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FOREST, Ohio (February 20, 2020) – With a pair of USAC National Sprint Car starts at Bubba Raceway Park already under their belts, Matt Westfall and Ray Marshall Motorsports are pleased to unveil their entire slate for the 2020 season, complete with Midwest Sprint Car Series (MSCS), Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS) and USAC National Sprint Car starts across much of the Midwest and Northeast. The bulk of their 2020 campaign will begin on March 28 during the BOSS Series opener at Waynesfield Raceway Park in Waynesfield, Ohio.

“We put a lot of time into building this schedule. I think it fits our team perfectly and we’re excited to get started,” Matt Westfall explained, the 2019 BOSS Series champion with Ray Marshall Motorsports. “I can’t thank Ray Marshall and the entire team enough for this opportunity. Ray has a lot of confidence in our program and we’ve proved over and over again that we can be competitive on all levels. I think there are a lot of good times ahead for us.”

Although the team will not dedicate their efforts toward any specific series nor championship, Westfall and Ray Marshall Motorsports will battle for many of the sport’s most prestigious and sought-after prizes including Eldora’s #LetRaceTwo and 4-Crown Nationals titles. In addition, the Forest, Ohio-based race team plans to enter most of the USAC Indiana Sprint Week schedule – six stops including one that has yet to be decided – as well as the annual Eastern Storm schedule in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Knoxville Raceway’s Cornbelt Nationals and Kokomo Speedway’s legendary Smackdown are also marquee events on Westfall’s agenda. 

“It’s going to be an exciting season for our team. We have a lot in store, but I’m confident we’ll be ready,” explained Ray Marshall, owner of the Ray Marshall Motorsports/Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc./Hempy Water/DPI Ink/No. 33M sprint car. “We’re excited to have Matt Westfall back behind the wheel of the Bumblebee Express. There are great things ahead for us.”

If a full slate of non-wing competition with Ray Marshall Motorsports was not enough, Matt Westfall will also participate in multiple USAC Silver Crown events under the Westfall Motorsports banner, as well as SpeedSTR programs in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

“I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to race multiple divisions in 2020, so I want to take full advantage of that,” Westfall continued. “Hopefully we can find success on all levels.”

2020 Matt Westfall Schedule:

28 Waynesfield BOSS Sprint


4 Lawrenceburg USAC Sprint

17 Bloomington USAC Sprint

18 Lawrenceburg Local Sprint

24 Kokomo TBD Local Sprint

25 Kokomo TBD Local Sprint

25 Atomic TBD BOSS Sprint

26 Terre Haute MSCS Sprint


1 Moler BOSS Sprint

2 Fremont BOSS Sprint

3 Kokomo Local Sprint

8 Eldora USAC Sprint

9 Eldora USAC Sprint

13 Kutztown SpeedSTR

15 Lima BOSS Sprint

16 Lawrenceburg BOSS Sprint

20 Terre Haute USAC Sprint

21 Terre Haute USAC Silver Crown

22 Bloomington MSCS Sprint

23 Lincoln Park MSCS Sprint

24 Kokomo Local Sprint

25 Kutztown SpeedSTR

29 Gas City BOSS Sprint

30 Twin Cities BOSS Sprint

31 Kokomo Local Sprint


3 Kutztown SpeedSTR

7 Kutztown SpeedSTR 

9 Grandview USAC Sprint

10 Bridgeport USAC Sprint

11 BAPS Motor Speedway USAC Sprint

12 Williams Grove USAC Silver Crown

13 Port Royal USAC Sprint

14 Weedsport USAC Sprint

17 Kutztown SpeedSTR

19 Moler BOSS Sprint

20 Richmond BOSS Sprint

26 Plymouth USAC Sprint

27 I-96 USAC Sprint


2 Waynesfield BOSS Sprint

3 Kokomo Local Sprint

4 Atomic  BOSS Sprint

9 I-80 USAC Sprint

10 Knoxville USAC Sprint

11 Knoxville USAC Sprint

15 Eldora USAC Sprint

17 Gas City Local Sprint

18 Pittsburgh BOSS Sprint

22 Kutztown SpeedSTR

24 Gas City USAC Sprint Speedweek

25 Kokomo USAC Sprint Speedweek

26 Lawrenceburg USAC Sprint Speedweek

28 Kutztown SpeedSTR

29 Terre Haute USAC Sprint Speedweek

30 Lincoln Park USAC Sprint Speedweek

31 Bloomington TBD USAC Sprint Speedweek

31 Lima TBD Local Sprint


8 Fremont BOSS Sprint

9 Selinsgrove USAC Silver Crown

12 Kutztown SpeedSTR

15 Oakshade BOSS Sprint

16 Kutztown SpeedSTR

19 Kutztown SpeedSTR

22 Springfield USAC Silver Crown

26 Kokomo USAC Sprint Smackdown

27 Kokomo USAC Sprint Smackdown

28 Kokomo USAC Sprint Smackdown

29 Kokomo USAC Sprint Smackdown


4 Gas City Local Sprint

6 DuQuoin USAC Silver Crown

11 Gas City Local Sprint

12 Lawrenceburg Local Sprint

18 Terre Haute USAC Sprint

19 Lawrenceburg Local Sprint

24 Gas City USAC Sprint

26 Eldora USAC Sprint & USAC Silver Crown


2 Gas City Local Sprint

3 Lawrenceburg USAC Sprint

9 Moler BOSS Sprint

16 Kokomo Local Sprint

Ray Marshall Motorsports and Matt Westfall would like to thank all of their marketing partners including: Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc./Hempy Water/DPI Ink

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2018 Highlights: Matt Westfall earned four Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS) victories, the most ever attained by a driver during a single season. Finished eighth during Gas City Speedway’s ‘Spring Fling’ on Friday, May 3.

2019 Wins: 6 (Atomic Speedway – BOSS – April 13), (Fremont Speedway – BOSS – July 13), (Limaland Motorsports Park – Weekly – August 2), (Kokomo Speedway – BOSS – August 24) (Gas City Speedway – Weekly – September 13) (Atomic Speedway – BOSS – October 5)

2019 Championships: Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS)

2019 Highlights: Earned the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS) opening night win at Atomic Speedway on Saturday, April 13. Finished eighth during Gas City Speedway’s ‘Spring Fling’ on Friday, May 3. Finished 13th against stout #LetsRaceTwo field at Eldora Speedway on Friday, May 10. Finished third at Gas City Speedway on Friday, May 17; led first 16 laps. Finished third at Gas City Speedway on Friday, May 31. Rallied from 10th to second during BOSS Series action at Moler Raceway Park on Friday, June 7. Charged from 12th to fourth during main event action at Lawrenceburg Speedway on Saturday, June 8. Climbed from eighth to fourth at Gas City Speedway on June 21. Finished fourth during BOSS Series action at Lernerville Speedway on June 28. Finished second during BOSS Series action at Michaels Mercer Raceway on Saturday, June 29. Finished seventh during Jack Hewitt Classic at Waynesfield Raceway Park on July 3. Finished 10th during USAC’s Corn Belt Nationals at Knoxville Raceway on July 5. Finished sixth from 15th at Gas City Speedway on July 12. Earned BOSS Series victory at Fremont Speedway on July 13; second BOSS win of the year. Finished sixth at Eldora Speedway on July 17 during #LetsRaceTwo make-up feature. Finished third during BOSS Series action at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on July 27. Earned victory at Limaland Motorsports Park on Friday, August 2. Earned back-to-back third place finishes during BOSS action at Gas City and Oakshade Raceway. Finished fourth during Dick Gaines Memorial at Lawrenceburg Speedway on August 17. Earned BOSS Series victory during Kokomo Speedway’s Smackdown finale on Saturday, August 24. Finished fifth at Gas City Speedway on Friday, September 6. Earned Gas City Speedway victory on Friday, September 13. Finished fourth during action at Lawrenceburg Speedway on Saturday, September 14. Advanced from 20th to 12th during USAC start at Gas City on September 26. Hard Charged twice during Sprint Car and Silver Crown starts at Eldora Speedway on September 28; 16th to seventh and 27th to seventh, respectively. Won BOSS main event at Atomic Speedway on October 5, clinched BOSS championship. Closed season with an eighth place finish at Waynesfield Raceway Park on Saturday, October 12.

2020 Wins: N/A

2020 Highlights: Kicked-off season with USAC action at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, Florida. 


Photo Credit: Todd Ridgeway

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