Scott Bloomquist Conquers Silver Anniversary of the Pittsburgher 100 in NDRL Action! Moyer Crowned Champion

Pittsburgher 2013

Scott Bloomquist Conquers Silver Anniversary of the Pittsburgher 100 in NDRL Action

Imperial, Pennsylvania (October 12, 2013) Scott Bloomquist may have not had the season that he’s wanted in 2013, but it definitely took a turn for the best on Saturday night as he outdueled a talented field of National Dirt Racing League (NDRL) Super Late Models to win the $25,000 check in the 25th Annual Pittsburgher 100 at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (Imperial, Pennsylvania).

Scott Bloomquist overtook fellow front row starter, Billy Moyer on lap 12, and once out front never looked back on his way to a convincing win in the 100 lap feature. The victory was his fourth triumph of his career in the mega-event.

In victory lane a jubilant Bloomquist climbed atop his #0 Roush Yates powered Bloomquist Race Car in front of a massive approving crowd at the historic, half-mile oval with the checkered flag hoisted high in the air.

After catching his breath and climbing back to the ground the Mooresburg, Tennessee driver addressed the raucous crowd.

“We’ve been doing a lot of testing this year, and some things have worked and others haven’t. Tonight it did,” Bloomquist commented. “The car would just go wherever I needed it to be, and I felt really comfortable out there tonight.”

Fellow Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer Billy Moyer snagged the lead as the finale went green with Bloomquist, Jason Feger, Dale McDowell, and Mason Ziegler in pursuit. By lap 9 the leaders were already in lapped traffic, and three laps later Bloomquist took advantage of heavy lappers to shoot past Moyer for the lead exiting turn three.

As the race endured a long green flag run Feger raced past Moyer a few laps later and set his sights on the leader, Bloomquist. The front duo set a blistering pace lapping up to the 15th position by lap 40 as they established a nine second lead on the pack.

The race’s first caution flew on lap 42 as Jackie Boggs slowed from contention with mechanical issues.

“The hardest point of the race tonight was not knowing what was happening behind me,” noted Bloomquist in victory lane. “I just had to assume I was in the best spot during those long green flag runs.”

Two more cautions struck over the next thirty laps to slow the action including 4th place runner, Dale McDowell falling pit-side on lap 51.

The race’s final caution waved for John Garvin Jr. on lap 72 with the top five running order including Billy Moyer, Jason Feger, Eddie Carrier Jr., and Kent Robinson, who started back in 16th. As the green flag waved for the final time Robinson rocketed into the 3rd spot with Feger beginning to fade.

Over the closing laps of the event Moyer tried to catch Bloomquist for the lead, but his attempts would fall short as Bloomquist won by just over a second with his fastest lap of the race coming on the final circuit. Jason Feger found motor issues biting him with five laps remaining as he retired from the top five.

Billy Moyer crossed the finish line in the 2nd spot to claim the inaugural National Dirt Racing League Championship, which included a $20,000 check. “I’ve got to give Kennedy a lot of credit for what he’s put together here,” commented Moyer after the race. “These purses have been amazing and every race has seemed like a World 100 caliber field. I said a few years ago I was done point’s racing, but here I am tonight.

Kent Robinson, Eddie Carrier Jr. and 21st starting, Rick Eckert, founded out the top five finishers.

Jackie Boggs topped the 49 entries on hand in Keyser Manufacturing time trials with a 19.326 second lap around the half-mile. Heat race action was topped by Jason Feger, Keith Barbara, Mason Ziegler, Scott Bloomquist, Billy Moyer, and Dale McDowell won the heat races. B-main action was topped by Austin Hubbard and Eric Wells.

The NDRL’s 25th Annual ‘Pittsburgher 100’
Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway
Imperial, PA
Saturday, October 12, 2013

Full Results
Finish / Start / Car # / Name / Purse
1. (1) 0 – Scott Bloomquist – $25,000
2. (2) 21 – Billy Moyer – $10,000
3. (16) 7R – Kent Robinson – $6,000
4. (12) 28 – Eddie Carrier Jr. – $4,000
5. (21) 24 – Rick Eckert – $3,000
6. (10) 22- Gregg Satterlee – $2,750
7. (7) 25C – Shane Clanton – $2,500
8. (9) 15B – Brian Birkhofer – $2,250
9. (11) 1R – Josh Richards – $2,100
10. (6) 25Z – Mason Zeigler – $2,000
11. (8) H1 – Jared Miley – $1,900
12. (20) 18W – Eric Wells – $1,800
13. (19) 11H – Austin Hubbard – $1,750
14. (18) 02 – Brandon Burgoon – $1,700
15. (23) 28M – Jimmy Mars – $1,650
16. (4) 25F – Jason Feger – $1,600
17. (17) J4 – John Garvin Jr. – $1,550
18. (15) 6 – Steve Shaver – $1,500
19. (25) 10 – Alex Ferree – $1,500
20. (3) 17M – Dale McDowell – $1,500
21. (22) 1* – Chub Frank – $1,500
22. (14) 4B – Jackie Boggs – $1,500
23. (5) 17B – Keith Barbara – $1,500
24. (13) 1J – Davey Johnson – $1,500
25. (24) 28E – Dennis Erb Jr. – $1,500

Heat Race #1: 25F Jason Feger, 25C Shane Clanton, 1J Davey Johnson, 11H Austin Hubbard, 72 Michael Norris, 7M Michael Davis, 29 Garrett Krummert, 21M Tony Musolino

Heat Race #2: 17B Keith Barbara, 15B Brian Birkhofer, 6 Steve Shaver, 24 Rick Eckert, 6L Jamie Lathroum, 27 George Kowatic, 0B Steve Baker

Heat Race # 3: 25Z Mason Zeigler, 1R Josh Richards, J4 John Garvin Jr., 28M Jimmy Mars, 99B Boom Briggs, 28E Dennis Erb, 49 Brian Ruhlman, 1U Matt Urban

Heat Race #4: 0 Scott Bloomquist, H1 Jared Miley, 4B Jackie Boggs, 18W Eric Wells, 6T Tim Dohm, 99 Donnie Moran, 79 Mike Altobelli Jr.

Heat Race #5: 21 Billy Moyer, 22 Gregg Satterlee, 7R Kent Robinson, 18 Jon Henry, 10 Alex Ferree, 9K Mike Knight, 44 Derek Stephanik

Heat Race #6: 17M Dale McDowell, 28 Eddie Carrier, 02 Brandon Burgoon, 1* Chub Frank, 38 Jim Stephans, 8Ball Mark Pettyjohn, 69 Jon Hodgkiss, 0K Kari Gasser

B-Main # 1: 11H Austin Hubbard, 24 Rick Eckert, 72 Michael Norris, 32F Coleby Frye, 99B Boom Briggs, 21M Tony Musolino, 7M Michael Davis, 29 Garrett Krummert, 28E Dennis Erb Jr., 49 Brian Ruhlman, 1U Matt Urban, 6L Jamie Lathroum, 28M Jimmy Mars

B-Main #2: 18W Eric Wells, 1* Chub Frank, 6T Tim Dohm, 1C Lynn Geisler, 10 Alex Ferree, 38 Jim Stephans, 99 Donnie Moran, 75 Colton Flinner, 9K Mike Knight, 69 Jon Hodgkiss, 44 Derek Stephanik, 0K Kari Gasser, 8Ball Mark Pettyjohn, 79 Mike Altobelli Jr., 18 Jon Henry

Keyser Manufacturing Time Trials:
Group A
25 Jason Feger 19.503
6 Steve Shaver 19.551
1R Josh Richards 19.608
25C Shane Clanton 19.623
15B Brian Birkhofer 19.642
25Z Mason Zeigler 19.730
1J Davey Johnson 19.763
0B Steve Baker 19.836
28M Jimmy Mars 19.883
29 Garrett Krummert 19.989
17B Keith Barbara 20.140
J4 John Garvin Jr. 20.193
11H Austin Hubbard 20.250
24 Rick Eckert 20.296
28E Dennis Erb Jr. 20.310
7M Michael Davis 20.319
32F Coleby Frye 20.360
99B Boom Briggs 20.411
72 Michael Norris 20.462
6L Jamie Lathroum 20.465
49 Brian Ruhlman 20.486
S2 Tim Senic 20.600
27 George Kowatic 20.727
1U Matt Urban 20.907
21M Tony Musolino 21.511

Group B
4B Jackie Boggs 19.326
22 Gregg Satterlee 19.402
17M Dale McDowell 19.491
0 Scott Bloomquist 19.689
21 Billy Moyer 19.788
02 Brandon Burgoon 19.810
18 Eric Wells 19.818
10 Alex Ferree 19.839
28 Eddie Carrier Jr. 19.998
H1 Jared Miley 20.027
7R Kent Robinson 20.075
1* Chub Frank 20.123
1C Lynn Geisler 20.223
18 Jon Henry 20.300
8Ball Mark Pettyjohn 20.341
6T Tim Dohm 20.401
75 Colton Flinner 20.454
38 Jim Stephans 20.552
99 Donnie Moran 20.604
9K Mike Knight 20.672
69 Jon Hodgkiss 21.339
79 Mike Altobelli Jr. 21.438
44 Derek Stephanik 21.506
0K Kari Gasser 21.640

UEMS Modifieds A-Main: 5T Jonathan Taylor, 2A Rick Aukland, 49 Brian Ruhlman, 220 Dan Davies, 144 Anthony Kinkade, 14 Scott Stiffler, 17JE J.E. Stalder, GRS2 Deana Groves, 92 Joel Watson, 10H Randy Hall, 75 Jacob Hawkins, 44B Kyle Bedell, 65T Bruce Takach, 62 Ken Zimmer, 7E Evan Taylor, 114 Carmen Perigo, 44 Matt Fulton, 57 Brian Huchko, 3N Dennis Nakutis, 07 Brock Burcher, 98 Todd Canter, 68 Steve Dixon, 6M Carl McKinney, 65M Tom Martineck, 01 Vic Vena, 33 Bob Moskie

FINAL 2013 NDRL Let’s Get Dirty Tour Point Standings
1. 21 Billy Moyer 974
2. 1R Josh Richards 946
3. 28M Jimmy Mars 908
4. 25 Shane Clanton 906
5. 15B Brian Birkhofer 904
6. 18W Eric Wells 896
7. 28E Dennis Erb Jr. 870
8. 25 Jason Feger 864
9. 1J Davey Johnson 752
10. 0 Scott Bloomquist 722
11. 28 Eddie Carrier Jr. 714
12. 11 Austin Hubbard 662
13. 99 Donnie Moran 543
14. 22 Gregg Satterlee 538
15. 19 Tim Fuller 515
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