“The Big Kahuna” – The name should explain it all.

This Friday and Saturday, September 30th and October 1st, the UFO Super Late Models will venture south to the Cumberland, Maryland fairgrounds for a two day event at The Rock Speedway. The sprawling 5/8’s mile oval will see $7,000 in total winner’s share be given away over the course of the weekend; with $2,000 going to the winner of the ‘Waikki Wave’ 30 lapper on Friday, and $5,000 going to 44 lap, ‘Big Kahuna’ Champion on Saturday. South Park, Pennsylvania native, Jared Miley, will be making his way south with the rest of the UFO heavy hitters; expecting to find victory lane to replace the heartache that happened at PPMS ┬ájust a few weeks ago.

Miley, who is one of two super late model teammates on the Fully Injected roster, lead the “Tri-Star Pittsburgher” in dominating fashion just a few weeks ago, until misfortune struck the H1 with roughly 10 laps remaining. The South Park, Pennsylvania native, would have to surrender his dominating lead due to issues relating to the car’s drive shaft; leaving all possibility of a $7,000, ‘Tri-Star Pittsburgher’ victory out the window.

With $7,000 on the line again this weekend, Miley will look to capitalize on this opportunity to seek redemption, and put Fully Injected back in victory lane.

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