Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, August 16, 2014
By Mike Swanger

It was more than a full night of racing with two class’ of Sprint Cars on hand with the four other regular class’ also in action on Hoosier Tire night at NAPA Wayne County Speedway. The Buckeye Machine BOSS Wingless Sprints were back for the second time this season and it was complete domination by Evans City Pa.’s Brandon Spithaler. Driving the Superior Tank & Trailer #57, Spithaler started on the outside front row and quickly built a big lead and started lapping cars on lap eight. The phrase, Drive it like you stole it, fit right in for the Evans City Earth Mover, as it looked like he was going to lap the whole field until the first caution came out with four laps to go. At that time, Spithaler was on the rear bumper of second place Joe Liguori when Steve Little spun to slow the action. The green flag would fly and Spithaler drove away from Liguori again but as the white flag was ready to wave, Adam Miller went off the backstretch end over end to bring the red flag out. Miller was ok. Liguori tried to stay with Spithaler on the last lap restart but had nothing for him as Spithaler pocketed his second Buckeye Machine BOSS win of the season. There was action going on for top five positioning as the threesome of Dustin Smith, Chuck Wilson and points leader Mike Miller battled race long before finishing in that order. Heat winners were Liguori, Logan Hupp and Spithaler.
Beau Stewart grabbed the point at the start of the Fisher Performance Sprint feature with Brad Haudenschild and Danny Mumaw close behind. After a couple of cautions early in the feature, the lead threesome was right together when Stewart would slip in turn two with the two heat winners, Haudenschild and Mumaw, powering by. Two laps later, Mumaw’s nose wing broke affecting the handling of his car and Haudenschild and his Kempthorn Auto Mall, Fire & Ice Pub and Medi Taxi #38k started to pull away. Jason Dolick would coast to a stop on the backstretch to bring out the caution with six laps to go. The rest of the race had the fans on their feet as fast qualifier Mumaw stayed glued to the back of Haudenschild’s ride and as the pair went down the back straight on lap 23, Mumaw charged to the inside of Haudenschild going into turn three and squeezed into the lead but Haudenschild would get back underneath Mumaw and reclaim the lead coming out of turn four with the white flag waving and as the twosome went side by side on the last lap, points leader Haudenschild out dragged Mumaw to the line and post his fifth win of the season. Stewart finished third as Kirk Jeffries ran fourth. After causing a lap four caution. Jordan Harble used every inch of the track and worked his way back up to fifth.
The Lias Tire Late Model feature saw Shane McLoughlin jump into the lead from the outside pole position with points leader Ryan Markham taking second from David Liles on lap two with Charlie Duncan dropping Liles another spot on lap four. McLoughlin, Markham and Duncan were all within a car lenghth of each other but Duncan would jump the cushion and lose ground to the front runners on lap 7. As McLoughlin and Markham, the quick timer, began to encounter the back of the field on lap 11, on the next circuit around, the two leaders and Larry Bellman made contact with Markham getting the worst of it as he spun, puncturing his radiator and ending his night. From that point on, McLoughlin of Nashport and his Riesbeck’s Food Market, Lias Tire and Nussbaum #9 breezed to his second win of the year as Duncan finished second with 11th starting JR Gentry taking third as they were the only drivers on the lead lap at the finish, Bellman and Liles filled out the top five. Heat wins were claimed by Markham and McLoughlin.
Just like the first three features of the night, the start of the Thrifty Muffler Super Stock main stayed true to form as outside pole sitter Brandon Gardner took the laes as pole sitter Larry Baldwin fell into his tire tracks. The only caution in the race came on lap three when Brad Hensel spun. On the restart, Baldwin and his Midas Muffler, Park Ford and Baldwin Motorsports #7up worked every angle he could to take the lead and as they came out of turn two on lap 8, Gardner bobbled and Baldwin slipped by and drive to his 7th checkered flag of the season. Bob Daugherty never moved from his third starting position as Nick Smith and Tyler Thompson rounded out the top five. Baldwin and Daugherty scored the heat wins.
After Moose Workman and Adam Kern topped the WQKT Mini Stock heats, the field was ready for the Direct Hydraulic Hose feature with pole sitter Jordan James grabbing the lead with Workman and points leader Brad Hensel right behind. Hensel would bump by for the lead on lap three, it would be a dog fight as those three would change position on each lap although Hensel would be the leader at the line for the first 10 laps. The race would get physical on the last two laps as Workman bull dogged his way into the lead with James in second and Hensel third as the white flag waved. as they headed out of turn two on the last lap, all three made contact that sent Hensel and his DJ’s Directional Services and Sportsman’s Bar #28 into the infield, but the Wooster driver never left off on the gas and came back on the track going into turn three. As the three cars came out of turn four for the finish line, the threesome bounced off each other and Hensel hung on for his 7th victory of the season. James and Workman followed as Doug Hensel and Chris Shell took home fourth and fifth.
A few years ago there was a song titled ‘When Your Hot, Your Hot” and that would be the song for Granger Township’s Matthew Moore as for the third week in a row, he swept the NAPA Mini Wedge races again, taking both the heat race and flag to flag feature win aboard the Mars Trucking and Apache Auto Salvage #98. Konner Thomas put early pressure on Moore for the lead but he would spin on lap 8 and points leader Robbie Ledger took up the challenge but Moore kept the door closed. Billy Dawson finished in the third spot as Caitlin Johnson and Jolene Voshel rounded out the top five.
The Contingency Connection Awards were once again being sought after by the drivers with over $2,000 in weekly awards from national manufacturers that are up for grabs and over $100,000 for the season.
This Saturday, August 23rd will be Season Championships with double points on the line for all 5 divisions. It will also be Kid’s Night and Driver Autograph night at NAPA Wayne County Speedway. Go to www.waynecountyspeedway for all the information about the track.

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Southeast Harley Davidson Heat 1 Joe Ligouri, Derek Hastings, Chuck Wilson, Kirk Jeffries, Joe Butera, Aaron Middaugh, Bob McMillen
K-D Pizza Heat 2 Logan Hupp, Dustin Smith, Chad Wilson, Jeremy Shambaugh, Adam Miller, George Willard, Troy Kingan
Cowen Truck Line Heat 3 Brandon Spithaler, Mike Miller, Michael Fischhesser, Jeremy Duposki, Scott Hardman, Steve Little, Butch Beasley
Feature Brandon Spithaler, Joe Ligouri, Dustin Smith, Chuck Wilson, Mike Miller, Derek Hastings, Aaron Middaugh, Chad Wilson, Kirk Jeffries, Jeremy Shambaugh, Joe Butera, Scott Hardman, Bob McMillin, Steve Little, Jeremy Duposki, Adam Miller, George Willard, Michael Fischhesser, Troy Kingan, Logan Hupp, Butch Beasley (dns)

Fast Qualifier Danny Mumaw 14.674
Saldana Racing Products Heat 1 Danny Mumaw,, Beau Stewart, Shawn Hubler, Troy Kingan, Russ Sansosti, Bob Lime, Jeremy Duposki, Bill Ault
Saldana Racing Products Heat 2 Brad Haudenschild, Kirk Jeffries, Jason Dolick, Joe Armbruster, Jordan Harble, Nick Patterson#33, Butch Beasley, Nick Patterson #23
Feature Brad Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Beau Stewart, Kirk Jeffries, Jordan Harble, Russ Sansosti, Troy Kingan, Joe Armbruster, Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson #33, Butch Beasley, Jason Dolick, Bill Ault, Jeremy Duposki, Nick Patterson#23, Bob Lime

Fast Qualifier Ryan Markham 17.349
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Blaine Aber, Brandon Gardner, Jerry Aber, JR Gentry, Jason Skelly
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Shane McLoughlin, David Liles, Don Conley, Allan Baker, Danny Mumaw, Larry Bellman
Feature Shane McLoughlin, Charlie Duncan, JR Gentry, Larry Bellman, David Liles, Blaine Aber, Allan Baker, Brandon Gardner, Jason Skelly, Don Conley, Ryan Markham, Danny Mumaw, Jerry Aber

Fast Qualifier Larry Baldwin 19.919
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Larry Baldwin, Tyler Thompson, Nick Smith, Chris Albright, Mitch Caskey, Chase Alexander, Chaz O’Dell, John Sutherland
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Bob Daugherty, Brandon Gardner, Tyler Nicely, Casey Butler, Paul McVicker, Don Rutt, Brad Hensel
Feature Larry Baldwin, Brandon Gardner, Bob Daugherty, Nick Smith, Tyler Thompson, Mitch Caskey, Chase Alexander, Casey Butler, Chris Albright, Paul McVicker, Chaz O’Dell, Don Rutt, Tyler Nicely, Brad Hensel, John Sutherland

Heat 1 Moose Workman, Jordan James, Brad Hensel, Steve Crowe, Mitch Reichard
Heat 2 Adam Kern, Elvis Conkle, Chris Shell, Jim Burns, Doug Hensel
Feature Brad Hensel, Jordan James, Moose Workman, Doug Hensel, Chris Shell, Steve Crowe, Elvis Conkle, Jim Burns, Mitch Reichard, Adam Kern

Heat 1 Matthew Moore, Robbie Ledger, Billy Dawson, Jolene Voshel, Konner Thomas, Kolton Thomas, Caitlin Johnson, Tanner McLoughlin
Feature Matthew Moore, Robbie Ledger, Billy Dawson, Caitlin Johnson, Jolene Voshel, Konner Thomas, Tanner McLoughlin, Kolton Thomas (dns)