Tim Kaeding is the 2011 King of the West Series Champion – Sprint Car Photos.com photo

The California based ‘King of the West’ Series celebrates the conclusion of their 2011 season with a fantastic championship pay out. The 410 sprint car series not only showcased some of the best talent on the west coast this summer, but also boasts a marvelous point payout that surpasses years past with the formally known ‘King of California’ series.

This year’s ‘King of the West’ Series Champion, Tim Kaeding, earned $20,000 for his efforts. The San Jose native and Roth Motorsports pilot only finished outside the top 5 with the series on two occasions. The Roth Motorsports 83 also found victory lane six (6) times in 2011 – leading all championship contenders.

Evan Suggs, who finished 2nd in the final standings, took home $15,000 for his efforts; while third place finisher, Bud Kaeding, collected $12,000.

$116,000 total was spread outĀ amongĀ the top 15 drivers in the standings.

Below is a point breakdown…

2011 Golden State King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series Championship Point Fund Breakdown

1. Tim Kaeding/ Roth Motorsports- $20,000

2. Evan Suggs/ Suggs Racing- $15,000

3. Brent Kaeding/ BK Racing- $12,000

4. Jonathan Allard/ Williams Motorsports- $10,000

5. Jason Statler/ Statler Racing- $9,000

6. Willie Croft/ Croft Racing- $8,000

7. Andy Gregg/ Bret Ervin Racing- $7,000

8. Bobby McMahan/ McMahan Racing- $6,000

9. Kenny Allen/ Allen Racing- $5,550

10. Brad Furr/ Furr Racing- $5,250

11. Brent Bjork/ Bjork Racing- $4,500

12. Danielle Simpson/ DES Racing- $4,000

13. Pat Harvey/ Harvey Racing- $3,500

14. Eli Deshaies/ Deshaies Racing- $3,250

15. Doug Gandy/ Gandy Racing- $3,000