Hilliard, Ohio’s Bryce Dickson earned his first top ten finish of the season over the weekend at Skyline Speedway in Stewart, Ohio. The Fully Injected supporter finished ninth Friday night at the 3/8’s mile bullring during Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association competition; holding off Brian Benson and Chris Myers when the checkers flew. Dickson started the evening on a positive note with a runner-up performance in his respective heat race. There were 17 cars signed-in for the event.

The Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association ‘410’ sprinters will be back in action at Skyline Speedway next Friday night, April 20.


The summary: April 13, 2012

410 Sprint Cars (17)

Fast Time: Jimmy Stinson 11:49

Heat One: Jimmy Neir, Jimmy Stinson, Andre Layfield, Ryan Broughton, Nick Forcum, Greg Mitchell (DNS)

Heat Two: Cole Duncan, Kory Crabtree, Dave Dickson, Aaron Higgins, Brian Benson, Chris Smith

Heat Three: Eric Martin, Bryce Dickson, Bob Tucker, Chris Myers, Josh Davis (DNS)

Feature: Cole Duncan, Jimmy Stinson, Jimmy Nier, Andre Layfield, Dave Dickson, Eric Martin, Kory Crabtree, Ryan Broughton, Bryce Dickson, Brian Benson, Chris Myers, Bob Tucker, Aaron Higgins, Chris Smith, Nick Forcum

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