Joe Martin With Career Season In 2012 

Ringgold, PA (11/16/2012) – 2012 was arguably the most successful season of Joe Martin’s young career. The Ringgold, Pennsylvania crate late model competitor earned six (6) wins over the course of the 2012 racing season; as well as put himself in contention for a crate late model ‘World Championship.’ Martin, who once followed the FASTRAK Northeast Touring Series schedule full time, turned his 2012 campaign into a ‘true outlaw’ style schedule, and raced at various FASTRAK and non-FASTRAK events all across the region. By the time the recent summer season had come to a close in late October, Martin had amassed nearly twenty top 5 finishes, and nearly twenty top 10 finishes, to accompany is half-dozen wins. The Joe Martin Motorsports (JM2 Motorsports) ’55’ program already has big plans for 2013, and hope to debut a brand new Wylie Race Car early next year.  

“This was a great season for us!” explained Chunk Martin – Joe Martin’s brother and crew member, “We didn’t want the season to end because we had built a lot of momentum…we are already excited for next season…we are working on getting a new car ready so hopefully everything falls into place…we just can’t thank everybody enough!”

The Joe Martin Motorsports/Wylie Race Cars/ Allegheny Crane Rental/Zerowraps/George Washington Hotel/Ingram Racing Engines ’55’ team made their presence at nearly ten (10) different dirt ovals in 2012, while visiting three (3) states in the process. Martin’s six (6) wins came at five (5) different racing venues; which included Dog Hollow Speedway in Strongstown, PA; Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway near Imperial, PA; Sharon Speedway in Hartford, OH; Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, Pennsylvania; and Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex in Markleysburg, PA. Although each win was under FASTRAK rules and regulations, three of the six victories came under the FASTRAK Northeast Touring Series banner. Perhaps Martin’s most unique win of the 2012 season came at Lenerville Speedway’s season-ending ‘DIRTcar Roundup’ Steel City Stampede; where the JM2 Motorsports team claimed the ‘King of the Hill’ championship worth nearly $1,500. 

“It was just a really fun season!” explained Chunk Martin, “Sure, there were some races that we should have won and we didn’t…but this season was arguably our best…we were confident that we could win every event we entered in…just can’t thank everybody enough!”

Perhaps, the biggest highlight of the 2012 campaign came in early October; as the JM2 Motorsports team made their way south to Beckley Motorsports Park in Prosperity, West Virginia for the FASTRAK ‘World Championships.’ Nearly 100 FASTRAK crate late model drivers and teams from across the country were entered in the tw0-day, $22,000-to-win spectacle; all vying for an opportunity to stand at the top of the podium. Joe Martin proved that weekend that he was, in fact, one of the world’s most elite crate late model competitors, as he would cap-off the weekend with a runner-up finish in the $22,000-to-win, ‘World Championship’ main event; finishing behind fellow FASTRAK Northeast representative, Max Blair. The weekend in Prosperity was worth $13,000 to the Western Pennsylvania program. 

“That weekend was just awesome!” explained Martin about the World Championships, “We were really good and it was a great weekend to be really good…a lot of big money on the line down there and heading into that event we knew it was a weekend that we needed to be fast…we just can’t thank Ingram and Wylie enough for the motor and car program that we have…its a perfect combination!” 

The JM2 Motorsports program has not released any definite plans for the 2013 season just yet. The ’55’ operation does have intentions to debut a brand new Wylie Race Car for the new year, as well as power it with a fresh, Ingram race engine. For more news on Joe Martin and the JM2 Motorsports operation, please visit their online home at! 

“We can’t thank everybody enough…all of our sponsors and supporters…everybody plays a huge part in our success…we couldn’t have done it without them!”

Stay tuned for more on Joe Martin in the coming weekends!