McCreadie Captures Moonshine Runner 50 at 201 Speedway
New Yorker collects $10,000 payday, becomes ninth different World of Outlaws Late Model Series winner this season

By Chris Tilley

SITKA, Ky. – May 16, 2014 – Tim McCreadie only needed 25 laps to get the job done.

McCreadie, of Watertown, N.Y., earned his first World of Outlaws Late Model Series victory of the season after he passed Rookie-of-the-Year contender Chase Junghans halfway through the Moonshine Runner 50 on Friday night at Jarrod Breeding’s 201 Speedway to collect the $10,000 payday.

McCreadie became the ninth different winner in 11 events behind the wheel of the Sweeteners Plus/Integra Racing Shocks sponsored, Pro Power Racing Engines powered Rocket Chassis.

Polesitter McCreadie and Junghans brought the field of 24 to life for the start of the 50-lapper with Junghans taking the point and leading early on. McCreadie slipped back to second spot with Rick Eckert behind him for the third spot.

By the fifth lap, eighth-starting Dustin Linville had worked the top of the track and found himself inside the top-five knocking on the back bumper of Morgan Bagley for fourth. By lap 10, though, Linville had a brush with the turn four wall that knocked him out of contention for a top-five finish with the stellar field of Outlaws that were on hand.

Behind leader Junghans, the battle for second was extremely close. McCreadie was holding off Lanigan, but Lanigan was able to get a run on the bottom and close distance on the leader. Lanigan slid into that runner-up spot behind Junghans on lap 17, but McCreadie raced back around the two-time champ on lap-25 as McCreadie took the lead away from Junghans one lap later.

Just over the halfway point in the race, McCreadie led Junghans, Lanigan, Clint Smith and Rick Eckert, who faded back on the long green-flag run after running second to Junghans on the opening circuits.

By the 32nd lap, Rod Conley made his presence known as he ventured up from 20th to challenge inside the top five a few laps, eventually taking away the spot from Junghans on lap 46.

Just a lap before Conley’s Rocket flew into orbit, Lanigan slipped around Junghans to grab second, which he would never relinquish.

At the checkered flag it was McCreadie, seventh-starting Lanigan, 20th-starting Conley, Junghans and 15th-starting Clint Smith rounding out the top-five finishers.

Completing the top-10 were Eckert, Eric Wells, Bagley, Shane Clanton and Mike Marlar.

“We didn’t fire very good in the heat and in the feature and it seemed like the more we ran the better it felt,” stated an excited McCreadie in victory lane.

“Anytime you got Darrell (Lanigan) behind you, you better tighten ’em up real tight because he’s on a roll, and we feel fortunate enough to finish ahead of him tonight.”

McCreadie’s car was strong on the top-side of the track.

“Yeah it needed a little bit of stick to keep the car activated and keep it down on the right front, the bottom kind of finally dried up just enough and there’s a pretty big ledge to lean into three that saved me most of race.

“I’m just thankful, this is tough to switch cars as much as I have lately and I appreciate everything Warrior (Race Cars) did for me, I appreciate Mark (Richards) because he’s been really helping. We’ve struggled a little bit and Steve (Baker) and everyone at Rocket has been pushing.”

Lanigan of Union, Ky., never led a lap but stayed in contention to win all night, praising McCreadie’s driving efforts.

“Tim, he’s a good racer, he makes me get up on the wheel. We had a good car, and just came up a little short,” stated Lanigan. Already a three-time winner this season, Lanigan drove the Cornett Racing Engines powered Club 29 Race Car to the podium finish.

The mover of the race was definitely Conley. The Wheelersburg, Ohio, driver marched from his 20th starting position to finish in the third spot behind T-Mac and Lanigan.

“I’ve got a lot of laps down here, I had an idea of what my car would be like if the track slowed down, and it worked out pretty good,” stated Conley.

Eight caution flags slowed the event. The first yellow flag would come on lap two as Jackie Boggs slowed in turn two. The lap four yellow flag waved as Boom Briggs spun on the backstretch collecting several drivers, but he was able to continue. The restart brought out another yellow flag as Brandon Fouts spun in turn four. On lap 14, another yellow flag waved as Derek Fisher and Brandon Kinzer got together in turn four. On lap 23, Chub Frank stopped at the bottom of turn three with an overheating car. The sixth yellow came on lap 33 as Fouts again spun in turn four and on the restart Fouts would spun in the same spot and be sent pit side. The final yellow waved on the 43rd lap as Boom Briggs spun in turn four.

Kenneth Howell turned the fastest overall lap of Ohlins Shocks Time Trials, circling the blistering-fast oval in 12.834 seconds during Group ‘A’ of the split qualifying session. Heat winners were Rick Eckert, Chase Junghans, Dustin Linville and Darrell Lanigan. Steve Casebolt and Shane Clanton captured the B-Mains.

The WoO LMS will be back in action on Saturday, May 17, with another 50-lap $10,000-to-win event at Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, Tenn., during the second annual Mountain Outlaw 50 presented by Ole Smoky Moonshine. On Sunday the series returns to Duck River Raceway Park.

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Results of World of Outlaws Late Model Series at 201 Speedway (Finishing Position/Start/Driver/Laps Completed/Money Won):

1. (1) Tim McCreadie/50 $10,675

2. (7) Darrell Lanigan/50 $5,650

3. (20) Rod Conley/50 $3,050

4. (2) Chase Junghans/50 $3,300

5. (15) Clint Smith/50 $2,550

6. (4) Rick Eckert/50 $2,350

7. (3) Eric Wells/50 $1,950

8. (6) Morgan Bagley/50 $1,850

9. (18) Shane Clanton/50 $1,800

10. (19) Mike Marlar/50 $1,200

11. (14) Chub Frank/50 $1,600

12. (16) Stephen Breeding/50 $1,500

13. (5) Rick “Boom” Briggs/50 $1,550

14. (8) Dustin Linville/50 $900

15. (23) Frank Heckenast Jr./50 $1,400

16. (22) Brandon Fouts/33 $800

17. (21) Derek Fisher/16 $820

18. (12) Brandon Kinzer/14 $750

19. (9) Shannon Thornsberrry/14 $730

20. (17) Steve Casebolt/3 $700

21. (24) Kenneth Howell/3 $700

22. (10) Zack Dohm/3 $700

23. (13) Jackie Boggs/1 $700

24. (11) R.J. Conley/1 $700

* Earnings include Winners Circle program and cash contingency award bonuses

Time of Race: 31 Mins., 10 Secs.

Margin of Victory: 0.534 Secs.

Yellow Flags: Eight (laps 2, 4, 4 RS, 14, 23, 33, 33 RS, 43)

Red Flags: None

Lap Leaders: Junghans (1-25); McCreadie (26-50)

Provisional Starters: Heckenast and Howell (time)

WoO LMS ‘Bonus Bucks’ Winner: Stephen Breeding ($500)

Ohlins Shocks Time Trial Results (Position/No./Driver/Hometown/Best Lap):

Group ‘A’

1. 21-Kenneth Howell/Lovely, Ky. 12.834

2. 18c-Chase Junghans/Manhattan, Ks. 13.070

3. 1-Rick Eckert-York, Pa. 13.096

4. 14m-Morgan Bagley/Tyler, Texas 13.126

5. 4B-Jackie Boggs/Grayson, Ky. 13.127

6. 17-Zack Dohm/Cross Lanes, W. Va. 13.143

7. 99B-Rick “Boom” Briggs/Beak Lake, Pa. 13.153

8. 38-Derek Fisher/Olympia, Ky. 13.215

9. 7-Donald McIntosh/Dawsonville, Ga. 13.228

10. 1*-Chub Frank/Bear Lake, Pa. 13.263

11. 17-Shannon Thornsberry/Martin, Ky. 13.273

12. 47-Chris Combs/Isom, Ky. 13.347

13. 71-Delmas Conley/Wheelersburg, Ohio 13.423

14. 18m-Michael Wright/Isom, Ky. 13.496

15. 1k-Joe King/Whitesburg, Ky. 13.497

16. 157-Mike Marlar/Winfield, Tenn. 13.504

17. C9-Steve Casebolt/Richmond, Ind. 13.645

18. 26-Josh Hall/Prestonsburg, Ky. 13.693

19. CJ1-Charlie Jude/Inez, Ky. 13.775

20. 16-Tyler King/Cromona, Ky. 13.886

Group ‘B’

1. D8-Dustin Linville/Lancaster, Ky. 13.024

2. 29-Darrell Lanigan/Union, Ky. 13.089

3. 39-Tim McCreadie/Watertown, N.Y. 13.181

4. 6T-Tim Dohm/Cross Lanes, W. Va. 13.199

5. 44-Clint Smith-Senoia, Ga. 13.221

6. 81-Brandon Fouts/Kite, Ky. 13.255

7. 71C-R.J. Conley/Wheelersburg, Ohio 13.277

8. 18K-Brandon Kinzer/Allen, Ky. 13.347

9. 25-Shane Clanton/Zebulon, Ga. 13.464

10. 16R-Justin Rattliff/Campbellsville, Ky. 13.476

11. 71J-J.T. Conley/Wheelersburg, Ohio 13.476

12. 99-Frank Heckenast Jr./Orland Park, Ill. 13.522

13. 71R-Rod Conley/Wheelersburg, Ohio 13.524

14. 16D-Paul Davis/Pilgrim, Ky. 13.564

15. 2-Joe Ramey/Ironton, Ohio 13.647

16. 18-Eric Wells/Hazard, Ky. 13.709

17. 16T-Tim Tungate/Campbellsville, Ky. 13.880

18. 5-Stephen Breeding/Isom, Ky. 15.705

19. 10-Paul Harris/Prestonsburg, Ky. No Time

Heat No. 1 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): Rick Eckert, Rick “Boom” Briggs, Shannon Thornsberry, Jackie Boggs, Kenneth Howell, Steve Casebolt, Delmas Conley, Joe King, Donald McIntosh, Charlie Jude.

Heat No. 2 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): Chase Junghans, Morgan Bagley, Zack Dohm, Chub Frank, Mike Marlar, Derek Fisher, Chris Combs, Michael Wright, Josh Hall, Tyler King.

Heat No. 3 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): Dustin Linville, Tim McCreadie, R.J. Conley, Clint Smith, Shane Clanton, Rod Conley, J.T. Conley, Tim Tungate, Paul Harris, Joe Ramey.

Heat No. 4 (10 laps – Top 4 Transfer): Darrell Lanigan, Eric Wells, Brandon Kinzer, Stephen Breeding, Paul Davis, Brandon Fouts, Tim Dohm, Frank Heckenast Jr., Justin Rattliff.

B-Main No. 1 (12 laps – Top 3 Transfer): Steve Casebolt, Mike Marlar, Derek Fisher, Chris Combs, Kenneth Howell, Michael Wright, Delmas Conley, Tyler King, Josh Hall, Joe King, Charlie Jude, Donald McIntosh (DNS).

B-Main No. 2 (12 laps – Top 3 Transfer): Shane Clanton, Rod Conley, Brandon Fouts, Justin Rattliff, Tim Tungate, Paul Davis, Frank Heckenast Jr., J.T. Conley, Paul Harris, Tim Dohm (DNS), Joe Ramey (DNS).

World of Outlaws Late Model Series Contingency Award Winners (awards presented to noted finisher/qualifier or next highest displaying decal):

Ohlins Shocks ($50 cash to fast qualifier): Derek Fisher

Comp Cams ($50 certificate to A-Main winner): Tim McCreadie

MSD Ignition ($50 cash to A-Main winner): Tim McCreadie

Quartermaster ($100 certificate to A-Main winner): Tim McCreadie

Wrisco (three sheets of aluminum/certificate to A-Main winner): Tim McCreadie

STP ($50 cash to 2nd-place finisher in A-Main): Darrell Lanigan

Penske Racing Shocks ($50 to 3rd-place finisher in A-Main): Rod Conley

Roush-Yates ($50 cash to 4th-place finisher in A-Main): Rick Eckert

Mobil 1 ($50 cash to 4th-place finisher in A-Main): Chase Junghans

JE Pistons ($50 cash to 5th-place finisher in A-Main): Clint Smith

Lincoln Welders ($50 cash to 6th-place finisher in A-Main): Morgan Bagley

American Racing Wheels ($50 cash to 7th-place finisher in A-Main): Mike Marlar

VP Racing Fuels ($50 cash to 8th-place finisher in A-Main): Shane Clanton

Edelbrock ($50 cash to 9th-place finisher in A-Main): Shane Clanton

Comp Cams ($50 cash to 10th-place finisher in A-Main): Mike Marlar

Cometic ($50 cash to 12th-place finisher in A-Main): Rick “Boom” Briggs

JRI Shocks ($50 cash to 13th-place finisher in A-Main): Rick “Boom” Briggs

Superflow Dynos ($50 cash to 14th-place finisher in A-Main): Frank Heckenast Jr.

Quartermaster ($25 certificate to 15th-place finisher in A-Main): Frank Heckenast Jr.

JE Pistons (one set of rings certificate to 16th-place finisher in A-Main): Shannon Thornsberry

Roush-Yates ($50 certificate to 18th-place finisher in A-Main): Shannon Thornsberry

Quartermaster ($50 certificate to 19th-place finisher in A-Main): Shannon Thornsberry

Arizona Sports Shirts ($100 certificate to 20th-place finisher in A-Main): Tim McCreadie

Mobil 1 (20% off gift certificate to 20th-place finisher in A-Main): Tim McCreadie

JE Pistons (one set of rings certificate to 21st-place finisher in A-Main): Tim McCreadie

Roush-Yates ($50 certificate to 22nd-place finisher in A-Main): Rick Eckert

MSD Ignition ($25 cash to 24th-place finisher in A-Main): Tim McCreadie

Armor All (one case of product to highest-finishing non-WoO driver): Mike Marlar

Reliable Painting Award (one free tire): Shane Clanton

World of Outlaws Late Model Series 2014 Event Winners:

1. Brady Smith-Bubba Raceway Park February 14th

2. Brandon Sheppard-Bubba Raceway Park February 15th

3. Darrell Lanigan-Bubba Raceway Park February 16th

4. Casey Roberts-Volusia Speedway Park February 20th

5. Kyle Bronson-Volusia Speedway Park February 22nd

6. Billy Moyer Sr.-I30 Speedway March 29th

7. Mike Marlar-Tazewell Speedway April 12th

8. Shannon Babb-Farmer City Raceway April 26th

9. Darrell Lanigan-Fayetteville Motor Speedway

10.Darrell Lanigan-Lavonia Speedway

11. Tim McCreadie -201 Speedway

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