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Dobmeier Survives Early, Dominates Late at Huset’s Speedway

The Grand Forks, N.D., native earns his first World of Outlaws feature win since 2006


BRANDON, S.D. – July 3, 2012 – Forget the fireworks, there were plenty of bright lights and an explosion or two at Huset’s Speedway on a humid Tuesday evening.

Mark Dobmeier was in the middle of it all in front of a facility packed by a rowdy crowd, which has adopted the Grand Forks, N.D., native as their own. And for good reason; he’s really good.

The four-time Huset’s Speedway track champion survived an early incident with Craig Dollansky en route to his first World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series victory in nearly six years. Dobmeier railed the cushion and lapped up to ninth place to pick up career win No. 44 at Huset’s Speedway, where he has claimed four out of the last five track championships and 25 features since 2008.

“The cushion was awesome,” he said. “The track was pretty narrow all night long, but thankfully in that feature it widened out and we got a racy track here.”

Dobmeier, whose only previous World of Outlaws victory was at Wilmot Speedway in Wilmot, Wis., on Oct. 14, 2006, started Tuesday’s feature inside the second row. After a red flag on the initial lap for a five-car pileup in turn three, Dobmeier passed Dollansky for second on lap three as polesitter Ian Madsen maintained the lead.

Five laps later the second red flag was displayed after Dobmeier and Dollansky touched wheels on the backstretch, sending Dollansky into a series of violent flips into turn three.

“We both went for the same spot at the same time,” said Dobmeier, whose car wasn’t damaged in the collision. “In my eyes it was hard racing. In his eyes I guess I’m a no driving piece of something. When someone tells me something like that it puts a little fire under my butt so to say and makes me sit up in the seat a little higher.”

On the 11th lap, Dobmeier used the cushion in turns one and two to rocket by Madsen down the backstretch. He began to pull away before a caution on lap 12 for Steve Kinser and Donovan Peterson, who had both stopped in turn two after an apparent collision.

Kinser returned to the race in 20th, but made up a majority of those positions on the ensuing restart. Something happened between sixth-running Tim Kaeding and eighth-running Donny Schatz down the frontstretch, which triggered a massive crash in turn one.

Terry McCarl and Kaley Gharst both got upside down, and Chad Kemenah, Lucas Wolfe, Kerry Madsen, Robby Wolfgang and Austin Pierce were also involved. Kinser resumed the race in 12th as Dobmeier set sail.

Around that same time the left rear shock on Ian Madsen’s car broke, allowing a variety of drivers to close in. Dobmeier had a straightaway advantage with 10 laps remaining as second place through sixth were jumbled in lapped traffic.

“Mark showed me the top was a little quicker in (turns) one and two,” Madsen said. “We were staying right with him and then we had a left rear shock break off. Otherwise I think we would have had something for him.”

Cody Darrah capitalized and began to work his way toward the front on the cushion. He passed Kasey Kahne Racing teammate Joey Saldana for fourth place with eight laps remaining and got by Sammy Swindell for third with three laps to go. Darrah then slid Madsen for the runner-up position with two laps remaining.

“It played out for me there in traffic,” Darrah said. “Once I got to second, you’re looking around for the leader and he was nowhere to be found. We got our butts beat tonight by Dobmeier.”

Madsen held off Swindell, who maintains the championship points lead, for the final spot on the podium.

Tim Kaeding charged from 13th to finish fifth. Saldana was sixth, Kraig Kinser seventh, Schatz eighth, Steve Kinser ninth and Bill Rose rounded out the top 10.

Rose, Darrah and Kinser each claimed a heat race, and Dobmeier set quick time in qualifying for the second time this season.

Huset’s Speedway Notebook

NOTES – Bill Rose claimed his second heat race of the season, Cody Darrah won his fourth and Steve Kinser his eighth. … Ian Madsen won his first dash of the season. … Mark Dobmeier is the ninth different driver to win in as many events on a 3/8-mile track this season.

CONTINGENCY WINNERS – Penske Shocks ($100 certificate): Bill Rose; MSD Ignitions ($50 cash): Mark Dobmeier; Comp Cams ($50 certificate): Sammy Swindell; Armor All (case of product): Mark Dobmeier; STP ($50 cash): Sammy Swindell; UNOH ($50 cash): Tim Kaeding; Gravely Tractors($50 cash): Kraig Kinser; VP Racing Fuel ($50 cash): Steve Kinser; Comp Cams ($50 cash): Bill Rose; JE Pistons (set of rings): Dusty Zomer; Cometic Gasket ($50 cash): Austin McCarl; Wix Filters ($50 cash): Donovan Peterson; Superflow ($50 cash): Donovan Peterson; JE Pistons ($50 cash): Kerry Madsen; JE Pistons (set of rings): Kaley Gharst; MSD Ignitions ($25 cash): Craig Dollansky; Klotz Synthetic Lubricants ($50 cash): Lucas Wolfe.

WINNERS – Sammy Swindell – 6 (Lakeside Speedway on June 30, Red River Valley Speedway on June 16, Eldora Speedway on May 5, Knoxville Raceway on April 28, Missouri State Fair Speedway on April 20 and Merced Speedway on March 30); Craig Dollansky – 4 (I-96 Speedway on June 2, Hagerstown Speedway on May 20, Tri-State Speedway on April 21 and Volusia Speedway Park on Feb. 19); Kraig Kinser – 3 (Dodge City Raceway Park on June 23, River Cities Speedway on June 15 and Kokomo Speedway on June 5); Steve Kinser – 3 (Dodge City Raceway Park on June 22, Orange County Fair Speedway on May 19 and Williams Grove Speedway on May 12); Joey Saldana – 3 (The Dirt Track at Charlotte on May 25, Paducah International Raceway on April 13 and Perris Auto Speedway on March 10); Donny Schatz – 3 (Farmer City Raceway on April 25, Silver Dollar Speedway on March 23 and Volusia Speedway Park on Feb. 19); Tim Kaeding – 2 (Thunderbowl Raceway on March 16 and The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 8); Chad Kemenah – 2 (Lawrenceburg Speedway on May 28 and Eldora Speedway on May 4); Kerry Madsen – 2 (Belleville High Banks on June 29 and Knoxville Raceway on June 9); Danny Dietrich – 1 (Lincoln Speedway on May 10); Mark Dobmeier – 1 (Huset’s Speedway on July 3); Danny Lasoski – 1(Volusia Speedway Park on Feb. 18); Paul McMahan – 1 (Rolling Wheels Raceway Park on May 16);Fred Rahmer – 1 (Williams Grove Speedway on May 11); Brad Sweet – 1 (Clay County Fairgrounds on June 8).

TIME TRIALS – Mark Dobmeier was the fastest qualifier around the 3/8-mile oval with a time of 10.947 seconds to earn five championship points. Also earning points were Joey Saldana (4 points), Ian Madsen (3), Craig Dollansky (2) and Sammy Swindell (1).

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Huset’s Speedway Statistical Report; Brandon, S.D.; July 3, 2012

A-Main – (35 Laps) – 1. 13-Mark Dobmeier [3] [$10,000]; 2. 4-Cody Darrah [9] [$5,500]; 3. 55-Ian Madsen [1] [$3,200]; 4. 1-Sammy Swindell [4] [$2,800]; 5. 83-Tim Kaeding [13] [$2,500]; 6. 9-Joey Saldana [6] [$2,300]; 7. 11K-Kraig Kinser [5] [$2,200]; 8. 15-Donny Schatz [12] [$2,100]; 9. 11-Steve Kinser [7] [$2,050]; 10. 6-Bill Rose [8] [$2,000]; 11. 91-Dusty Zomer [14] [$1,500]; 12. 17A-Austin McCarl [17] [$1,200]; 13. 101-Chuck McGillivray [23] [$1,100]; 14. 3-Donovan Peterson [20] [$1,050]; 15. 7K-Robby Wolfgang [15] [$1,000]; 16. 29-Kerry Madsen [18] [$900]; 17. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [22] [$800]; 18. 63-Chad Kemenah [10] [$800]; 19. 24-Terry McCarl [16] [$800]; 20. 6C-Kaley Gharst [19] [$800]; 21. 2-Austin Pierce [24] [$800]; 22. 7-Craig Dollansky [2] [$800]; 23. 82-Justin Henderson [11] [$800]; 24. 25-Dylan Peterson [21] [$800]. Lap Leaders: Ian Madsen 1-10, Mark Dobmeier 11-35.KSE Hard Charger Award : 101-Chuck McGillivray [+10].

Qualifying – 1. 13-Mark Dobmeier, 10.947; 2. 9-Joey Saldana, 10.983; 3. 55-Ian Madsen, 10.992; 4. 7-Craig Dollansky, 10.996; 5. 1-Sammy Swindell, 11.014; 6. 11K-Kraig Kinser, 11.021; 7. 6-Bill Rose, 11.043; 8. 82-Justin Henderson, 11.086; 9. 15-Donny Schatz, 11.115; 10. 63-Chad Kemenah, 11.130; 11. 4-Cody Darrah, 11.179; 12. 11-Steve Kinser, 11.209; 13. 83-Tim Kaeding, 11.211; 14. 91-Dusty Zomer, 11.266; 15. 7K-Robby Wolfgang, 11.285; 16. 24-Terry McCarl, 11.311; 17. 17A-Austin McCarl, 11.326; 18. 29-Kerry Madsen, 11.333; 19. 6C-Kaley Gharst, 11.349; 20. 3-Donovan Peterson, 11.362; 21. 25-Dylan Peterson, 11.415; 22. 5W-Lucas Wolfe, 11.497; 23. 101-Chuck McGillivray, 11.519; 24. 2-Austin Pierce, 11.533.

Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 6 finishers transfer to the A-feature) – 1. 6-Bill Rose [2]; 2. 63-Chad Kemenah [1]; 3. 13-Mark Dobmeier [4]; 4. 7-Craig Dollansky [3]; 5. 83-Tim Kaeding [5]; 6. 24-Terry McCarl [6]; 7. 6C-Kaley Gharst [7]; 8. 5W-Lucas Wolfe [8].

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 6 finishers transfer to the A-feature) – 1. 4-Cody Darrah [1]; 2. 1-Sammy Swindell [3]; 3. 82-Justin Henderson [2]; 4. 9-Joey Saldana [4]; 5. 91-Dusty Zomer [5]; 6. 17A-Austin McCarl [6]; 7. 101-Chuck McGillivray [8]; 8. 3-Donovan Peterson [7].

Heat 3 – (8 Laps – Top 6 finishers transfer to the A-feature) – 1. 11-Steve Kinser [1]; 2. 11K-Kraig Kinser [3]; 3. 15-Donny Schatz [2]; 4. 55-Ian Madsen [4]; 5. 29-Kerry Madsen [6]; 6. 7K-Robby Wolfgang [5]; 7. 2-Austin Pierce [8]; 8. 25-Dylan Peterson [7].

Dash – (6 Laps, finishing order determined first 10 starting positions of A-feature) – 1. 55-Ian Madsen [2]; 2. 7-Craig Dollansky [1]; 3. 13-Mark Dobmeier [4]; 4. 1-Sammy Swindell [5]; 5. 11K-Kraig Kinser [6]; 6. 9-Joey Saldana [3]; 7. 11-Steve Kinser [10]; 8. 6-Bill Rose [7]; 9. 4-Cody Darrah [9]; 10. 63-Chad Kemenah [8].