Rod George was the runner-up in final Lernerville and Mercer Raceway Park sprint car point standings for 2011 – Rick Rarer Photo

Kittanning, Pennsylvania native, Rod George, earned a runner-up finish to Robert Felmlee in the final Mercer Raceway Park sprint car point standings for the 2011 season. The former Mercer Raceway Park Track Champion earned multiple wins at the Mercer, PA bullring this year; as well as countless top 5 and top 10 finishes to keep himself in championship contention. George is also the 2011 Lernerville Speedway runner-up in the final sprint car standings. First time champion, Carl Bowser, earned the Lernerville Speedway Championship; earning victories and top 5 finishes on a consistent basis.

Bob Felmlee earned the 2011 Mercer Raceway Park sprint car track championship – Rick Rarer Photo

Rod’s opportunity to win the Mercer championship was taken away by Mother Nature, yesterday; as rain consistently fell all through the western Pennsylvania region early into the weekend and Saturday morning.

Mercer Raceway Park also saw a Fully Injected runner-up in the final Outlaw Sprint Warrior standings at Mercer Raceway Park. Justin Whitesell, a resident of Austintown, Ohio, used consistency and determination to land himself a runner-up spot in the final Outlaw Sprint Warrior sprint car point standings at MRP for the 2011 season. “The Man from Austintown” will be back in action on September 23rd and 24th for the ‘Little Guy Nationals’ at MRP.

Justin Whitesell in action at Mercer Raceway Park