6-13-12] After arriving late and starting from the tail of a heat race, Justin Grant charged to the front to score the heat race win, then charged from his 7th starting spot to win the main event at Lawrenceburg Speedway Saturday night. Grant had to hold off a late race charge by fellow California native Chad Boespflug who scored his second BOSS runner-up in as many nights.

The evening began with 30 cars signed in for the 5th round of the 2012 BOSS tour. Heat race wins went to Brett Burdette, Grant, Boespflug, and Brandon Spithaler. Landon Simon edged out Shawn Westerfeld for the win in an exciting B-Main finish.

The 25 lap A-Main was brought to green by Nic Faas and Spithaler and Faas jumped to an early lead. Working lap #3, Brandon Spithaler spun in turn 3 collecting Adam Cruea and Tony Beaber, with Cruea getting upside down and landing with a wheel in Spithaler’s cage. On the restart, Faas continued to lead with Grant and Boespflug on the hunt. Grant used the high side of the race track to take command on lap seven and by lap 10 Boespflug was to the runner-up spot.

With the laps clicking away, Boespflug began to close the gap using the bottom of the race track. As the pair approached lapped traffic, Boespflug showed Grant a nose, but had to fall in line past the lapper. Grant wasted no time in going to the bottom to seal the win and become the first ever repeat winner in BOSS history. Grant scored the win in the first ever BOSS show at K-C Raceway in July 2011. This win was also his second in a row at Lawrenceburg. Boespflug held on for second followed by Faas, Jason Soudrette, and hard charger of the race, Brandon Whited. The highest BOSS finisher was Kirk Jeffries who had a great late race run charging from 14th to 6th as Thomas Meseraull, Seth Parker, Brett Burdette, and Logan Hupp rounded out the top 10.

Next up for the BOSS tour is round #6 on the big half mile at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday, June 23rd. This event will see an increased purse in the second half of the field including a guaranteed $300 to start. PPMS promoter Matt Miley has agreed to start “well over 20 cars” to make sure everyone makes the show. Watch for more details and a complete payoff to be posted soon.

Complete Results:

Heat 1: 1) Brett Burdette 2) Adam Cruea 3) Tony Beaber 4) Brandon Whited 5) Pat Giddens 6) Landon Simon 7) Mike Weber 8 ) Justin Owen

Heat 2: 1) Justin Grant 2) Jason Soudrette 3) Drew Abel 4) Kirk Jeffries 5) Dwayne Spille 6) Evan Gindling 7) John Race 8 ) Cory Kovach

Heat 3: 1) Chad Boespflug 2) Aaron Middaugh 3) Thomas Meseraull 4) Seth Parker 5) Shawn Westerfeld 6) J.T. Stapp 7) David Applegate

Heat 4: 1) Brandon Spithaler 2) Nic Faas 3) Logan Hupp 4) Dustin Smith 5) Mark Cassella 6) Chuck Wilson 7) Brad Stevens

B-Main: 1) Simon 2) Westerfeld 3) Giddens 4) Stapp 5) Spille 6) Wilson 7) Owen 8 ) Stevens 9) Applegate 10) Kovach 11) Race 12) Weber 13) Gindling 14) Cassella

A-Main: 1) Grant 2) Boespflug 3) Faas 4) Soudrette 5) Whited 6) Jeffries 7) Meseraull 8 ) Parker 9) Burdette 10) Hupp 11) Middaugh 12) Simon 13) Smith 14) Giddens 15) Stapp 16) Abel 17) Westerfeld 18) Beaber 19) Spithaler 20) Cruea

Hoosier Tire Bonus: Justin Grant (free tire)

American Racer Bonus: not claimed

Hard Charger: Brandon Whited +8 ($50 cash courtesy Horne Performance Motorsports)

Steel Block Bonus: J.T. Stapp ($50 cash courtesy Superior Tank and Trailer)

Hard Luck Award: Tony Beaber ($50 gift certificate from SBI/Saldana Race Products)


BOSS Point Standings After Event #5 at Lawrenceburg Speedway:

1) Tony Beaber – 1076
2) Dustin Smith – 1073
3) Kirk Jeffries – 1070
4) Aaron Middaugh – 968
5) Chuck Wilson – 919
6) Mark Cassella – 907
7) Steve Irwin – 877
8 ) Landon Simon – 856
9) Brandon Spithaler – 764
10) Mike Burkin – 669