Mechanicsburg, PA – Brian Montieth of Phoenixville finally broke through for a win in the Lawrence Chevrolet 410 sprint car division at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night. 

In Tool Shed of America 358 sprint action, Matt Mountz won for the second time this season at the track although it was his first in the 358 class. 

Montieth started the 25-lap 410 sprint main in the third spot and raced in third behind leader Gerard McIntyre Jr. and Ryan Smith for the first three laps before getting by a smooth and fast Smith. 

Smith reclaimed the spot on the fifth tour but finally gave it up to Montieth with eight down. 

Meanwhile, McIntyre was trying to sneak away with the lead until his pace was slowed for a stopped Danny Dietrich with 10 away. 

The front three cars raced closely when action resumed with any of the trio capable of winning the event but it was Montieth who swooped low for the lead on the 14th lap in the first corner.  

However McIntyre fought back and drew to Montieth’s inside as the pair ran down the backchute and into the third turn. 

But McIntyre got the short end of the stick as the pair dove into the corner when he couldn’t control his car and instead lost the handle and backed the car into the outside guardrail hard, bringing out the red flag. 

Smith gave chase when the green reappeared and began drawing ever close to pulling of a Williamis Grove first victory in his rookie season.

And with four to go in the event when the final caution flag unfurled, he appeared poised to pull of the upset. 

Smith was able to draw equal with Montieth and even nose ahead in the middle of the first and second turns but Montieth’s outside groove momentum pushed him back into control every time as the pair ran down the backstretch. 

In the end, it was Montieth’s 10th career victory at Williams Grove Speedway and first of the season at the track.  

Smith finished a career-best second followed by Lance Dewease, Cory Haas and Fred Rahmer.  

Heats went to Montieth, McIntyre and Jessica Zemken with Rick Lafferty taking the consolation race. 

Mountz’s win in the 358 class was his second overall of the year at the track after he also took a 305 sprint win several weeks ago. 

He led every lap of the 20-lap 358 sprint feature to pick up the victory in his rookie year in the division. 

Mountz became the sixth different winner in six events for the 358 sprints at Williams Grove this season. 

Dale Hammaker crossed the line second at the finish, drawing up beside the leader at the finish line. 

Kevin Nouse rode home third followed by Ryan Wilson and Nate Hammaker. 

Heats went to Mark Smith, Adrian Shaffer and Mountz.  


June 22, 2012 Feature Finishes:

410 sprint cars, 25 laps: Brian Montieth, Ryan Smith, Lance Dewease, Cory Haas, Fred Rahmer, Daryn Pittman, Greg Hodnett, Logan Schuchart, Alan Krimes, Shane Stewart, Jessica Zemken, Sheldon Haudenschild, Frank Cozze, Nicole Bower, Rick Lafferty, Davey Sammons, Dylan Cisney, Michael Ruttkamp, Troy Fraker, Tyler Walker, Gerard McIntyre, Jay Reichard, Danny Dietrich, Chad Layton 

DNQ:  Jim Shuster, Steve Buckwalter, Brent Marks 

358 sprint cars, 20 laps:  Matt Mountz, Dale Hammaker, Kevin  Nouse, Ryan Wilson, Nate Hammaker, Pat Cannon, Mark Smith, Eric Tomecek, Jacob Allen, Brie Hershey, Rodney Westhafer, Adrian Shaffer, Rocky Magaro, Todd Berkheimer, Aaron Eichelberger, Chris Arnold, Leah Starner, Bill Heltzel III., Jay Galloway, Brian Garland, Scott Fisher