The Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series had already seen 3 different winners in 3 events in 2013 and 2 of those were drivers picking up their first career series win. Tonight, Columbus, Indiana driver Joss Moffatt made it the 4th different winner in 4 races defeating a stellar 37 car field. This first career BOSS win was special not only for Moffatt but for the series as well. When the BOSS series ran its first ever race, Moffatt was one of the mere 15 cars on hand at Ohio’s K-C Raceway as the series sneaked onto the midwest racing scene.

The 25 lap A-Main was brought to green by front row starters Brett Burdette and Ted Hines. At the drop of the green flag, Burdette wasted no time in blasting to an early lead as Hines, JR Douglas, and 5th starting Joss Moffatt waged a torrid early battle for the runner-up spot. Burdette slowly increased his lead every lap, pulling the wheels off the ground out of turn 4 lap after lap until the race’s first caution flew on lap 8 when Logan Hupp rolled to a stop in turn #3.

On the restart, Burdette showed the way followed by Douglas, Moffatt, Justin Grant, and Kyle Cummins. Once back under green, Moffatt was able to make the race winning move slingshotting past Douglas for the runner-up spot, then carrying the momentum right on past Burdette for the lead. The race’s only red flag would fly on lap #12 when Dakota Jackson took a scary end-over-end tumble through turns 1 and 2. Despite 6 violent flips, Dakota climbed out unhurt, to a thunderous applause from the Lawrenceburg fans.

As the field roared to green on the final restart, Moffatt led Burdette, Grant, Douglas and Cummins. As the laps clicked away, Moffatt appeared to be in complete control, but Grant was tempting fate running the extreme top of the race track and finally found the momentum on lap #19 to sweep past Burdette for second. With the laps running out, Grant blasted harder and harder into the corners, closing the gap on Moffatt but dancing precariously close to the ragged edge, bicycling the car on multiple occasions.

However, Joss Moffatt was not going to be denied as he cruised home the winner over Grant with Burdette, C.J. Leary and Gary Taylor rounding out the top 5 finishers. Completing the top 10 were Douglas, Cummins, Hine, Joe Ligouri, and Jarett Andretti. Nineteen of the 22 race starters completed the event.

Prelim events found C.J. Leary winning UPI heat #1, Brett Burdette winning Indy Race Parts heat #2, Gary Taylor claimed Kistler Engines heat #3, and J.R. Douglas took UPI heat #4. Twin B-Main event wins were scored by BOSS star Tony Beaber and Lawrenceburg champion Logan Hupp.

Up next for the BOSS series is Saturday, June 22nd on the monster half mile at Pittsburgh Motor Speedway. $1400 to win and $300 to start will be up for grabs as the teams battle on the super wide and super smooth PPMS clay.

Complete Results: (37) entries

Heat Races – 8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer – Top 2 Redraw

UPI Heat #1 : 1) C.J. Leary, 2)Joss Moffatt, 3) Kyle Cummins, 4) Dakota Jackson, 5) Tony Beaber, 6) Michael Fischesser, 7) Dustin Smith, 8) David Applegate, 9) Evan Gindling, 10) Eric Semple

Indy Race Parts Heat #2: 1) Brett Burdette, 2) Ted Hines, 3) Garrett Abrams, 4) Brandon Spithaler, 5) Logan Hupp, 6) Adam Cruea, 7) Shawn Westerfeld, 8) Mike Weber, 9) Chuck Wilson

Kistler Engines Heat #3: 1) Gary Taylor, 2) Drew Abel, 3) Todd Gnat, 4) Logan Jarrett, 5) Justin Owen, 6) Chad Wilson, 7) Jake Simmons, 8) Trvis Hery, 9) Matt Goodnight

UPI Heat #4: 1) J.R. Douglas, 2) Justin Grant, 3) Joe Ligouri, 4) Jarett Andretti, 5) Aaron Middaugh, 6) Mike Miller, 7) Adam Miller, 8) Kirk Jeffries, 9) Johnny Beaber

B-Main #1: (Top 3 Transfer) 1) Tony Beaber, 2) Michael Fischesser, 3) Chad Wilson, 4) Matt Goodnight, 5) Travis Hery, 6) Jake Simmons, 7) David Applegate, 8) Evan Gindling, 9) Johnny Beaber, 10) Justin Owen, 11) Dustin Smith

B-Main #2: (Top 3 Transfer) 1) Logan Hupp, 2) Shawn Westerfeld, 3) Aaron Middaugh, 4) Mike Miller, 5) Adam Miller, 6) Chuck Wilson, 7) Kirk Jeffries, 8) Adam Cruea, 9) Eric Semple, 10) Mike Weber

A-Main: (25 Laps) 1) Joss Moffatt, 2) Justin Grant, 3) Brett Burdette, 4) C.J. Leary, 5) Gary Taylor, 6) J.R. Douglas, 7) Kyle Cummins, 8) Ted Hines, 9) Joe Ligouri, 10) Jarrett Andretti, 11) Garrett Abrams, 12) Shawn Westerfeld, 13) Drew Abel, 14) Aaron Middaugh, 15) Logan Hupp, 16) Tony Beaber, 17) Logan Jarrett, 18) Michael Fischesser, 19) Todd Gnat, 20) Dakota Jackson, 21) Brandon Spithaler, 22) Chad Wilson