(Photos by Cory Stivason)

Fully Injected was pleased to give Levi Jones two hundred and fifty dollars for his ‘fast time’ during tonight’s USAC National Sprint Car Series event at Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, Pennsylvania. As full time driver for Tony Stewart Racing in USAC competition, Levi has become a big name in non wing racing and very competitive in his career as a non wing professional; winning multiple USAC National Championships.

Jon Stanbrough started up in the front row for the 40 lap main event tonight at the 2011 Eastern Storm Opener and never looked back; leading the distance and capturing the first USAC race at Lernerville Speedway since 2006.

The Amsoil USAC National Sprint Cars continue their 2011 Eastern Storm journey across PA into New Jersey tomorrow at the Grandview Speedway in eastern Pennsylvania.

Check back tomorrow night for this week’s edition of Monday Night Review. Since this weekend was one day longer than usual – being that its Memorial Day weekend – the Monday Night Review had to be postponed one day.

Also- “Brandon Matus Behind the Scenes: A Trip to Wampum” will be posted tomorrow evening as well (Tuesday Night).

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