Williams Grove UNOH All Stars Winner Logan Schuchart and crew in Victory Lane with proud grandfather and car builder Bobby Allen in back row on the left – Paul Arch

MECHANICSBURG, PA – Logan Schuchart held off Danny Dietrich to win the 30-lap All Star Circuit of Champions Lawrence Chevrolet sprint car feature at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night.

The high school senior’s first career Williams Grove win was worth $5,000 in a car owned by his Hall of Fame grandfather Bobby Allen. His win moved the Pennsylvania Posse’s win streak against the All Stars at the Grove to 25-0.

Dietrich, who won the season opener in March, kept constant pressure on Schuchart, but he never faltered running smooth and straight along the inside line of the speedway.

“I could hear Danny back there, he had to be close,” Schuchart said. “I heard a motor behind me.”

All Star regular Paul McMahan started on the pole and jumped into the early race lead. Schuchart started second and used an inside move off turn two to grab the lead from McMahon with two laps in the books.

Donnie Kreitz and Dietrich were moving through the top five and were soon into second and third. They both closed on Schuchart, but couldn’t challenge for the lead.

Even in lapped traffic, Schuchart maintained the lead, but had to be flawless with Dietrich now up to second and in a challenging position.

The only yellow flag of the main event flew with two laps to go as Steve Buckwalter stopped on the inside of the frontstretch after flames came out from under the hood.

“That yellow was the last thing I wanted to see,” Schuchart said.

Schuchart was up to the challenge on the restart and was able to hold on for the win over Dietrich, Kreitz, Greg Hodnett and Daryn Pittman. Stevie Smith, McMahan, Dale Blaney, Tim Shaffer and Brian Montieth completed the top 10.

Pittman set fast time over the 47-car field with a lap of 16.623. Chad Layton, Alan Krimes, Rick Lafferty and David Gravel won the eight-lap heat races. McMahon won the dash and Montieth won the B-main.

In the caution filled ARDC midget feature, it was Brendon Bright holding off Ryan Smith and Steve Buckwalter to win the 20-lap main event. Bright led the entire race, but had intense pressure from Smith and Buckwalter over the final 10 laps.

Buckwalter grabbed second at the line. Smith settled for third with Tim Buckwalter fourth and Trevor Kobylarz fifth.


410 Sprint A-main (30 laps): 1. Logan Schuchart. 2. Danny Dietrich. 3. Donnie Kreitz. 4. Greg Hodnett. 5. Daryn Pittman. 6. Stevie Smith. 7. Paul McMahon. 8. Dale Blaney. 9. Tim Shaffer. 10. Brian Montieth. 11. Alan Krimes. 12. David Gravel. 13. Kevin Nouse. 14. Danny Holtgraver. 15. Fred Rahmer. 16. Lance Dewease. 17. Ryan Smith. 18. Justin Henderson. 19. Chad Layton. 20. Brent Marks. 21. Rick Lafferty. 22. Jim Siegel. 23. Derek Sell. 24. Steve Buckwalter.

ARDC Midgets (20 laps): 1. Brendan Bright. 2. Steve Buckwalter. 3. Ryan Smith. 4. Tim Buckwalter. 5. Trevor Kobylarz. 6. Nick Wean. 7. Eric Heydenreich. 8. Parker Evans. 9. PJ Garguilo. 10. Brett Wanner. 11. Brett Arndt. 12. Dave Shirk. 13. Mark Gilmore. 14. Randy Reid. 15. Brian Gilmore. 16. Steven Drevicki. 17. Billy Pauch Jr. 18. Steve Craig. 19. Drew Heistand. 20. Jimmy Glenn. 21. Dusty Heistand. 22. Dave Ely. 23. Alex Bright. 24. Carey Becker. 25. Ryan Greth. DNS Shawn Jackson.