Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, October 6, 2012
By Mike Swanger

The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series rolled into NAPA Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway on Gross Lumber night for the second time this season with Russiaville IN’s Dustin Smith leading the points race and when the night was over, he had expanded his lead with the win. Chuck Wilson and Brandon Spithaler started on the front row of the 25 lap event and Spithaler would set the pace for the first lap before Mark Cassella flipped to bring out the red flag. Spithaler would continue to lead until lap 6 when Wilson would take over for the next 7 circuits. Sixth starting Smith moved into third on lap two with Tony Beaber and Mike Brecht in the top five. Smith and his Lee’s Hydraulics #37 would slide into the top spot on lap 14 as Wilson and Spithaler dueled for second. The red flag flew at that point for Adam Cruea as he tumbled in turn three. As the laps wound down, Spithaler and Wilson rubbed together that allowed Dallas Hewitt and Beaber to edge past them. Spithaler gathered himself back together to hold fourth as Brecht edged past Wilson for fifth. Hewitt tried to chase down Smith in the last two laps but came up short as Smith won for the second year in a row in the fall race at WCS. Jack Sodeman Jr. won the last chance race as Kirk Jeffries, Aaron Middaugh, Beaber and Brecht topped the heats.

The Renegades of Dirt Modified series wrapped up their season and when the night started for them, Columbus’ Bobby Kitchens and Bart Hartman would be separated by just a few points and it started out well for Hartman as he would set fast time but mechanical woes forced him out of his heat race and he would have to use a provisional to start 20th in the feature while Kitchens would start second. The 2 Brothers Motorsports #13 of Kitchens would beat Rich Michaels into turn one and never look back. A lap 10 caution for Chris Basich bunched the field back up and on the restart, 6th running Travis Dickson’s rear axle broke and before anyone could get slowed down, seven cars piled up just past the flagstand. Dickson ended up on his top as Jesse Hartman, Kevin Morehouse, Deana Groves, Bud Watson, Robin Duston and Sid Danals all were involved as Danals was able to continue. When racing resumed, Kitchens jumped back out to a ten car length lead as Michaels was being hounded by Joel Watson for second with Watson taking second with five laps to go. Hartman was now in fourth after powering past DJ Cline and Mark Dickson. As the checkered waved Kitchens clinched his second win at WCS and became the first winner of the Renegades of Dirt series as Watson, Michaels, Hartman and Cline followed. Mike Kinney scored the last chance win as Kitchens, Watson, Michaels and Ryan West paced the heats.

It was double vision at the start of the Lias Tire late model feature as Strasburg’s Brad Malcuit and Ryan Markham, who was driving Malcuit’s second car, was on the front row and those two would go back and forth with the lead for the 1st six laps but Markham’s car started puffing some smoke on lap six and he would drop out three laps later. Corey Conley and Shane McLoughlin moved into second and third until McLoughlin came to a stop in turn two on lap 18. Up until then, Steve White, Weston Hutchinson, Wayne Maffett Jr. and JR Gentry had a four way rumble going for fourth. After McLoughlin’s caution, Malcuit led the field back to the green flag and before another lap got recorded, White went off the backstretch to bring out the caution again. Racing resumed with Malcuit and his Malcuit’s Tavern #79 pulled away from fast qualifier Conley for his first win of the season, while the last five laps saw Gentry taking over third with Hutchinson beating out Maffett Jr. for fourth. Conley, McLoughlin and Markham won the heats.

It looked like it was going to be a flag to flag win for Bob Daugherty in the Thrifty Discount Muffler Pure Stock feature but as he went into turn three with two laps to go, his car came to a stop, putting Chillcothe’s Bob Smith into the lead. Smith and his Cline Energy #17 led the field into turn three again only to have Justin Patterson make contact with him as Eric Eicholtz and Shaun Cains getting involved. Smith and Cains would continue on as Patterson and Eicholtz were finished. Cains made a last lap run on Smith, who was making his first visit ever to WCS, but could not catch Smith as Paul Holmes, Paul Whitten and Chris Albright filled out the top five. Smith and Patterson notched the heat wins.

Lucas’ Jeremy Lucas started third in the Mini Stock main but at the end of lap one was the leader and then held off heat winner Roger Rush to collect his first win of the season. Doug Hensel finished third with Kenny Long, Lester Berry and William Huntington rounding out the field.

The Freedom Fighters 40 for the Lias Tire Late Models takes place next Saturday at Napa Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway with the 410 Sprints, Modifieds, Pure Stocks, Mini Stocks and the Mini Wedges also on the racing card as racing will start at 6 pm.
Saturday, October 6, 2012
Heat 1 Kirk Jeffries, Dustin Smith, Adam Cruea, Jon Nelson, Derrick Hstings, Jim Pooler, Francis Sesco, Lewie Christian
Heat 2 Aaron Middaugh, Brandon Spithaler, Steve Irwin, Landon Simon, Nick Patterson, Chad Wilson, Bob McMillen, Andre Layfield
Heat 3 Tony Beaber, Mike Burkin, Jeremy Duposki, Troy Kingan, Matt Phillips, Tony Main, Jack Sodeman Jr.,
Heat 4 Mike Brecht, Chuck Wilson, Dallas Hewitt, Mike Miller, Mark Cassella, Mark Silva, Skip Dougherty
‘B’ Main Sodeman Jr., Cassella, Cha. Wilson, Hastings, Main, Christian, Phillips, Pooler, Patterson, McMillen, Dougherty, Silva, Sesco, Layfield
Feature Smith, Hewitt, Beaber, Spithaler, Brecht, Chu. Wilson, Sodeman Jr., Landon, Middaugh, Burkin, Nelson, Duposki, Cha. Wilson, Cruea, Kingan, Irwin, Miller, Hastings, Cassella, Jeffries

Fast Qualifier Bart Hartman 18.527
Heat 1 Bobby Kitchens, Travis Dickson, Deana Groves, Larry Kugel, Rory Reed, Broc Moskey, Hartman, Rick Mardis, Robert Page
Heat 2 Joel Watson, DJ Cline, Nathan Loney, Kevin Morehouse, Mike Kinney, Kevin Miller, Eric Singhaus, Bruce Miller (dns)
Heat 3 Rich Michaels, Mark Dickson, Lance Elson, Jack Young, Sid Danals, Dan Davies, Jeff Votaw, Tom Martineck
Heat 4 Ryan West, Jess Hartman, Chris Basich, Robin Duston, Dave Bodkins, Bud Watson, Casey Fritz, Jesse Wisecarver
‘B’ Main Kinney, Davies, B. Watson, Danals, Miller, Singhaus, Moskey, Martineck, Votaw, Bodkins, Mardis, B. Hartman, Reed, Fritz (dns), Page (dns), Wisecarver (dns)
Feature Kitchens, J. Watson, Michaels, B. Hartman, Cline, M. Dickson, Kinney, West, Danals, Young, Elson, Davies, Loney, T. Dickson, J. Hartman, Groves, Morehouse, Duston, B. Watson, Basich, Kugel

Fast Qualifier Corey Conley 17.579
Heat 1 Conley, Freddie Carpenter, Wayne Maffett Jr., JR Gentry, Weston Hutchinson, Keith Tish, Jacob Myers
Heat 2 Shane McLoughlin, Brad Malcuit, Blaine Aber, Eric Smitley, Aaron Phillis, Chuck Medved, Rusty McClure, Dave Hornikel
Heat 3 Ryan Markham, Steve White, Ty Myers, Brandon Gardner, Larry Aber, Justin Collett, Ricky Holderbaum, Rocky Owens
Feature Malcuit, Conley, Gentry, Hutchinson, Maffett Jr., T. Myers, Phillis, White, B. Aber, Medved, McLoughlin, Smitley, Gardner, Carpenter, L. Aber, Markham, Holderbaum, Tish, Owens, Collett, J. Myers (dns), Hornikel, (dns), McClure (dns)

Fast Qualifier Bob Smith 20.270
Heat 1 Smith, Tory Gibbs, Shaun Cains, Jim Nicely, Paul Whitten, Jamie Gibbs, Mike McFadden, Gary Hensel
Heat 2 Justin Patterson, Eric Eicholtz, Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Josh Miller, Todd Gallion, Chris Albright, Howard Specht
Feature Smith, Cains, Holmes, Whitten, Albright, J. Gibbs, Specht, McFadden, Eicholtz, Patterson, Daugherty, Gallion, Nicely, Miller, Hensel (dns), T. Gibbs (dns)

Heat 1 Roger Rush, Doug Hensel, Jeremy Lucas, Lester Berry, William Huntington, Kenny Long
Feature Lucas, Rush, Hensel, Long, Berry, Huntington