Allison Park, Pennsylvania native and Fully Injected member, Colton Flinner, finished 5th Saturday evening in the Pro Late Model feature at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway near Imperial, Pennsylvania. The defending Pro Late Model track champion started the feature event from the outside of row number six. By the time the twenty lap contest was complete, Flinner had climbed seven positions to secure himself inside the top five.  Mike Pegher Jr. was the victor, with Chad Ruhlman and Kyle Lukon rounding out the top three finishers.  Flinner finished 4th in his respective heat race after starting seventh.

Fully Injected teammate and fellow Pro Late Model competitor, Mike Reft, did not have quite the positive outcome that Flinner achieved. Reft’s feature ended much earlier than intended, as an early race incident with the wall kept the familiar ‘9R’ from completing the 20 lap Pro Late Model feature. Reft will regroup and try again next week at Pittsburgh’s “Monster Half Mile.


Brougher’s Machine Shop ProLate Models

Feature (20 Laps) – 1. 1C Mike Pegher Jr., 2. 4S Chad Ruhlman, 3. 1 Kyle Lukon,4. 93X Justin Lamb, 5. 75 Colton Flinner, 6. 15 Mark Moats, 7. 1F Nico Dabecco, 8. 99G Beau Glemba, 9. 84 Laura Lukon, 10. 28 Bryant Hank, 11. 12G Brian Goebel, 12. 18 Chris Lander, 13. 39 Pat Willar, 14. 2M Chuck Medved, 15. 3J Paul Jablonski, 16. 50T Tyler Carson, 17. 9R Mike Reft, DNS –01 Ron Hall

K&N Performer – 1F Nico Dabecco
Heat winners – 4S Chad Ruhlman and 1F Nico Dabecco