James McFadden picked up round number 3 of the World Series Sprintcars last night at Timmis Speedway in Mildura, Australia. This is McFadden’s second victory in the first three rounds of competition, and now finds himself back on top of the current World Series Sprintcars point standings. McFadden grabbed the 30 lap victory over Steve Lines and American hotshoe, Jason Johnson. Ian Madsen, who won round 2 of the WSS, finished 7th.

McFadden’s two victories in the first three rounds allows him to build a 28 point lead over Ian Madsen in the current WSS standings. American, Jason Johnson, now has two-3rd place finishes with the series in 2011; and finds himself 4th in the overall standings.

The fourth round of the Hi-Tec Oils World Series Sprintcars Championship will be held at Speedway City (Adelaide) on Monday, December 26.