Orrville, Ohio
Sunday, September 22, 2013
By Mike Swanger 

With rain delaying the racing Saturday until Sunday, 134 cars overflowed the pits of NAPA Wayne County Speedway for the ‘Blow-Out’ season finale sponsored by DJ Directional Services as the days action started out with Andrew Palker resetting the track record for the Fisher Performance Sprints with a time of 14.359 seconds. Wooster’s Jac Haudenshild would post the win in the Crack the Whip race to start on the pole of the feature and after a first lap challenge from outside polesitter, Danny Mumaw, the ‘Wild Child’ would drive away from the field aboard the Rick’s Auto Body, Phoenix Racing #59 to post his second win of the year at NAPA WCS. Mumaw got tangled up with a lapped car on lap five and received a flat tire but never could move back up through the field after changing the tire as Danny Holtgraver would take over second place at that time followed by Lee Jacobs, Jack Sodeman Jr. and Danny Smith. Sodeman Jr. would bring the action to a stop when he flipped in turn two on lap 20 ending his run as he walked away from the wreck, and before the sprinters got fired back up, mechanical issues put Palker, who had just passed Smith for fifth two laps earlier, to the pits. On the restart it was Jac Haudenschild, Holtgraver, Jacobs, Smith and now Brad Haudenschild in fifth, with Jac pulling away at the drop of the green and Holtgraver holding off the challenge of Jacobs for second and Brad Haudenschild slipping past Smith on the last lap for fourth. Mumaw, Broc Martin and Sodeman Jr. topped the heats.

It was a wide open action at the start of the Lias Tire Late Model feature as Crack the Whip winner JR Gentry grabbed the lead from the pole with Matt Irey and Shane McLoughlin dueling back and forth for second as Wooster’s Doug Drown and Brad Malcuit went side by side for fourth early on. Gentry jumped the cushion in turn two on lap six that allowed Irey to slide into the lead as Drown was able to take third from McLoughlin at the same time. Drown and his Weekley Electric, Wooster Glass and DJ Directional Services #63 would overpower Gentry for second on lap 11 and pull along side of Irey on the next circuit and took the lead on lap 13 for good and never looked back for his seventh win out of 8 starts at NAPA WCS this year, as the only feature he did not win this year was the WoO Late Model show. Gentry would battle back and take second back from Irey with five laps to go as McLoughlin held off a fast closing Ryan Markham for fourth. Fast Qualifier Drown, McLoughlin and Malcuit scored the heat wins as Dave Hornikel posted the last chance win.

The NAPA Modified feature was caution filled that kept the field bunched up as Bruce Miller would lead the first half of the 20 lap event with John Burdette taking over on lap 11 with Rob Stambaugh, John Sluka and Nathan Loney right behind the two front runners. After being charged with an early caution flag, Jesse Wisecarver was carving his way back through the field and with four laps to go was sixth and by using the high groove picked off Loney on lap 18, overtook Stambaugh and Sluka on lap 19 right before the final yellow flag came out. On the restart, Wisecarver made quick work off Miller but came up short at the finish line to Burdette and his Burdette Camping Center #RV1x, who pocketed his first win in his first visit to NAPA WCS. Burdette, Sluka and Stambaugh notched the heat wins as Clint Keenan was the fast qualifier.

For the first two laps of the Thrifty Muffler Super Stocks, it seemed like nobody wanted the lead as fast qualifier Kyle Moore lead the opening lap but spun himself out and that would give the lead to Nick Smith who would spin himself out on lap two. Driving the Baldwin Motorsports and White Motors #13, Paul Holmes took over and held on for his first win of the year. Chase Alexander would run second for most of the race as he and Tim Penley made contact with two to go and that allowed Moore, who had worked his way back through the field, to take second as Penley gathered himself up to hang on to third as Mitch Caskey and Brandon Craver moved past Alexander for fourth and fifth. Matt Shroyer and Rob Parker, who were both in the top five of the feature early on before mechanical woes stopped them, were the heat winners. Both heat races had red flags in them as Danny Gardner banged off the front stretch wall knocking loose some guardrail in the first one and then Larry Baldwin made contact with Todd Swim coming out of turn four that sent Swim rolling and twisting down the front stretch. Both Gardner and Swim were not injured.

A crash before the WQKT Mini Stock feature field got into turn two took out Brad Hensel and Jordan James and then on attempt two Don Rufener III grabbed the lead for the opening lap before Gary Hensel Jr. took over for the next three laps before Jerry Adkins took over for one lap but with some beating and banging going on with all the lead cars, Wooster’s Jason Shaw came out unscathed and took the lead and put the Finishline Motors #1 into victory lane for the fourth time this season. Adkins held on to second with Ron Hamlin, Don Rufener Jr. and Tim Workman rounding out the top five. Brad Hensel and Don Rufener III paced the heat races.

Mike Sawmiller of Peebles made his first visit to NAPA WCS a memorable one as he led all the way in the Truck race. Driving the C.O. Welding #1s, Sawmiller staved off several challenges from Rolly Heyder before Heyder’s truck lost power on the next to last lap. His misfortune would allow Jerry Sawmiller, Mike’s Dad, to take second with Tom Garlick taking third. Jerry Gardner and Travis Winterringer rounded out the top five. Heyder and Garlick secured the heat wins.

Braxton Wilson of Coshocton swept the Mini Wedges to pocket his third feature win of the season in the Morehouse Logging and A.B. Construction #28. Nick Large, Cody Stillion, Danny Selway and Mason Duncan filled out the top five. After their heat races, the youngsters received their Season Championship awards as Logan Duncan was crowned the Mini Wedge track championship trophy as he totaled 424 points . Tanner McLoughlin was second with 389 points with Billy Dawson placing third with 384 points. Danny Selway finished fourth with 355 points as Zoe Stafford, who rolled over in the feature but was ok, collected the fifth place trophy with 342 points as Brooke Dawson (275 points), Matthew Moore (207 points), Braxton Wilson (171 points), Kryssa Beagle (154 points) and Mason Duncan (77 points) finished sixth through tenth for the season.

In a match race between Late Model Charlie Duncan and Sprinter Andrew Palker, Palker finished his eight laps before Duncan completed his seven laps as the two agreed to split to prize money.

A big thanks goes out to Barberton Radiator, DAS Services and Sense Automotive for their support and sponsorship of the ‘Blow Out” also.



Sunday, September 22, 2013


Fast Qualifer Andrew Palker 14.359 ntr

Heat 1 Danny Mumaw, Andrew Palker, Jac Haudenschild, Caleb Helms, Jamie Myers, Troy Kingan, Pete Grove

Heat 2 Broc Martin, Lee Jacobs, DJ Foos, Cole Duncan, Bob Lime, Nick Patterson, Matt Phillips dns

Heat 3 Jack Sodeman Jr., Danny Holtgraver, Danny Smith, Brad Haudenschild, Aaron Middaugh, Kris Davis, Jeff Conrad, Jimmy Pooler

Crack of Whip Jac Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Danny Holtgraver, Danny Smith, Lee Jacobs, Jack Sodeman Jr., Broc Martin, Cole Duncan, Andrew Palker, DJ Foos

Feature Jac Haudenschild, Danny Holtgraver, Lee Jacobs, Brad Haudenschild, Danny Smith, Broc Martin, Cole Duncan, DJ Foos, Jimmy Pooler, Bob Lime, Pete Grove, Aaron Middaugh, Nick Patterson, Andrew Palker, Jack Sodeman Jr., Caleb Helms, Kris Davis, Danny Mumaw, Troy Kingan, Jeff Conrad, Matt Phillips dns


Fast Qualifier Doug Drown

Heat 1 Doug Drown, Wayne Maffett Jr., DJ Miller, Mike Lonas, Jason Hinton, Craig Wolford, Ron Stuart, Alan Baker, Matt Irey

Heat 2 Shane McLouglin, Charlie Duncan, Mark Banal, Blaine Aber, Hiram Bachman, Don Conley, Jeremy Canada, Dave Hornikel, George Lee dns

Heat 3 Brad Malcuit, Ryan Markham, JR, Gentry, Ty Myers, Tyler Carpenter, Josh Haynes, Jason Skelly, David Liles

Crack of Whip JR Gentry, Matt Irey, Shane McLoughlin, Doug Drown, Brad Malcuit, Wayne Maffett Jr., DJ Miller, Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Mark Banal

L. C. #1 Dave Hornikel, David Liles, Josh Haynes, Ron Stuart, Don Conley, Craig Wolford, Jason Skelly, Jeremy Canada dns, Alan Baker dns

Feature Doug Drown, JR Gentry, Matt Irey, Shane McLoughlin, Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Wayne Maffett Jr., Ty Myers, Brad Malcuit, DJ Miller, Dave Hornikel, Blaine Aber, Josh Haynes, David Liles, Tyler Carpenter, Don Conley, Hiram Bachmann, Mike Lonas, Jason Hinton, Ron Stuart, Mark Banal dns 


Fast Qualifier Clint Keenan

Heat 1 John Burdette, Clint Keenan, Bruce Miller, Jim Nicely, Rory Reed, Kyle Brown, Bryan Metterle,

Heat 2 John Sluka, Hilton Eppley, Denny Benjamin, Doug Drown, Jesse Wisecarver, Pauly Hess, Mark Enos, Dave Bodkins, Brock Burcher

Heat 3 Rob Stambaugh, Chris Basich, Nathan Loney, Mike Mizer, Jeff Votaw, John Sutherland, Wade Benjamin, Mark Gardiner dns

L. C. #1 Dave Bodkins, Pauly Hess, Bryan Metterle, Wade Benjamin, Mark Enos, Brock Burcher, Kyle Brown, John Sutherland dns, Mark Gardiner dns

Feature John Burdette, Jesse Wisecarver, Bruce Miller, Rob Stambaugh, John Sluka, Nathan Loney, Clint Keenan, Chris Basich, Denny Benjamin, Doug Drown, Mike Mizer, Rory Reed, Pauly Hess, Dave Bodkins, Bryan Metterle, Wade Benjamin, Jeff Votaw, Brock Burcher, Hilton Eppley, Jim Nicely


Fast Qualifier Kyle Moore

Heat 1 Matt Shroyer, Paul Holmes, Kyle Moore, Brandon Craver, Glen Underwood, Mitch Caskey, Tony Spagetti, Dennis Amstutz, Danny Gardner, Paul McVicker dns

Heat 2 Rob Parker, Nick Smith, Tyler Thompson, Don Rutt, Todd Swim, Chase Alexander, Tim Penley, Brian Simpson, Todd Werntz, Larry Baldwin

Feature Paul Holmes, Kyle Moore, Tim Penley, Mitch Caskey, Brandon Craver, Chase Alexander, Dennis Amstutz, Tyler Thompson, Don Rutt, Danny Gardner, Nick Smith, Matt Shroyer, Rob Parker, Glen Underwood, Todd Swim dns, Tony Spagetti dns, Brian Simpson dns, Todd Werntz dns, Paul McVicker dns, Larry Baldwin dns


Heat 1 Brad Hensel, Gary Hensel Jr., Don Rufener Jr., Blaine Markey, Doug Hensel, Adam Kern, Lester Berry, Tammy Rufener, Jason St. John

Heat 2 Don Rufener III, Jerry Adkins, Jordan James, Ron Hamlin, Jason Shaw, Tim Workman, Tony Mullinex, Colten St. John, Mike Rose, Jason King

Feature Jason Shaw, Jerry Adkins, Ron Hamlin, Don Rufener Jr., Tim Workman, Lester Berry, Mike Rose, Tony Mullinex, Colten St. John, Tammy Rufener, Gary Hensel Jr., Don Rufener III, Doug Hensel, Blaine Markey, Adam Kern, Jordan James, Brad Hensel, Jason St. John dns, Jason King dns 


Heat 1 Rolly Heyder, Jerry Sawmiller, Mike Sawmiller, Brian Lillibridge, Brad Phillips, Joey Heyder, John Large dns

Heat 2 Tom Garlick, Travis Winterringer, Dewey Powell, Dennis Wood, George Lillibridge, Jerry Gardner

Feature Mike Sawmiller, Jerry Sawmiller, Tom Garlick, Jerry Gardner, Travis Winterringer, Brian Lillibridge, Joey Heyder, Rolly Heyder, Dewey Powell, Dennis Wood, Brad Phillips, George Lillibridge, John Large dns 


Heat 1 Braxton Wilson, Zoe Stafford, Billy Dawson, Nick Large, Mason Duncan, Kyla Dillon, Cody Stillion, Danny Selway, Logan Duncan

Feature Braxton Wilson, Nick Large, Cody Stillion, Danny Selway, Mason Duncan, Kyla Dillon, Billy Dawson, Zoe Stafford, Logan Duncan