regular main, Smith started 4th and took the lead off Eric Goldberg and defeated Chase Evans, Joe Podolinsky, Goldberg and Tyler Fox. Joe Podolinsky and Eric Goldberg were the K&N Persistent Performers, respectively. Joe Podolinsky won the heat. 

Todd Weldon, Monongahela PA won his 7th feature of the season in the Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns. Weldon took the lead on lap 1 and led the rest of the way to defeat Christian Schneider, Logan Crewl, Jacob Recker, Courtney Chamberlain and Roman O’Neill. The K&N Persistent Performer went to Courtney Chamberlain. 

Andrew Loria, Pittsburgh PA, won the Wacky Wheels Figure 8 Feature over Joe Podolinsky, Sam McGervey, Kurt Halbedl, Jake Simmons, and Eric Goldberg.

MD’s, Rick Pastor won the PA Vintage Modified Dirt Racing Series feature over Paul Bacchus and Al Byerly.

Upcoming at PPMS, on July 21 the second UFO event of the season will be run, the Tri-State Championship 51 for the Super Late Models, plus a Mod Light Stars Tour event and a complete regular show. On July 28 the 4th Sizzler Series for the Fastrak Pro Lates, with the first ever Steel Block Bandits VS the PPMS Fastrak Pro Late Steel City 30, plus a complete show for the regular classes. Regular shows consist of Super Late Models, Fastrak Pro Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, and Young Guns. Effective for the remainder of the season, in the event of any Saturday rainout the management will utilize a Sunday evening raindate. Times for the Sunday evening will start 1 hour earlier, with Gates opening at 4:00PM, Hot Laps at 5:00PM, and Racing at 6:00PM. For more info on PPMS Schedule see the website http://www.ppms.com/ 

SUMMARY – July 14, 2012 

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DirtCar Super Late Models

Heats – J4 John Garvin and H1 Jared Miley

Feature (25 Laps) – 1. H1 Jared Miley, 2. 1C Lynn Geisler, 3. J4 John Garvin, 4. 17 Brandon Burgoon, 5. 0 Steve Baker, 6. 99 Ben Miley, 7. 12 Daryl Charlier, 8. 72 Michael Norris, 9. 0K Kari Gasser, 10. 48C John Flinner, 11.6 Jim Lepro, 12. 14 Scott Gunn, 13. 69 Jon Hodgkiss, 14. 2J Mike Johnson, 15. 10   Alex Ferree

Awesome Hard Charger – 1C Lynn Geisler

K&N Performer – 12 Daryl Charlier

Brougher’s Machine Shop ProLate Models

Heats – 75 Colton Flinner and 1F Nico Dabecco

Feature (20 Laps) – 1. 8 Tommy Schirnhofer, 2. 75 Colton Flinner, 3. 1F Nico Dabecco, 4. 99G Beau Glemba, 5. 2M Chuck Medved, 6. 15 Mark Moats, 7. 21KRT Rocky Kugel, 8. 93X Justin Lamb, 9. 3 Paul Jablonski, 10. B8 Tom Bateman, 11. 12 Brian Goebel, 12. 8 Dusty Curry, 13. 39 Pat Willar, 14. 18 Chris Lander, 15. 1 Kyle Lukon, 16. 01 Ron Hall, 17. 75 Scott Schempp, 18. 98 Tom Copeland, DNS – C1 Ken Chernik and 50T Tyler Carson

K&N Performer – 21KRT Rocky Kugel 

Sunoco Race Fuels DirtCar Sportsman

Heat – 45 Pat Weldon

Make up Feature from July 1 (15 Laps) – 1. 45 Pat Weldon, 2. 10 Nick Kocuba, 3. 68X Danny Rich, 4. 54 Wayne Carbo, 5. W1 Jarrod Westover, 6. 33 Brian Huchko, 7. 25 Mark Lee, DNS – 17L Vince Laboon and 528 Dwight Boice

K&N Performer – 25 Mark Lee

Feature (15 Laps) – 1. 68X Jake Simmons, 2. 45 Pat Weldon, 3. 54 Wayne Carbo, 4. 60 Brian Huchko, 5. 10 Nick Kocuba, 6. 00 Curt Bish, 7. W1 Jarrod Westover, 8. 33 Jenn Barker, 9. 64K Craig Koteles, 10. 25 Mark Lee

K&N Performer – W1 Jarrod Westover

Miley BP Car Wash DirtCar Hobby Stocks Factory Stocks

Heat – 56 Joe Podolinsky

Make up Feature from July 1 (12Laps) – 1. 1 Gary Smith, 2. 56 Joe Podolinsky, 3. 7 Chase Evans

DNS – 14 Hannah Ramsey

K&N Performer – 56 Joe Podolinsky

Feature (12 Laps) – 1. 1 Gary Smith, 2. 7 Chase Evans, 3. 56 Joe Podolinsky, 4. 714 Eric Goldberg, 5. 39 Tyler Fox

K&N Performer – 714 Eric Goldberg

Imperial Heights Garage DirtCar Young Guns Sport Compacts

Feature (6 Laps) – 1. 45 Todd Weldon, 2. M5 Christian Schneider, 3. 0 Logan Crewl, 4. 6 Jacob Recker, 5. 13C Courtney Chamberlain, 6. 47 Roman O’Neill, DNS – 50A Adam Carson and 09 Matt Pegher

K&N Performer – 13 Courtney Chamberlain

Wacky Wheels Figure 8

Feature (12 Laps) – 1. 24 Andrew Loria, 2. 56 Joe Podolinsky, 3. 0 Sam McGervey, 4. 18 Kurt Halbedl, 5. 7 Jake Simmons, 6. 1 Eric Goldberg 

Pennsylvania Vintage Dirt Modified Racing Series

Feature (10 Laps) – 1. 6 Rick Paster, 2. 7 Paul Bacchus, 3. 47 Al Byerly