South Park PA’s Jared Miley wins the Red Miley Rumble 53, in the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DIRTcar Super Late Models. Lynn Geisler grabbed the lead at the start, but the race was yellowed after a hard wreck in turn three by Jason Dupont. This yellow was key in Miley’s victory, as he had tagged the first /second turn wall on the start and developed a flat and the yellow allowed him time to change it. On the restart, it was Geisler back out front with Gregg Satterlee and Steve Baker right behind. The race ran this way for the next 16 laps, until Keith Barbara moved into third ahead of Baker on lap 17. Geisler held a solid lead for most of those laps, but heavy traffic allowed the top four to bunch closer together. A lap 22 caution for Derek Stefanick’s blown engine, allowed Barbara to grab second from Satterlee, while Miley worked his way into the top 5. On lap 25 Geisler’s fine run ended, when he blew an engine, his second in the last two weeks bringing out the caution. Barbara took over first on the restart over Satterlee, Miley, Baker and Mike Johnson. Barbara and Satterlee dueled for first side by side, while Miley and Baker battled for third for the next 13 laps. Satterlee forged ahead on lap 36 only to have Barbara back ahead on lap 37. It all came to an end on lap 38, when Satterlee spun in turn 4 and brought out the yellow and went to the tail. Barbara was back out front with Miley and Baker behind. Miley raced Barbara side by side and made his winning move on lap 46 and led the remaining laps to pick up his thrilling win. Barbara was second followed by Keith Berner, who made his first start in several seasons, by coming on strong in the late laps to finish third followed by Baker, and Mike Johnson as the top five were within a straightaway of each other. Rounding out the top ten were Alex Ferree, John Garvin, Boom Briggs, Matt Lux (who picked up the Awesome Hard Charger Award) and Satterlee. John Garvin was the K&N Performer of the race. The heats were won by Gregg Satterlee, Jared Miley, Lynn Geisler, and Mike Johnson for the 31 cars on hand. Ben Miley was a DNS in the feature, after a wreck in his heat. Jason Dupont, Keith Berner and Jim Rasey made their first starts of the season.

Apollo PA’s Ed Lynch Jr. won his first feature anywhere this season in the Black Jack 21 Super Sprint Car special picking up his 16th career PPMS win. Lynch Jr. took the lead from Brandon Spithaler on lap 5 and led the remaining laps unchallenged. Jack Sodeman Jr. was second followed by Spithaler, Daryl Stimeling, Rod George, Eric Williams, Adam Kekich, Pete Miller III, Brent Matus and Russ Sansosti. The heats were won by Rod George, Jack Sodeman, and Pete Miller III.


SUMMARY – August 18, 2012

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DirtCar Super Late Models
Heats – 22 Gregg Satterlee, H1 Jared Miley, 1C Lynn Geisler and 2J Mike Johnson
Feature (53 Laps) – 1. H1 Jared Miley, 2. 17 Keith Barbara, 3. 18 Keith Berner, 4. 0 Steve Baker, 5. 2J Mike Johnson, 6. 10 Alex Ferree, 7. J4 John Garvin, 8. 99B Boom Briggs, 9. 21 Matt Lux, 10. 22 Gregg Satterlee, 11. 1 Kyle Lukon, 12. 17 Brandon Burgoon, 13. 21 Tony Musolino, 14. 12 Daryl Charlier, 15. 91 Tommy Beck, 16. 0K Kari Gasser, 17. 69 Jon Hodgkiss, 18. 38 Jim Stephans, 19. 6 Jim Lepro, 20. 32 Jim Rasey, 21. 76 Jason Rider, 22. 14 Scott Gunn, 23. 72 Michael Norris, 24. 1C Lynn Geisler, 25. 32 Billy Dickson, 26. 1J Davey Johnson, 27. 44 Derek Stefanick, 28. 4J John Mollick, 29. 119 Chad McClellen, 30. No 7 Jason Dupont, DNS – 99 Ben Miley
Awesome Hard Charger – 21 Matt Lux
K&N Performer – J4 John Garvin

Heats – CIII Rod George, 23JR Jack Sodeman and 3 Pete Miller III
Feature (21 Laps) – 1. 2L Ed Lynch, 2. 23JR Jack Sodeman, 3. 22B Brandon Spithaler, 4. 30 Daryl Stimeling, 5. CIII Rod George, 6. 7 Eric Williams, 7. 5K Adam Kekich, 8. 3 Pete Miller III, 9. 33 Brent Matus, 10. 23S Russ Sansosti, 11. 5 Bob McMillen, 12. 24M Adam Miller, 13. 17 Justin Whetsell, 14. 6 Sheila Rankin, 15. 5M Jim McMillen, 16. B6 Bobbi Rankin, 17. 5B Adam Anderson, 18. 69X Mike Flynn, 19. 13 Brandon Matus, 20. 66 Chris Dunn, DNS – 57 Gary Edwards