Port Royal – Blane Heimbach of Selinsgrove scored his second 410 sprint win of the season at Port Royal Speedway on Saturday night and moved back out in front of the point standings after spending two weeks as runner-up to Chad Layton.

In the late model main, McClure’s Tim Wilson came on late to take his second win of the year after a hotly contested race for the victory while Bellenfonte’s Tim Krape swept the night in pro stock action, taking the twin 12-lap mains for the division.

During intermission over $700 was scrambled on the frontstretch for youth ages 12 and under to gather up. The kids money scramble was sponsored by the First National Bank of Mifflintown.

Chad Layton started on the pole of the 25-lap sprint car main and took the lead after an initial start yellow flag for five-car tangle in the second turn of which Mike Erdley got the worst damage.

Heimbach started seventh in the field in the Creasy No. 12 sprinter and was racing fifth at the end of the first lap but had made it up to third behind Layton and Nate Snyder with four laps in the book.

A yellow flag with five down regrouped the field and Snyder impressed many with a challenge to Layton’s inside when action resumed but Layton drove the outside cushion back into the lead in the second turn.

The leaders entered the rear of the field with 10 laps recorded and that’s when Heimbach began challenging Snyder for second spot, which he took with 11 laps to go.

Heimbach then quickly ran down Layton and appeared poised to pull off a pass when the leader exploded a right rear tire and rolled to a stop on the backchute with 10 laps to go.

Heimbach had Snyder and 14th starter Lance Dewease running behind him at the new green and Snyder again tried to take a look on the restart but this time it was Dewease who pulled off a pass by getting by for second.

Dewease then tried to keep pace with the leader but was far outdistanced for the win, crossing the line 2.301 seconds behind Heimbach..

The race for third heated up during the last five laps as 11th starter TJ Stutts surged and took third from Snyder with just two laps to go.

Snyder rode home fourth followed by Pat Cannon.

Sixth through 10th went to Mike Wagner, Cliff Brian, Dylan Cisney, Keith Kauffman and Curt Stroup.

Heats for the 26 sprints went to Snyder, Brian and Layton with Daryl Stimeling taking the consolation race.

Andy Haus and point leader Terry Naugle started on the front row of the late model main and Naugle took control at the start over Haus with third starter Dylan Yoder racing close in third.

Over the laps that soon unfolded Naugle had it all his way out front as a three-car race for second developed between Haus, Dylan Yoder and Jim Yoder.

Dylan Yoder got by Haus for second on a lap four restart but continued to be challenged by Haus for the spot for several laps before seventh starter Tim Wilson entered the picture.

Wilson was up to third with seven down and then he and Dylan Yoder dueled lap after lap for second until lap 13 when Wilson finally nosed ahead of Yoder far enough to slide up in front and secure the spot.

Wilson then closed on leader Naugle and after getting under the leader on a few occasions only to see Naugle work the middle groove to stay out front, Wilson finally got the lead with five laps to go.

His margin over Naugle was 2.327 seconds at the line with Dylan Yoder third followed by Haus and Matt Parks.

Sixth through 10th went to Chad Hollenbeck, Jerry Bard, Steve Axtell Jr., Jeff Miller Sr. and Jim Yoder.

Heats for the 26-car field went to Jiim Yoder, Scott Flickinger and Steve Campbell.

Krape took the lead in the first 12-lapper for the pro stocks on the start although he started sixth in the field and was never heeded for the victory.

Derrick Garman chased him across the line for second followed by Dan Berry, Kyle Rapp and Andrew Shoop.

All cars that finished on the lead lap were inverted for the start of the second feature which sent Krape to the post 10th in the field.

Scott Landis took control when that race began followed by Tim Fedder and the pair gave Krape a challenge for the second checkers of the night, keeping him at bay until the seventh tour when he got Fedder for second.

He then tracked down Landis with three laps to go to drive out front and take the victory.

Landis rode home second followed by Fedder, Dan Berry and Kyle Rapp.

Heats for the 14-car field went to Krape and Fedder.

June 22, 2013 feature finishes:

410 sprints, 25 laps, 26 entries: 1. Blane Heimbach, 2. Lance Dewease, 3. TJ Stutts, 4. Nate Snyder, 5. Pat Cannon, 6. Mike Wagner, 7. Cliff Brian, 8. Dylan Cisney, 9. Keith Kauffman, 10. Curt Stroup, 11. Joey Hershey, 12. Mark Bitner, 13. Rodney Westhafer, 14. Jessica Anderson, 15. Chad Layton, 16. Mark Zimmerman, 17. Daryl Stimeling, 18. Jim Shuster, 19. Rod Stroup, 20. Dave Hahn, 21. Davey Sammons, 22. Steve Buckwalter, 23. Mike Erdley, 24. Trenton Scheaffer 

DNQ: Doug Esh, Karl Baker 

Late models, 20 laps, 26 entries: 1. Tim Wilson, 2. Terry Naugle, 3. Dylan Yoder, 4. Andy Haus, 5. Matt Parks, 6. Chad Hollenbeck, 7. Jerry Bard, 8. Steve Axtell Jr., 9. Jeff Miller Sr., 10. Jim Yoder, 11. Brett Schadel, 12. Todd Snook, 13. Scott Flickinger, 14. Trent Brenneman, 15. Bryon Sipe, 16. Eric Zembower, 17. Chuck Haydt Jr., 18. Mitch Hack, 19. AJ Hoffman, 20. Patrick Bryner, 21. Steve Campbell, 22. Dan Condo 

DNS: Mike Lupfer, Jason Schmidt, Scott Haus, Mike Mort 

Pro stocks, 12 laps, 14 entries 

Feature No. 1: 1. Tim Krape, 2. Derrick Garman, 3. Dan Berry, 4. Kyle Rapp, 5. Andrew Shoop, 6. Tim Fedder, 7. Nate Fisher, 8. Scott Landis, 9. Nate Stroup, 10. Jared Fulkroad, 11. Dave Kepner, 12. Dave Berry, 13. Chase Bowsman, 14. Dustin Kirk