There will be a WG National Open Chili Cookoff this year. “Event starts at 11am ends at 2pm with the pits vacated by 2:30pm. The Best Booth judging from 12 to 1:30pm. This event will be peoples choice only!! Money will be collected through out the event final money counts at 150. Winners announced at 2 best booth will pay 25 dollars to win. Money collected will be split between the first non qualifer and the York County Racing club injured drivers fund and if we get enough maybe some to the second non qualifer. If anyone would like to enter just show up ready to sell your chili.

CHEFS WILL NEED TO SUPPLY THERE OWN BOWLS, SAMPLE CUPS AND SPOONS!!! unless someone would like to donate them again. I know its kind of late in the game but alot of people have fun at this event. I just did not want to see it fall away. The chilicook-off is recognized nationally by many as one of the largest fan based fundraisers so if you can come on out and help keep this tradition alive. Hopefully next year I can get a good group of people together and get it back to what Drak and Heather and everyone else who had a hand its creation deserve to see, and what the race fans came to expect. Thanks again to everyone I hope to see you there.”

 Written and prepared by Jason Bly/