ABBOTTSTOWN, PA , 6/6/12 – It was the “T-Mac” show in the Appalachian Mountain Dirt Late Model Speedweek finale at Lincoln Speedway Wednesday night.

Tim McCreadie claimed both the $7,100 Charlie Grinestaff Memorial win and the Appalachian Speedweek crown in winning the 40-lap feature event.

And he did so in spectacular fashion. T-Mac started sixth and was still running third when Nick Dickson’s lead was clocked at nearly five seconds on lap 24. He wrestled second from polesitter Greg Satterlee on the next lap, and reeled in Dickson over the next 12 non-stop laps to drive under Dickson for the lead exiting turn four of lap 37. The final 26 laps went non-stop.

Once in the lead, McCreadie drove away to a .94-second win, his second career win at Lincoln Speedway. The first was a World of Outlaw win two years ago.

“It was better to be second because it started streakin’ up on the bottom pretty hard,” said McCredie in victory lane, “Those lapped cars were doing what they’re doing. They tell ‘em to go low. Unfortunately, that’s where the groove was. If it was reversed, Nick would’ve have driven around me and we’d be second.”

“Clint Smith told me one time ‘When your dial’s straight up and down, you can’t do much wrong,’ and for this last three days our dial seems to be pointing at the moon right now,” continued McCreadie, “This was a great track all night long and I want to thank everyone for coming out.”

Satterlee, who led the first four laps, hung on for a third-place finish, with eighth-starting Jamie Lathroum and Gary Stuhler completing the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Rick Eckert, John Garvin Jr., Rusty Schlank, Brian Booze, and Brady Smith.

Heats for the Super Late Models were won by Rick Eckert, Dickson, and McCreadie, with Jason Covert winning the B-Main.

Fast time in time trials over the 37-car field was set by Booper Bare with a one-lap time of 16.316-seconds (82.741 MPH).

York Haven’s Steve Billet started on the pole and led every lap in claiming his first Lincoln career win in the “358” late model feature. Though he was never seriously challenged, the racing in behind was torrid, with Billy Wampler holding off eighth-starting Gene Knaub for second. Former Lincoln thundercar champ Sam Gallagher and tenth-starting Grant Adams completed the top five.

Sixth through tenth were Steve Clabaugh, Tommy Slanker, 17th-starting Charlie Schaffer, 24th-starting Bobby Beard, and Mike Walls.

Heats for the 35 “358” Late Models were won by Knaub, Gallagher, Mike Walls, and Clabaugh, with Devin Frey winning the consolation.

This Saturday night, June 9th, Lincoln will host the invading All-star Circuit of Champions. They will be joined by the 358 Sprinters, plus KIDS BIG WHEEL RACES. Gates open at 5 PM, with time trials getting underway at 7 PM.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway’s website at to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania’s “Premier” Saturday night race track – The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.

Wed., June 6, 2012
Abbottstown, PA



Feature (40 Laps) – 1. 39-Tim McCreadie ($7,100); 2. 17-Nick Dickson; 3. 22-Greg Satterlee; 4. 6-Jamie Lathrum; 5. 23-Gary Stuhler; 6. 24-Rick Eckert; 7. J4-John Garvin, Jr.; 8. 91-Rusty Schlank; 9. 31B-Brian Booze (Hard Charger); 10. 2B-Brady Smith; 11. 32C-Vick Coffey; 12. 70J-DJ Myers; 13. 2J-Jeff Rine; 14. 43A-Jason Covert; 15. 06-Mike Lupfer; 16. 41-Keith Jackson; 17. 87-Booper Bare; 18. 0-Ron Delano, Jr.; 19. 27-Bobby Stokes; 20. 38-Kenny Pettyjohn; 21. 1M-Jeremy Miller (DNF); 22. 2s-Sam Stile (DNF); 23. 2-Dan Stone (DNF); 24. 2C-Steve Campbell (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders – Greg Satterlee (1-4), Nick Dickson (5-36), Tim McCreadie (37-40)

1st Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 24-Rick Eckert; 2. 2J-Jeff Rine; 3. 6-Jamie Lanthroum; 4. 38-Kenny Pettyjohn; 5. 2B-Brady Smith; 6. 0-Ron Delano, Jr.; 7. 43A-Jason Covert; 8. 87-Booper Bare; 9. 12-Devin Friese; 10. 90-Kyle Rhodes; 11. 32-Colbey Frye (DNF); DNS – 73-Al Cheney. Time – 2:49.63

2nd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 17D-Nick Dickson; 2. 2A-Dan Stone; 3. 23-Gary Stuhler; 4. 91-Rusty Schlenk; 5. 1M-Jeremy Miller; 6. 31B-Brian Booze; 7. 2C-Steve Campbell; 8. 41-Keith Jackson; 9. 8L-Scott LaBarron; 10. 06-Mike Lupfer; 11. 9-Frankie Plessinger; 12. 4S-Danny Snyder. No Time

3rd Heat (10 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 39-Tim McCreadie; 2. 22-Greg Satterlee; 3. J4-John Garvin, Jr.; 4. 70J-DJ Myers; 5. 32C-Vic Coffey; 6. 2S-Sam Stile; 7. 27-Bobby Stokes; 8. 215-Al Shaver, Jr.; 9. 93-Pancho Lawler; 10. 3-Tim Wilson; 11. 4DS-Chad Hollenbeck; 12. 22X-Chase Billet (DNF); 13. 99Z-Dave Zona (DNF). No Time

B-Main (12 Laps/6 to qualify) – 1. 43A-Jason Covert; 2. 2C-Steve Campbell; 3. 87-Booper Bare; 4. 27-Bobby Stokes; 5. 41-Keith Jackson; 6. 06-Mike Lupfer; 7. 9-Frankie Plessinger; 8. 3-Tim Wilson; 9. 12-Devin Freise; 10. 215-Al Shaver, Jr.; 11. 90-Kyle Rhodes; 12. 8L-Scott LeBarron; 13. 4S-Danny Snyder; 14. 32-Colbey Frye (DNF); 15. 93-Pancho Lawler (DNF); 16. 4DS-Chad Hollenbeck (DNF); DNS – 73-Al Cheney, 22X-Chase Billet, 99Z-Dave Zona. Time – 3:36.28

TIME TRIALS – 1. 87-Booper Bare, 16.316 (82.741 MPH); 2. 6-Jamie Lathroum, 16.324; 3. 24E-Rick Eckert, 16.397; 4. 43A-Jason Covert, 16.424; 5. 2-Dan Stone, 16.431; 6. 2J-Jeff Rine, 16.456; 7. 22-Greg Satterlee, 16.461; 8. 23-Gary Stuhler, 16.548; 9. 17D-Nick Dickson, 16.551; 10. 1M-Jeremy Miller, 16.600; 11. 39-Tim McCreadie, 16.612; 12. 0-Ron Delano, Jr., 16.638; 13. 41-Keith Jackson, 16.642; 14. 2C-Steve Campbell, 16.684; 15. 93-Pancho Lawler, 16.773; 16. 38-Kenny Pettyjohn, 16.802; 17. 2B-Brady Smith, 16.827; 18. 2S-Sam Stile, 16.839; 19. 12-Devin Friese, 16.846; 20. 91-Rusty Schlenk, 16.866; 21. J4-John Garvin, Jr., 16.894; 22. 32-Colbey Frye, 16.934; 23. 8L-Scott Lebarron, 16.946; 24. 32C-Vic Coffey, 16.960; 25. 9-Frankie Plessinger, 16.986; 26. 70J-DJ Myers, 17.024; 27. 06-Mike Lupfer, 17.128; 28. 99Z-Dave Zona, 17.146; 29. 4DS-Chad Hollenbeck, 17.208; 30. 31B-Brian Booze, 17.297; 31. 90-Kyle Rhodes, 17.344; 32. 215-Al Shaver, Jr., 17.401; 33. 4S-Danny Snyder, 17.483; 34. 3-Tim Wilson, 17.511; 35. 22X-Chase Billet, 17.565; 36. 27-Bobby Stokes, 17.886; 37. 73-Al Cheney, NT.