KSE Racing Products to Present NSL “Hard-charger Award” in 2015!

Windom, MN (December 18, 2014) – The National Sprint League is pleased to welcome KSE Racing Products, Inc. on as their “Hard-charger Award” representative. KSE Racing Products is an industry leader in sprint car power steering systems and has been manufacturing premium oval track products for the racing community for over 35 years. KSE is dedicated to product innovation in the motorsports industry and will continue to provide the highest quality racing products at the fairest prices.

The “KSE Hard-charger Award” will apply to all feature events. The driver passing the most cars in the feature event (the driver finishing further forward in the event of a tie) will receive the award and a $50 gift certificate from KSE. In addition, the driver progressing the most positions in feature events in 2015 will be awarded a KSE Steering Pump at season’s end.

“With Tod Quiring’s (NSL founder) passion for the sport, we honestly believe the NSL program that he has put together is really going to fill a void in American 410 sprint car racing in the Midwest,” says KSE Product Engineer Dan Korrect. “Our company was originally started in Northwest Iowa, so it’s great to see this combined effort by various tracks, race series, and promoters to develop a schedule and point fund to strengthen 410 racing in the region. KSE is proud to partner with the NSL in its inaugural season with the KSE Hard Charger Award and is looking forward to 2015!”

For more information on KSE Racing Products, Inc., visit www.KSE-Racing.com!


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Bill Wright
PR Director
National Sprint League