Team Fully Injected’s Bryce Dickson shows off his new look for 2012. The Ohio native earned a top ten finish this past Friday night at Wayne County Speedway in Orrville, Ohio. Dickson finished seventh in the ‘410’ sprint car main event; finishing just behind Kory Crabtree and Mitch Harble. The pilot of the Dutch Pantry ’11D’ also earned a top five finish in his respective heat race – finishing fourth just behind Mitch Harble.  23 ‘410’ sprint cars were signed in for Wayne County Speedway’s opening night event!


Orrville, Ohio (April 20, 2012) Exciting racing was the theme of the night for Malcuit Tavern night. The packed grandstands were treated to great door handle to door handle dirt slinging action in all divisions.

In the Fisher Performance Sprint car division it was fourth starting Andrew Palker jumping out to the early lead ahead of pole sitter Chris Myers, Andre Layfield and Rob Chaney. During the early stages several cautions came out, but when the green flag dropped on the field Palker again blasted to the lead. On lap five the caution came out for Layfield as he and Chaney were battling for position. On lap seven sixth starting Cole Duncan set a torrid pace to the front as he passed Danny Mumaw and blasted past Chaney for third. By lap ten Duncan had caught Myers and was applying heavy pressure trying to get around the second place Myers. On lap eleven the caution flag flew for Duncan who got into the guardrail. Palker had a comfortable lead but with this caution that was erased. When the racing resumed Palker powered ahead of Myers but in the closing laps Myers closed the distance. On the final lap Myers had caught Palker but it was too little too late as Palker took the checker for the win. He was followed by Myers, Chaney, Mumaw, Kory Crabtree and Mitch Harble. Layfield, Chaney and Duncan won heat races and Jamie Myers won the B-Main.

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Fisher Performance Sprints (23 Cars)

Heat#1 (Top 5 to Feature)

1. Andre Layfield 2. Andrew Palker 3. Mitch Harble 4. Bryce Dickson 5. Bob Lime 6. Jamie Myers 7. Aaron Middaugh 8. Chris Plascak


1. Rob Chaney 2. Zach Ames 3. Danny Mumaw 4. Jason Dolick 5. Alec Martin 6. Joe Armbruster 7. Shawn Hubler 8. Nick Patterson

Heat #3

1. Cole Duncan 2. Chris Myers 3. Kory Crabtree 4. Jimmy Light 5. Matt Warner 6. Nick Patterson (#23) 7. Chris Smith

B-Main (Top 5 to Feature)

1. Jamie Myers 2. Joe Armbruster 3. Nick Patterson (#23) 4. Aaron Middaugh 5. Shawn Hubler 6. Nick Patterson 7. Chris Smith 8. Chris Plascak


1. Andrew Palker 2. Chris Myers 3. Rob Chaney 4. Danny Mumaw 5. Kory Crabtree 6. Mitch Harble 7. Bryce Dickson 8. Jason Dolick 9. Jamie Myers 10. Jimmy Light 11. Bob Lime 12. Zach Ames 13. Shawn Hubler 14. Cole Duncan 15. Alec Martin 16. Andre Layfield 17. Joe Armbruster 18. Nick Patterson(#23) 19. Aaron Middaugh 20. Matt Warner