“The Man From Austintown” found victory lane with the ‘Outlaw Sprint Warriors’ Saturday night at Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania! Justin Whitesell, who is a native of Austintown, Ohio and a regular competitor at Mercer Raceway Park, not only earned the evening’s main event win on May 26th, but made the night a ‘clean sweep’ but winning his respective heat race. The former AMA motocross competitor now owns two career wins at the Mercer oval in the Outlaw Sprint Warrior division, and will continue to chase the 2012 Mercer Raceway Park – Outlaw Sprint Warrior – Track Championship. 

May 26th Results at Mercer Raceway Park – Ti22 Performance Outlaw Sprint Warriors: Justin Whitesell, Rob Felix, Chris Matthews, Mike Miller,Skip Dougherty, Joe McEwen, Jim Morris, C.J. Jones, Jeff Goodman, Harold Braden, Jr., Bpb McMillen, Jacob Lagastee, Jay Howe, Tom Sanders, Jeffery Goodman, Jr., Joe Siembida.

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