Late Race Pass Earns $7000 Paycheck for Jamie Lathroum in Big Kahuna Victory at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex; Joe Martin $2000 Winner in FASTRAK NE; Joe Kelley, Randy Murphy and Kenny Burkholder All Find VL.

MARKLEYSBURG, PA (September 28-29, 2012) � Mechanicsville, MD’s Jamie Lathroum has taken some big money out of Roaring Knob in the month of September. Lathroum, who won the King of the Knob earlier this month, added the Big Kahuna $7000 victory to his list with a late race pass of Chuck Harper. Joe Martin wired the field to score his first Knob checker in the FASTRAK Northeast Touring Series race. Also picking up wins for the weekend were Kenny Burkholder (Ft. Necessity Garage Chargers), Joe Kelley (Krause Electric Street Stocks) and Randy Murphy (Newt’s York Bar Roadrunners).

When the green dropped in the 60-lap Big Kahuna for the Three State Flyers Super Late Models, Chuck Harper shot into the lead from the outside front row. Harper rode the wave around Roaring Knob leading and was able to hold off Jamie Lathroum. Three yellows slowed the pace in the first 20 laps but Harper was sharp on each restart beating out Lathroum. The final 40 laps went non-stop with the leader meeting lapped traffic around lap 35. Harper worked his way through as he continued to hold the top spot with Lathroum and Greg Satterlee right behind him. Twentieth starting Jason Covert was on the move and took third on lap 31. Covert was able to close the gap and make it a four car dog fight for the lead.

Harper kept the lead as the laps began to wind down. Harper was running a high line with Lathroum right behind. As they came out of turn two on lap 57, Harper encountered a lapped car and had nowhere to go as Lathroum had pulled up along side of him. This was the chance Lathroum was waiting for taking the lead with just three laps to go and holding off Gregg Satterlee, who also got around Harper, to earn the big $7000 paycheck. Harper finished a disappointing third with Covert fourth and Kenny Pettyjohn fifth. Sixth through tenth were Devin Friese, Jared Hawkins, Scott Rhodes, Mason Zeigler and Ron Delano, Jr. Qualifying heats on Friday were won by Lathroum, who also set fast time and collected the $100 bonus from Garry’s Auto Sales, Satterlee, Mel Minnick, Jr. and Delano. B-Mains were went to Sammy Stile and Duane Harbaugh. Delano won the dash.

Joe Martin, from Ringgold, PA, won his first-ever Roaring Knob feature event leading all 30 laps of the FASTRAK Northeast Touring race for the High Gear Speed Shop FASTRAK Late Models. The race was slowed numerous times in the early going. Martin was challenged the whole race by Kyle Thomas but Martin never flinched in taking the checkered flag. Thomas was second over Nolan Dalton (from 11th), Mike Pegher, Jr., Josh Holtgraver, Troy Shields, Max Blair, Butch Lambert, John Wyer and Andrew Wylie. Fast timer Max Blair collected the $100 bonus from Garry’s Auto Sales, Pegher and Thomas scored heat wins with John Over winning the B-Main.

Joe Kelley made it two wins in a row after scoring the checker in the 20-lap Krause Electric Street Stock feature. Kelley drove his own #66 to it’s first win of the 2012 season after driving Charlie Trice’s #100 last time out. Kelley passed early leader Mike Corbin on lap four to secure the win. Corbin held onto second until Todd Dennis, driving Bob Neratka’s car, passed him on lap fourteen. Dennis kept Kelley in his sight but could never muster a challenge in finishing second. Corbin, Bob Nelson, Bill Pluta, Jr., Marty Spade, Jamie Kohan, Bob Miller, Bill Slade and Joe Wrona completed the top ten. Ryan Newman and Dennis were heat winners.

Mill Run’s Kenny Burkholder had to hold off a strong challenge from his younger brother Kyle to earn his sixth feature win of the season in the Ft. Necessity Garage Charger feature. Bradley Nesline, Cody Colflesh, Brad Jenkins, Corey Faris and Charlie Bittinger rounded out the slim field.

The Newt’s York Bar Roadrunners found a new face in victory lane. Randy Murphy, from Accident, MD, made it look easy as he cruised to his first-ever Roaring Knob feature win. He beat out Paul Koffler, Jr, Steve Frazier, Ed Leonard, Cindy Rhodes, Todd Detrick, Ashley Britsky, Mark Seiler, Scott Critchfield and Donald Wilson. Wilson and Murphy won the heats.

Powder Puff Champions were also crowned. Cathy Colflesh won the Chargers, Stacey Tressler in the Street Stocks and Marissa Davis in the Roadrunners.


“Big Kahuna” for Super Late Models (41): Jamie Lathroum, Gregg Satterlee, Chuck Harper, Jason Covert, Kenny Pettyjohn, Devin Friese, Jared Hawkins, Scott Rhodes, Mason Zeigler, Ron Delano, Jr., Billy Holbert, Tim Senic, John Garvin, Chad McClellan, Scott LeBarron, Sam Stile, Doug Horton, Mike Lupfer, Bob Gordon, DJ Myers, Corey Conley, Duane Harbaugh, Matt Cosner, Mel Minnick, Jr.

DNQ: Richard Frazier, Butch McGill, Tracey Cooper, Doug Eck, Greg Tressler, Rodney Phillips, Danny Mitchell, Pete Alspaugh, Bob Hershman, Ken Schaltenbrand, Brian Tavenner, Dutch Davies, Keith Jackson, Danny Pugh, Joe Zulisky, Joe Kcelich, Quintin Wyandt.


Heat 1: Jamie Lathroum, Kenny Pettyjohn, Devin Friese, Jared Hawkins, Billy Holbert, Matt Cosner, Keith Jackson, Mike Lupfer, Joe Kcelich, Quintin Wyandt, Richard Frazier.

Heat 2: Gregg Satterlee, Chuck Harper, Scott Rhodes, John Garvin, Sam Stile, Danny Mitchell, Scott LeBarron, Dutch Davies, Ken Shaltenbrand, Tracey Cooper.

Heat 3: Mel Minnick, Jr., Mason Zeigler, Corey Conley, Doug Horton, Duane Harbaugh, Brian Tavenner, Pete Alspaugh, Bob Gordon, Greg Tressler, DNS: Jason Covert.

Heat 4: Ron Delano, Jr., Chad McClellan, Tim Senic, DJ Myers, Doug Eck, Butch McGill, Danny Pugh, Bob Hershman, Rodney Phillips, Joe Zulisky

Dash: Ron Delano, Jr., Chuck Harper, Mel Minnick, Jr., Jamie Lathroum, Kenny Pettyjohn, Chad McClellan, Mason Zeigler, Gregg Satterlee.

B-Main #1: Sam Stile, Mike Lupfer, Billy Holbert, Scott LeBarron, Danny Mitchell, Joe Kcelich, Matt Cosner, Ken Schaltenbrand, Quintin Wyandt, Keith Jackson, Tracey Cooper, DNS: Dutch Davies, Richard Frazier.

B-Main #2: Duane Harbaugh, Jason Covert, Bob Gordon, Doug Eck, Brian Tavenner, Bob Hershman, Joe Zulisky, Greg Tressler, Rodney Phillips, Pete Alspaugh, Danny Pugh, DNS: Butch McGill

High Gear Speed Shop FASTRAK Late Models NE Touring Series (29): Joe Martin, Kyle Thomas, Nolan Dalton, Mike Pegher, Jr., Josh Holtgraver, Troy Shields, Max Blair, Butch Lambert, John Wyer, Andrew Wylie, Darren Henderson, Shane Weaver, Michael Lake, John Over, Cody Dawson, John Cain, Ricky Meglaye, Ron Parrish, Ryan Montgomery, Ben Policz, Jeremy Shaffer, Jeff Compton, Gary May, Brad Kling.

DNQ: WL Stile, Mike Lewis, Tom Sieger, Scott Chenowth.

Krause Electric Street Stocks (20): Joe Kelley, Todd Dennis, Mike Corbin, Bob Nelson, Bill Pluta, Jr., Marty Spade, Jamie Kohan, Bob Miller, Bill Slade, Joe Wrona, Jason Gibbs, Dave Kaiser, Barry Faris, Billy Stile III, Ryan Newman, Randy Bohan, Bill McClellan, DNS: Joey Zombotti, Scott Bittinger. 

Ft. Necessity Garage Chargers (7): Kenny Burkholder, Kyle Burkholder, Nesline, Cody Colflesh, Brad Jenkins, Corey Faris, Charlie Bittinger,

Newt’s York Bar Roadrunners (15): Randy Murphy, Paul Koffler, Jr, Steve Frazier, Ed Leonard, Cindy Rhodes, Todd Detrick, Ashley Britsky, Mark Seiler, Scott Critchfield, Donald Wilson, Jason Frazier, Steve Settle, DNS: Rick Dean, Jarred Barclay, Ed Detrick.