Adam Kekich at Fremont Speedway – Rick Rarer Photo

Hermitage, Pennsylvania native and Fully Injected teammate, Adam Kekich, spend the Memorial Day weekend at Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio with the All-Star Circuit of Champions. The third generation driver and former limited sprint car graduate qualified for Saturday night’s $3,000-to-win, All-Star Circuit of Champions, 30 lap main event and finished inside the top 20 in the running order. Kekich had to make the show the hard way; missing a transfer spot in his respective heat race and having to race his way through the evening’s consolation B-main. The young man would finish 3rd in the consolation and qualify for the main event. Kekich would be scored in the 18th ¬†position at the conclusion of the 30 lap feature.

The familiar ‘5K’ would fail to qualify for the Sunday night, $10,000-to-win, All-Star Circuit of Champions weekend finale at Fremont Speedway. Kekich would finish 7th in the consolation B-main ending his night.¬†


UNOH A-Main on 5/26/12 Р(30 Laps) 
1. 2-Dale Blaney[1]; 2. O9-Craig Mintz[2]; 3. 24H-Bryan Sebetto[3]; 4. 53-Phil Gressman[9]; 5. 89G-David Gravel[6]; 6. 4-Danny Smith[5]; 7. 54-Cap Henry[11]; 8. 5R-Byron Reed[8]; 9. 3L-Mike Linder[16]; 10. 83-Tim Shaffer[4]; 11. D4-Danny Holtgraver[19]; 12. 45-Paul McMahan[15]; 13. 55-Brad Bowman[12]; 14. 97-Dean Jacobs[24]; 15. 14K-Cole Duncan[17]; 16. 44W-Austen Wheatley[21]; 17. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[22]; 18. 5K-Adam Kekich[13]; 19. 9X-Brandon Martin[10]; 20. 2+-Brian Smith[20]; 21. 57X-Andrew Palker[18]; 22. 35-Stuart Brubaker[23]; 23. 14H-Todd Heller[7]; 24. 19-Stevie Smith[14]

Stay tuned this week for details on Adam Kekich’s upcoming weekend!