STRONGSTOWN, PA (July 4, 2014) – Rochester Mill’s Gregg Satterlee made a last lap slide job stick to beat Dan Stone Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway beating out a stellar 32 car field. Satterlee made the pass coming out of turn four on the final lap in the $4000 to win Independence Day Top Dog 50 for the Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Models. Cousin Andrew Satterlee survived a last lap charge to win his fourth in the Lias Tire FASTRAK Crate Late Models. Ryan Claycomb scored his third in the Pure Stocks while Nate Smith stayed undefeated in the Street Stocks. John Campisano won for the first time in the FWD 4 Cylinder Sidewinders.
Ohio’s George Lee used his outside front row starting spot to take the initial led in the 50-lap Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Model feature. Lee and Dan Stone battled side by side for 20 laps before Lee drifted high giving eighth starting Stone the opening he needed to take the lead. Stone stayed out front while seventh starting Satterlee worked his way through the field to take second on lap 28. Stone kept a safe distance working his way through lapped traffic. A restart on lap 34 allowed Satterlee to take the led from Stone, who applied the pressure back. Jared Milley grabbed the third spot and began to close on the leading pair. Miley eventually disposed Stone of second and started to reel in Satterlee. Miley great run ended on lap 46 when he suddenly slowed on the back stretch. On the restart both Satterlee and Stone pushed high going in to turn one letting third place Brandon Delano take the lead. Delano led one lap before the high flying pair went by on the outside this time with Stone back in front before Delano spun coming out of turn four ending his fantastic run. The field took the green with just two laps left. Going into turn one Satterlee pushed and Stone pulled away but Satterlee quickly closed back in. The pair raced down the back stretch on the final lap. As they went in to turn three Satterlee drove it in hard putting a clean slide job on Stone and held him off in a drag race to the finish line. Stone settled for a disappointing second over Mike Altobelli (from 17h), Jason Covert (from 18th), Shawn Claar, Quintin Wyandt, Tim Smith, Jr., Sammy Stile, George Lee and Dwayne Taneyhill. Scoring heat race wins were Stone, Satterlee, Wyandt and Sammy Stile.

Corey Neal led the first two laps of the Lias Tire FASTRAK Crate Late Model feature before Andrew Satterlee took over the top spot. Satterlee looked like he would have a cake walk as Ralph Morgan tried to reel him in. A late race caution closed up the field. On the restart Satterlee had his hands full with Morgan and Josh Valenti. The three raced in a tight pack and coming out of turn four to the checker Morgan dove to the inside and came up a bumper short with Satterlee taking his fourth feature win. Following Morgan across the line were Valenti, Neal and Jeremy Shaffer. Morgan and Satterlee won the heats.

Altoona’s Ryan Claycomb passed Jeff Shaffer, Jr. on the second lap and ran away from the field to win his second straight feature in the Pure Stocks. Shaffer settled for the second place over David Beahr, Andrew Koenig and Ed Vogel. Koenig and Claycomb won the two heats.

John Campisano, of Punxy, claimed his first Dog Hollow feature win in the 12-lap FWD 4 Cylinder feature. Campisano passed leader John Costa and the third lap to take the lead. Eric Boozel came from tenth to battle Campisano for the lead on the final lap with Josh Frantz on their tails. Boozel and Campisano rubbed fenders coming out of the last turn with Campisano taking the win over Boozel and Frantz. Tim Pavelko and Robert Lydic rounded out the top five. Lydic, Campisano and Pavelko were heat winners.

Nate Smith shot from his third starting spot right into the lead in the 15-lap Street Stock feature. Smith cruised to an easy win, his fifth of the year. Tim Bish was second over Chris Schneider, Brett Bingaman and Mike Desch. The heat races were won by Schneider and Smith.

This coming Friday, July 11, will be a special exhibition by the Super Modified Lawn Tractors. Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Models, Lias Tire FASTRAK Crate Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and FWD 4 Cylinders.

Townsend Gas & Oil Super Late Models Top Dog 50 (32): Gregg Satterlee, Dan Stone, Mike Altobelli, Jason Covert, Shawn Claar, Quintin Wyandt, Tim Smith, Jr., Sammy Stile, George Lee, Dwayne Taneyhill, Wayne Maffett, Jr., Jason Dupont, Brandon Delano, Jim Kurpakis, Dave Murdick, Gabe Shaffer, Jared Miley, Justin Kann, Mike Blose, DJ Troutman, Dan Lee, Duane Stiner, Ken Schaltenbrand, Clate Copeman, Travis Wilson, Randy Smithley, Devin Friese, DNS – Dan Gill, Ryan Christoff, Brian Tavenner, Scott Rhodes, Rance Garlock.

Lias Tire FASTRAK Crate Late Models (14): Andrew Satterlee, Ralph Morgan, Jr., Josh Valenti, Corey Neal, Jeremy Shaffer, Mike Laughard, Shane Weaver, Joe Moyer, John Eckenrod, Mike Lauffer, Jeff Haynes, Justin Vaughn, Cody Hummel, Jeff Compton.

Pure Stocks (13): Ryan Claycomb, Jeff Shaffer, Jr., David Beahr, Andrew Koenig, Ed Vogel, Dillon Smith, Brandie Mills, Andrew Wallace, Noah Brunell, Jason Bender, Amber Mills, Davey Lambert, DNS – Joshua McClellan.

FWD 4 Cylinder Sidewinders (25): John Campisano, Eric Boozel, Josh Frantz, Tom Pavelko, Robert Lydic, John Costa, Brady Miller, Jeff Vasos, Mike Potter, Jack Theys, Jim Kleitches, Jesse Short, Mike Luther, Dylan Young, Rusty Focht, Todd Shaffer, Mike David, Robert Bollman, Sr., Lance Kough, Paul Crynock, Sean Fitzpatrick, Mike Phillipson, Tanner Lansberry, DNS – Jordan Helsel, DJ Le Querica.

Street Stocks (13): Nate Smith, Tim Bish, Chris Schneider, Brett Bingaman, Mike Desch, Luke Barnett, Joey Zambotti, Jesse Snyder, Bob Egley, Stan Riggle, Brett McDonald, Dave Galore, DNS – John McCann.