BYRAM, Conn. (May 31, 2020) – The chckrd model is simple: with an increase in activity comes an increase in contribution which could translate into a stronger financial foundation for all of racing. For the first time, racing fanatics and participants, from all levels, have a reputable avenue to connect, interact and give back, all at their fingertips.

There’s no question that chckrd is beginning to assemble a large and interactive audience, but for those who have yet to make the leap, or question the value of the subscription associated with chckrd, let’s talk about the“why” of chckrd.

Founder and Crew Chief, Chris Muller states, “We built and launched chckrd for two reasons: to give the racing community a social platform that was racing-only, and to give back to racing by building purses at racetracks.”

The chckrd team hopes to help solve the elusive catch-22 of racing; small purse, small racer count versus large purse, large racer count.

According to Muller, “Racing people are passionate and really helpful. Their eight-cents a day subscription allows them to designate their home track and micro-sponsor a cumulative purse every month while enjoying a racing specific social outlet.

“The ‘chckrd Model’ is a trickle up economic structure. Subscriptions build purses, purses increase car counts, increased car counts drive pit passes and ticket sales which turns into more concession sales. The peripheral track economy benefits, as well. With more racers, the racing is more exciting which results in photographers selling more pictures, bloggers and podcasters have more to discuss, and on it goes.”

To-date, the chckrd app supports groups affiliated with more than 40 motorsports-related entities including, but certainly not limited to, Stock Car, Dirt Modified, Dirt Late Model, Sprint Car, Rally, Off Road, Pulling, and Motocross. In addition, chckrd supports groups related to the administrative levels within racing such as Media, Photo/Video, Track Operators, Vendors, and Associations. As an added bonus, chckrd also supports an active Marketplace where classifieds can be shared between racers and fans.

With streaming original racing content launching this summer, Muller adds, “Our first goal is to give everyone involved in racing a fantastic social experience. Our second goal is to fuel the racing community with a smart business model that helps everyone involved. We believe that where chckrd is now and where the app is going, the value of an eight-cents a day subscription is there and then some.”

About chckrd
Launched in April of 2020, chckrd was developed for the sole purpose for which it was intended, motorsports. The subscription-based app gives the motorsports community a racing specific social platform to share information pertaining to everything on wheels. After subscribing and building a profile, users have the availability to join a variety of groups specific to their racing interests. In addition, members ultimately benefit racing, as portions of their subscription is designated to increase monthly purses. chckrd is currently available in the Android and Apple Marketplaces.

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