$15,000 to win for Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour! 

$5,000 to win for non-wing ASCS Canyon Region portion!

Kicks off Thursday evening with preliminary action

Event Format:

Split fields for Thursday and Friday preliminary events (half the winged cars on Thursday, second half on Friday / half the non-wing cars on Thursday and other half of Friday), run under standard ASCS format of heat races with passing/finishing points to determine feature lineups.

Thursday and Friday “A” and “B” Feature finishes determine Saturday night Western World Championships feature lineups.


Past Western World Championship Winners (Wing / Non-Wing)

2010 – Donny Schatz (w) / Brady Bacon (nw)

2009 – Sammy Swindell (w) / Brady Bacon (nw)

2008 – Kevin Swindell (nw)

2007 – Jerry Coons, Jr. (nw)

2006 – Josh Wise (nw)

2005 – Dave Darland (nw)

2004 – Bud Kaeding (nw)

2003 – Tony Elliott (nw)

2002 – Bud Kaeding (nw)

2001 – Jeremy Sherman (nw)

2000 – Jay Drake (nw)