In what is great news for World Series Sprintcars (WSS) fans and Brooke Tatnell followers, the Steve Caunt Racing Team have confirmed they have secured the services of current Australian Champion Brooke Tatnell for the big Sprintcar month of January 2013.

Initially it seemed a shame to the series that 8 time WSS champion Brooke Tatnell would not be competing this year, so it is a wonderful shot in the arm for all concerned, not least of all the Steve Caunt Racing Team who continue to bring stars from all over the world to race on our shores.

Brooke will be joining World Series for the 2 night Supercheap Auto Australian Open and will compete in the contracted N9 car for this show on January 4 and 5. He will then continue his assault at the 2 night Sydney Speedway show, which promises to be one of the best ever on Jan 18 and 19. Brooke will return to the iconic Tatnell number 25 car for this event while Caunt will then get back behind the wheel of his N9 KPC Sprintcar.

“Brooke Tatnell and WSS go hand in hand, and his steep history in this series is second to none,” said WSS race director Shane Collins.

“Hearing that he was not going to be a part of Australian racing this summer was always going to be hard to take for anyone, but to now see that he is returning for some WSS shows in the Steve Caunt Racing team is just amazing for all concerned.” 

Team Owner Steve Caunt is obviously thrilled to sign Tatnell to the team. “Dee-Ann and I are very pleased that Brooke placed trust in our operation to commit to this small schedule. We are really fussy about who drives our cars, and for a long time I have been critisised for only running Americans, With Jason Meyers unable to come this season, Kyle Larson pulling out at the last minute due to his Cup Ride now, there was only one person whom came to mind. An Aussie and a person who didn’t yet have a ride for Warnambool.”

“The current Australian Champion will be competing in his 25th year of racing in Australia and I can’t wait to see Tatnell Fans adorning the 25th Anniversary Tshirts which will be available at the tracks”, said Caunt. “Brooke is hungry and determind to succeed.”

At this stage it is uncertain whether or not Brooke will be able to stay for the George Tatnell Cup at Adelaide’s Speedway City on Feb 2, but it remains a distinct possibility as naturally, the annual event will always hold a special place in his heart.

As the series closes in on the Australian summer, its really heating up now with some exciting announcements to be made in the coming days.

Stay tuned to for all of the latest news regarding the 26th annual World Series Sprintcars Championship.