BYRAM, Conn. (May 15, 2020) – Since launching in April, chckrd, the subscription-based social app with a racing-only attitude, has been attracting motorsports enthusiasts from all levels at an exponential rate, and although the app welcomes racers and fans across all disciplines of racing, the chckrd team has been working hard to capture the attention from everything on dirt.

Led by chckrd Founder and Crew Chief, Chris Muller, the app’s team is building relationships with premier dirt track facilities from around the world. Determined to create a trickle-up economic effect, “The chckrd Model” seeds the racing community through individual subscriptions which accumulate and produce larger purses. When tracks meet specific thresholds in terms of a following, chckrd sponsors “The People’s Purse.” While providing a concentrated, noise-free, social platform is important, the chance to give back to motorsports is equally vital to chckrd’s mission statement.

The chckrd story has been actively shared on the airwaves with Muller being featured, or already featured on many of the internet’s most popular dirt-related podcasts.

“Podcasters are super important to racing and their passion and energy are infectious. It’s really fun talking racing and getting the chckrd message out there. I love doing podcasts,” said Chris Muller.

Despite the ongoing social distancing guidelines as the result of COVID-19 preventing many of the country’s facilities from opening their gates, Muller believes there is an unfortunate/fortunate opportunity for tracks to push chckrd and chckrd’s mission, as fans are desperate to find new ways to scratch the racing itch and support the sport they love so much.

“While we wish this pandemic never happened and feel for everyone affected by it, the fact is it’s amplified one of the founding reasons we built chckrd. Big social is not only noisy but it can become emotionally draining. With the chckrd app, people can take a mental break and fall into nothing but racing.”

About chckrd:
Launched in April of 2020, chckrd was developed for the sole purpose for which it was intended, motorsports. The subscription-based app gives the motorsports community a racing specific social platform to share information pertaining to everything on wheels. After subscribing and building a profile, users have the availability to join a variety of groups specific to their racing interests. In addition, members ultimately benefit racing, as portions of their subscription is designated to increase monthly purses. chckrd is currently available in the Android and Apple Marketplaces.

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