Winding down the 2011 season in Central PA

This Friday night, Williams Grove Speedway will be hosting its champions night as the 410’s and 358’s make there final points race of the year. Brian Leppo will be piloting the Catoctin Motorsports 30c this Friday for Lance Dewease; due to him being out for his injury. Lance has already clinched the Lawrence Chevrolet point fund over Brian Montieth, Fred Rahmer, Doug Esh, and Greg Hodnett. However, to win the owners title, the 30c team will need a solid run from Leppo.

As far as the 358 sprinters go, their point battle is still going on. Pat Cannon is currently your leader, however, with arguably the top 358 driver in the area ,Logan Shuchart, only 230 points behind; nothing is out of the question. The opportunity definitely exists because the 358’s will also be running a make up feature from 9/4. So with 2 features slated for this Friday things can shake up in a hurry. It has been a very exciting year of racing here at Williams Grove, as well as at all the local tracks; and hopefully here at Fully Injected we can bring you more off season news, photos, videos, and gossip of the sprint car nation for the 2012 season.

This Saturday night in the Pigeon Hills, Lincoln Speedway will be hosting the 410 sprinters and also the 358’s. Brian Montieth claimed his 4th Lawrence Chevrolet championship weeks ago over a very exciting race with Danny Dietrich. The ever so growing 358 division which averages about 35 cars a night was a great supporting division this year and many would agree that they can put on some of the best racing on any given night. Jeff Roughbaugh captured the Keizer Wheel Championship this year over Billy Dietrich; but with the top 5 in points being only 275 points apart, the point race all year was very close.

As we wind down the racing season, many teams are already looking forward and getting excited for 2012. With that said, a hand full of teams here in Central Pa will be looking forward in making their trip to Mooresville, North Carolina, for the World of Outlaws World Finals. We had 8 respectable teams in 2011 attend the show with 3 making the feature and finishing strong.

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