Billy Moyer, Jr. Tops the Podium in Night Two of Tucson’s Winter Extreme!


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Billy Moyer, Jr. Tops the Podium in Night Two of Tucson’s Winter Extreme

Tucson, Arizona (January 12, 2014) Billy Moyer, Jr. has had success in the past during early season Arizona events but it had been since 2011 that the Batesville, Arkansas driver had been to Victory Lane in the Copper State. Debuting a new Longhorn Chassis, Moyer showed early promise during Night One of Tucson International Raceway’s Winter Extreme presented by Tucson Harley-Davidson and RideNow Powersports-Tucson with an impressive heat race win. However Moyer fought handling issues and faded in the feature to an 11th place finish. On Sunday Moyer, Jr. erased any doubts that anyone might have had about his early success. Moyer grabbed another heat race win and then topped another outstanding field to claim the $5,000 winner’s purse and revive his confidence.

54 cars checked in for action in Keyser Manufacturing Qualifying for the second of six nights of racing. For the second time in as many nights, Williamson, West Virginia racer John Blankenship scored fast time honors by virtue of his 16.901 second time trial lap. And, just as the previous night, Blankenship proceeded to draw the maximum number for the heat race inversions.

Moyer took advantage of redrawing the inside pole position for the night’s feature and jumped out to an early lead. Behind him Missouri driver Terry Phillips worked his way to second, bypassing California’s Tony Toste. Phillips set after Moyer and stalked the leaded down by lap 4. One lap later a slip off of turn 2 by Moyer was all that the veteran Phillips needed to take over the lead. Phillips drove his Rocket Chassis deep into turn 3 and swept by Moyer. Phillips began to distance himself from the field stretching his to nearly half a straightaway by lap 10. But the night wasn’t meant to be for Phillips as he rolled to stop on lap 11 drawing the second yellow flag of the race.

Moyer resumed the lead for the restart and powered away from his pursuers until the yellow flag waved again when Tony Jackson, Jr. pulled up lame on the front straightaway. With the restart Moyer was once again able to drive away from Toste and a hard charging Jimmy Mars who started 6th. Moyer had held a significant lead until he began to reach lapped traffic. Moyer drew to the rear of Tucson’s Joey Moriarty but was unable to find a way to make a pass. This allowed Toste and Mars to close the gap Moyer had built. As Moyer saw the 5 to go indication Toste was all over him. Toste took a peak underneath the leader but couldn’t pull even. Toste continued to hound Moyer until the yellow flag appeared again when Ryan Gustin slowed with a trail of smoke at the start-finish line. “I was worried. I seen that caution come out, and I was like ‘whew’. That was a lifesaver.” Moyer said of the close quarters racing.

The yellow flag proved to be just what the 26 year old Moyer needed to guarantee the win, as he easily drove away on the restart to take the victory. Moyer was jubilant in the Freedom RV Victory Lane as he emerged from his Longhorn Chassis. “I’m really ecstatic. The car was really good. We missed it a little last night, but we got it back tonight. We had a little luck on our side, but hey, that’s part of racing.” When asked about how Phillips was able to get by Moyer was candid. “I made a mistake there and I knew it. Coming off of (turn) two, I buzzed my tires and my car drifted up the track, and I knew if somebody was on my tail, they were gone. I just followed him (Phillips) and thought maybe we’d get him back in lapped traffic. But he had some bad luck and we got it. But we’ve lost them that way too, so we’ll take this one. We definitely need it.” Moyer commented.

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NDRL ‘Kings of Dirt’ Winter Extreme – Night Two
Tucson International Raceway
Tucson, AZ
Saturday, January 12, 2014

Full Results
Finish / Start / Car # / Name / Purse
1. (1) 21JR – Billy Moyer, Jr. $5,000
2. (2) 91T – Tony Toste $2,250
3. (6) 28 – Jimmy Mars $1,250
4. (5) 32B – Clay Daly $1,000
5. (10) 5 – R.C. Whitwell $950
6. (14) 1V – Will Vaught $900
7. (12) 21 – Billy Moyer $850
8. (8) 58 – A.J. Diemel $800
9. (11) 77A – Justin Asplin $750
10. (13) 7K – Jason Krohn $700
11. (4) 7 – Ricky Weiss $650
12. (18) 11 – Pat Doar $600
13. (23) 23 – Brad Williams $550
14. (21) 14M – Morgan Bagley $500
15. (16) 19 – Tim Fuller $500
16. (19) 23 – John Blankenship $500
17. (24) 43 – Garrett Alberson $500
18. (22) 51 – Joey Moriarty $500
19. (7) 19R – Ryan Gustin $500
20. (15) 56 – Tony Jackson, Jr. $500
21. (2) 75 – Terry Phillips $500
22. (20) 25Z – Mason Zeigler $500
23. (17) 7R – Kent Robinson $500
24. (9) 15K – Justin Kay $500

Qualifying results
Top four in each group inverted for heat race lineups

First group: John Blankenship (23), Williamson, W.Va. 16.901 Tim Fuller (19), Watertown, N.Y. 16.993 Travis Dickes (6), Madison, Neb. 17.124 Ryan Gustin (19r), Marshalltown, Iowa 17.128 Ricky Weiss (7), Winnipeg, Manitoba 17.294 Mike Balcaen (10), Winnipeg, Manitoba 17.351 Steve Pfeifer (11), Minot, N.D. 17.574 Zach McMillan (14z), Gladewater, Texas 17.697 Dana Fite (40f), Tucson, Ariz. 17.901

Second group: Jason Hughes (12), Westville, Okla. 17.241 Kent Robinson (7r), Bloomington, Ind. 17.278 R.C. Whitwell (5), Tucson, Ariz. 17.323 Jimmy Mars (28), Menomonie, Wis. 17.399 Brad Williams (23), Tucson, Ariz. 17.532 Shane Clanton (25), Zebulon, Ga. 17.602 Nick Bartels (27), El Segundo, Calif. 18.389 Bill Bartels (77), Marina Del Ray, Calif. 19.071 Tyson Turnbull (10), Estevan, Saskatchewan no time

Third group: Chase Junghans (18), Manhattan, Kan. 17.526 Terry Phillips (75), Springfield, Mo. 17.726 Justin Asplin (77A), Birch Tree, Mo. 17.893 Pat Doar (11), New Richmond, Wis. 18.044 William Thomas (19), Phenix City, Ala. 18.166 Jordan Yaggy (77), Rochester, Minn. 18.290 Donny Schatz (15), Fargo, N.D. 18.309 Jason Krohn (7k), Slayton, Minn. 18.435 Sean Bray (14), Tucson, Ariz. 18.783

Fourth group: Mason Zeigler (25z), Chalk Hill, Pa. 18.039 A.J. Diemel (58), Elk Mound, Wis. 18.195 Joey Moriarty (51), Phoenix, Ariz. 18.345 Clay Daly (32b), Watsonville, Calif. 18.372 Chris Simpson (32), Oxford, Iowa 18.468 Jason Papich (91p), Nipomo, Calif. 18.499 Trevor Glaser (2), Tangent, Org. 18.556 Rick Ortega (24), Las Cruces, N.M. 19.036 Dave Deetz (98D), Las Cruces, N.M. 19.038

Fifth group: Will Vaught (1v), Crane, Mo. 18.060 Justin Kay (15k), Wheatland, Iowa 18.578 Max Blair (111), Titusville, Pa. 18.650 Tony Toste (91t), Pismo Beach, Calif. 18.666 Morgan Bagley (14m), Longview, Texas 18.675 Rob Sanders (10n), Bakersfield, Calif. 18.780 Dave Smith (06), Edmonton, Alberta 18.872 Terry Belcher (77b), Buckeye, Ariz. 20.104 Marshall Miles (7), Siera Vista, Ariz. 20.168

Sixth group: Tony Jackson Jr. (56), Lebanon, Mo. 18.181 Garrett Alberson (43), Las Cruces, N.M. 18.482 Billy Moyer (21), Batesville, Ark. 18.497 Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr), Batesville, Ark. 18.522 Lance Matthees (90), Winona, Minn. 18.740 Kyle Beard (86), Trumann, Ark. 18.766 Don Shaw (42), Ham Lake, Minn. 18.864 Greg Jelvick (7j), Tucson, Ariz. 19.910 Jeff Whyman (72), Los Lunas, N.M. 20.252

Heat race results:
First heat: Ryan Gustin, Ricky Weiss, Tim Fuller, John Blankenship, Travis Dickes, Steve Pfeifer, Dana Fite, Mike Balcaen, Zach McMillan.

Second heat: Jimmy Mars, R.C. Whitwell, Kent Robinson, Brad Williams, Jason Hughes, Shane Clanton, Nick Bartels, Bill Bartels.

Third heat: Terry Phillips, Justin Asplin, Pat Doar, Jason Krohn, Chase Junghans, Donny Schatz, Sean Bray. Did not start: William Thomas, Jorday Yaggy.

Fourth heat: Clay Daley, A.J. Diemel, Joey Moriarty, Mason Zeigler, Trevor Glaser, Jason Papich, Chris Simpson, Dave Deetz, Rick Ortega.

Fifth heat: Tony Toste, Justin Kay, Will Vaught, Morgan Bagley, Max Blair, Rob Sanders, Dave Smith, Terry Belcher, Marshall Miles.

Sixth heat: Billy Moyer Jr., Billy Moyer, Tony Jackson Jr., Garrett Alberson, Lance Matthees, Kyle Beard, Don Shaw, Greg Jelvick, Jeff Whyman.

Consolation race results
Top two finishers transfer to main event
First consolation: John Blankenship, Joey Moriarty, Trevor Glaser, Chase Junhgans, Chris Simpson, Jason Papich, Zach McMillan, Sean Bray, Dana Fite, Rick Ortega, Terry Belcher, Bill Bartels.

Second consolation: Mason Zeigler, Brad Williams, Travis Dickes, Donny Schatz, Max Blair, Steven Pfeifer, Rob Sanders, Dave Deetz, Dave Smith, Greg Jelvick, Marshall Miles.

Third consolation: Morgan Bagley, Garrett Alberson, Jason Hughes, Shane Clanton, Lance Matthees, Nick Bartels, Mike Balcaen, Kyle Beard, Don Shaw.

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