Boom Briggs Becomes First Two-Time Super Late Model Fall Classic Winner at McKean Country Raceway!


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The NDRL’s McKean County Raceway

Boom Briggs Becomes First Two-Time Super Late Model Fall Classic Winner at McKean Country Raceway!
Max Blair, Joel Watson, Levi Watson, Jason Beichner, and Larry Mitchell also score big!

By Jay Pees

East Smethport, PA (September 22, 2013) The final day of the eighth annual Fall Classic at McKean County Raceway got underway Sunday afternoon with cold, cloudy conditions and rain threatening the area, dampening the crowd. With the reduced crowd the management made the difficult decision to lower the advertised purse. After an explanation from Chris Zuver, MCR General Manager, racing commenced at 1 PM with heat racing followed by the B-Mains and seven feature events.

At the conclusion of the afternoon of racing Bear Lake, PA’s Boom Briggs had become the first ULMS Super Late Model driver to have conquered the Fall Fest conclusion twice. Briggs took over from early leader Vic Coffey when Coffey got slowed by a lapped car at the white flag after leading from the drop of the green. For the second time Briggs had swept the Fall Classic.

2013 McKean County Raceway RUSH Crate Late Model champion Max Blair, Centerville, PA, defeated the Sweeney Chevrolet-Buick RUSH Late Model Tour field after sweeping around the outside of arch-rival Mike Pegher in their action-packed finale. Young Ryan Montgomery wound up second when John Powell waved the checkers.

Conneaut, OH’s Joel Watson, the 2013 Raceway 7 champion, started from the pole position and led every lap of the UEMS A&MP feature race over a fast closing Kyle Bedell.

Levi Watson of Franklinville, NY charged into the lead at the start of the Close Racing Supply Street Stock night-capper from the outside front row and never looked back as Dennis Asel took over second from Jeremy Williams, who had held the spot up until the final lap.

Shippenville, PA’s Jason Beichner made it two wins on the weekend as he grabbed the lead at the white flag from race-long leader Devin Lewis, who then spun out on the final lap, allowing Jon Lee to grab second spot.

Hometown hero (Smethport, PA) Larry Mitchell sped to his fifth win of the season after taking the lead from Riley Ellison on lap nine of the Mini Stock feature then led Ellison to the checkers.

Twenty-seven of the area’s fastest Super Late Models started the NDRL/ULMS 35- lap feature, racing for $5000. Colby Frye and Vic Coffey, started the race from the front row with Coffey leading the way after one lap. Fast qualifier Dylan Yoder was third in the early going with former track champion Dick Barton fourth. Eight laps into the race the leaders were lapping Chuck Parker when Parker turned into Frye, turning him into the wall, taking third running Dylan Yoder into the outside wall. Parker was sent to the pit for his part in the incident. For the restart the front five were Coffey, Barton, Briggs, Jason DuPont, and Robbie Blair, who had won four consecutive features in the regular season and won the Super Late Model track championship for 2013. Coming from row two Briggs was able to get alongside the leader. On the back straight but settled back to second just as John Lobb, Tim Fedder, and Steve Kania got together on the main straight slowing the event. Coffey pulled away on the next green to a substantial lead by lap twelve when Chad Valone spun into the infield off turn four, again slowing the race. The tail of the field was unable to get back to green, wrecking on turn three prior to green. Coffey, a former big block modified ace, again pulled away, enjoying a seven car length lead by halfway. Briggs, running second, was a quarter-lap ahead of third running Barton. Lap twenty-one saw the leaders entering lapped traffic and getting by without incident. With ten to go Coffey led Briggs, Barton, Billy Decker, another modified ace, and Rob Blair. In traffic Briggs was able to close on Coffey to right on his rear bumper at lap twenty eight and next to him the next lap. Coffey then pulled back out front and Briggs went wide in turn two at thirty one. Two laps from the end Briggs was again there and got by for the lead at the white flag when Coffey got hung up behind a lapped car. Briggs went on to the win over Coffey. Dick Barton was third by half a car-length over a fast closing Dan Stone. Fifth went to Billy Decker.

The Sweeney Chevrolet-Buick Rush Tour made its final stop at McKean County Raceway with Chad. Ruhlman and series point leader Mike Pegher starting the feature from row one. Pegher built up a huge six car length lead by five laps in with Max Blair running third and Ed Carley fourth. At lap eight caution was shown for debris, the hood panel from Zack Carley’s car, in turn two. On the restart Blair got by Ruhlman for second and yellow was again on the track just one lap later when Cody Mason had troubles on the front straight. On this restart Blair was outside Pegher and Ruhlman inside row two with Ryan Montgomery to his right. Montgomery immediately got by Ruhlman and yet another yellow came out. Pegher and Blair again showed the way after green was again flying. At lap twelve Ruhlman got back by Montgomery, who then lost the spot to Damien Bidwell. Pegher gradually lengthened his lead over Blair three car lengths when three cars piled up in turn three at lap sixteen. Jason Knowles pitted for repairs but Cody Mason retired to the pit while Butch Lambert continued. On this restart Blair charged around Pegher on the high side for the lead which lasted but one lap due to Jason Genco coming to a halt in turn one. One lap after this green the top five was Blair, Pegher, Bidwell, Montgomery and Ruhlman. Yellow at lap nineteen was for Jason Knowles, who slowed suddenly in turn one and was hit from the rear by Joel Buccola. On the green Pegher went wide in one allowing both Bidwell and Montgomery to get by. Shane Weaver looped his mount in turn three for the next caution. Blair led to the green with Montgomery getting by Bidwell at the start. Blair went on to the win with Montgomery second, Bidwell third, Pegher fourth, and Ed Carley fifth. It was Blair’s ninth win of the season.

The UEMS A&MP E-Mods started 24 cars for their 30 lap feature for $2000 to win with Joel Watson, the 2013 Raceway 7 champion and Dan Davies on the front row. The leaders went side by side down the back straight with Davies getting into the loose stuff at the top and losing eleven spots. Vic Vena then came to second with Friday night’s winner and 2013 E-Mod champion Steve Dixon third. Dave Hess was fourth at this point and John Boyd fifth. Lapped traffics was encountered at lap nine just as Alex Froman and Mike Eschrich looped their mounts in turn three. Froman retired to the pit but Eschrich continued. Jonathan Taylor spun before the lap could be completed for caution number two. When racing resumed, Watson and Vena continued at the front. At lap thirteen Hess and fifth running Carl McKinney made wheel to wheel contact with Hess getting some air time but continuing in his spot. Mike McGee spun a lap later for caution three. Watson stretched his lead on the next green to ten car lengths by halfway. Caution four fell a lap after halfway when John Boardman spun off turn one. Watson immediately opened up his lead again over Vena, Dixon, Hess, and McKinney. Kyle Bedell entered the top five at lap twenty, getting by the 2012 UEMS champion McKinney. At twenty two Bedell came by Hess for fourth. With five to go Watson had a near half straight lead over Vena. Friday night’s winner, third running Steve Dixon, slid off turn one at lap twenty six, again slowing the race. At green Bedell immediately came by Vena for the runner up spot but could not catch Watson, who went on to the win by five car lengths. Vena was third with McKinney fourth and Al Brewer fifth.

Twenty four cars started the twenty lap feature for the Close Racing Supply street stocks with and Steve Sklar and Levi Watson leading the way. After a first lap yellow Watson showed the way with Joe Chamberlain coming to second by the second caution, at lap three. Watson led after green with Gary Fisher coming to second. Newt Tackett came to third by lap six. When green again flew seven cars failed to make it through turn one, slowing the field for the fifth time. The top five for the restart were Watson, Tackett, Chamberlain, Fisher, and Kyle Weilacher. Second running Tackett looped it in turn four for yet another slowing. Watson, Chamberlain, Weilacher, Kurt Stebbins, and Jeremy Williams brought the field back to the gran at lap eight with nine time feature winner and season champion Adam Ashcroft moving into fifth by lap nine. Weilacher had problems in turn four but kept going, jumbling the field but not stopping. More yellows at laps ten and twelve further slowed the event but Watson continued to lead with Chamberlain second, Williams back to third, and Ashcroft fourth. Dennis Asel came to fourth at lap fourteen and Tackett got back up to fifth at lap fifteen as Gary Fisher spun with a flat tire. Williams was able to stray with Watson until two laps from the end when Watson started opening a lead and going on to the win. Asel got by Williams on the final lap for the runner up spot. Tackett wound up fourth with Brad Ullman fifth.

Fifteen car started the Pure stock feature with yellow after one lap with Devin Lewis leading Brad Curran Jr and 2013 champion Joe Layfield in third. Lewis comtinued to lead after green with Layfield to second and Jason Dobson coming to third by lap six but the falling back. Curran spun at lap ten for the next caution in the fifteen lapper. At the end of eleven the battle for the lead was three wide with Friday’s winner Jim Beichner and Jon Lee alongside Lewis. Beichner came to the lead at the white flag, then Lewis spun out of contention. Beichner went on to the win over Lee, Layfield, Dobson, and Steve Ely.

David Pangrazio led the first lap of the Mini Stock feature before giving way to Riley Ellison. Larry Mitchell chased down Ellison and was challenging by lap five pulling alongside at the end of six but seeing Ellison pull back out to the lead at lap seven. Pangrazio slipped off the back of turn two and flipped over the tire barriers off the back side of the track, bringing out the red flag. He was uninjured. At halfway Ellison was the leader but only by a fender over Mitchell. Mitchell led after nine laps when Jake Dunn looped his car for the next caution period. Dunn spun again at lap twelve but Mitchell, a four time winner during the regular season, went on to the win over Ellison, Friday’s winner Holden Heinemann, Mitch Boylan, and Eric Canfield.

NDRL Super Late Models:
Heat 1: Colby Frye, Dylan Yoder, Rob Blair, Greg Oakes, Chad Ruhlman, Brent Rhebergen, Doug Eck
Heat 2: Jason DuPont, Matt Urban, Rich Gardner, Jim Yoder, Mike Knight, Steve Kania, Chuck Parker
Heat 3: Boom Briggs, Vic Coffey, Billy Decker, Darrell Bossard, Chad Valone, John Lobb
Heat 4: Dan Stone, Dick Barton, Dave Scott, Chris Hackett, Randy Lobb, Davey Johnson, Tim Fedder
Feature: Boom Briggs, Vic Coffey, Dick Barton, Dan Stone, Billy Decker, Ron Blair, Jason DuPont, Rich Gardner, Jim Yoder, Matt Urban, Mike Knight, Darrell Bossard, Davey Johnson, Chad Ruhlman, Randy Lobb, Doug Eck, Greg Oakes, Brent Rhebergen, Chris Hackett, Steve Kania, John Lobb, David Scott, Tim Fedder, Chad Valone, Colby Frye, Dylan Yoder, Chuck Parker

RUSH Late Models:
Heat 1: Max Blair, Ed Carley, Damien Bidwell, Bruno Mowrey, Justin Smith, Jason Genco, Dan Davies, Matt Harvey, Miles Stitzinger
Heat 2: Chad Ruhlman, Ryan Montgomery, Dusty Waters, Shane Weaver, Adam Sixt, Garrett Mott, Bob Kish, Paul Grigsby (DNS), Craig Dean (DNS)
Heat 3: Mike Pegher, John Waters, Doug Ricotta, Bryce Davis, Butch Lambert, Brad Mesler, Bill Mesler, Garrett Stephen, Junior Peters
Heat 4: Zack Carley, Ward Schell, Cody Mason, Joey Buccola, Ralph Morgan, Jason Knowles, Critter Hemphill, Skip Jackson
B-Main 1: Jason Genco, Dan Davies, Matt Harvey, Miles Stitzinger, Bob Kish, Garrett Mott
B-Main 2: Jason Knowles, Brad Mesler, Garrett Stephen, Critter Hemphill, Skip Jackson, Bill Mesler
Dash: Chad Ruhlman, Mike Pegher, Max Blair, Zack Carley
Feature: Max Blair, Ryan Montgomery, Damien Bidwell, Mike Pegher, Ed Carley, Bryce Davis, John Waters, Chad Ruhlman, Zack Carley, Dan Davies, Ward Schell, Butch Lambert, Dusty Waters, Ralph Morgan, Justin Smith, Doug Ricotta, Bruno Mowrey, Cody Mason, Shane Weaver, Jason Genco, Brad Mesler, Adam Sixt, Jason Knowles, Joe Buccola

Heat 1: Kyle Bedell, Dan Davies, Brent Rhebergen, Jeff Johnson, Dan Stone, Ron Seeley, Tim Walden, Carl Ballinger
Heat 2: Dave Hess, Vic Vena, Al Brewer, Alex Froman, Mike Kinney, Jonathan Taylor, Mike Smith, Darren Tarabori
Heat 3: Carl McKinney, Steve Dixon, Kenny Zimmer, Mike McGee, Chad Ruhlman, Greg Johnson, Steve Rex, Mike Eschrich
Heat 4: Joel Watson, John Boyd, Randy Hall, Butch Southwell, John Boardman, Scooter Pangrazio, Jared Spaulding
B-Main: Mike Kinney, Jonathan Taylor, Ron Seeley, Tim Walden, Carl Ballinger, Dan Sasso,
B-Main 2: Chad Ruhlman, Greg Johnson, John Boardman, Mike Eschrich, Steve Rex, Jared Spaulding, Scooter Pangrazio
Feature: Joel Watson, Kyle Bedell, Vic Vena, Carl McKinney, Al Brewer, Jonathan Taylor, Dave Hess, Randy Hall, John Boyd, Mike Kinney, Mike McGee, Kenny Zimmer, John Boardman, Steve Dixon, Mike Eschrich, Carl Ballinger, Greg Johnson, Butch Southwell, Ron Seeley, Jeff Johnson, Brent Rhebergen, Alex Froman, Dan Davies, Chad Ruhlman

Close Racing Supply Street Stocks:
Feature: Levi Watson, Dennis Asel, Jeremy Williams, Newt Tackett, Brad Ullman, Adam Ashcroft, Russell Morseman, Glenn Van Cise, Andy Eastman (rest of finish not available at time of release)

Pure Stocks:
Feature: Jason Beichner, Jon Lee, Joe Layfield, Jason Dobson, Steve Ely, Mike Parmenter, Brad Curran Jr, Cliff Easton, Rod Winans, Devin Lewis, Dennis Cummings, Chad Allen, Barry Tingue, Fred Ely, Mark Schweikart

Mini Stocks:
Feature: Larry Mitchell, Riley Ellison, Holden Heinemann, Mitch Boylan, Eric Canfield, Tom Boylan, Davey Lowe, Aaron Bartas, Paul Campbell, Travis Babcock, Jake Dunn, David Pangrazio, Chad Babcock

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