Big Weekend! We start our mission….

Tomorrow morning marks the first day of Fully Injected racetrack visits. Tomorrow morning we set sail for a little town just outside of York, Pennsylvania to watch some of the best racing the country has to offer; and no, we are not talking about the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series – we are talking about the Pennsylvania Posse. Lincoln Speedway is hosting its first sprint car double header of the season; hosting the alway competitive 410 racing division along with the 358 sprint car class. The pit area should be packed and the racing should be incredible!

Lots of great news to add- supporters from all over the country continue to motivate our intentions here at Fully Injected. Our mission is to promote a sport that is almost “unseen” to so much of the country; open wheel racing.

Thanks for taking a look at our site. Check out our new shirts that we just released on our merch page a long with our new decals. If you want one, send us an email or comment and we will be glad to send you a few!

Like Always – RACE OPEN WHEEL!

News and Updates.

Thanks for checking back with us here at Lots to discuss pertaining to inventory and manufacturing. Things have been progressing very nicely and we thank you all for being patient. Our new line of Flex Fit hats are currently being produced; obviously very excited about that. Everybody that checks us out online will get a free 8 inch website decal courtesy of;  anybody can do so by just simply coming up and talking to us this weekend at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall during the Lernerville Speedway car show.  Hopefully the rain goes away. The plan this weekend is to head out to Lincoln Speedway in central Pennsylvania for the 410/358 Saturday afternoon show.

Thanks for keeping up with us online; we enjoy the support. And like always; RACE OPEN WHEEL!!

Fully Injected Apparel Set to be Part of Local Racing Community.

With the 2011 short track/dirt track racing season approaching in western Pennsylvania, more and more excitement begins to build at Fully Injected. We are pleased to announce that partnerships for the 2011 racing season are being developed as we speak. Being based in Kittanning, Pennsylvania has helped with developing local western Pennsylvania racing relationships. There are two race teams as of today, March 3, 2011, that have agreed to boast the Fully Injected logo. It is very exciting. The names of the teams will be released shortly. Look for FI Gear to be worn at a racetrack near you!

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The merch section is constantly being updated. Designers at Fully Injected are always working hard to bring full potential to our T-shirt logo and designs.

Official Home of Fully Injected Apparel

Welcome to Fully

The official home of FI gear and wear!

Thanks for checking out the As you can see, much of the site is still under construction. Inventory will be added soon so be sure to check back frequently! An updated schedule of events as well as locations where FI gear can be purchased will be introduced in the near future.

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For those of you who don’t understand what Fully Injected is or how it started, take some time to read and get to know the company.

Based out of Kittanning, Pennsylvania, Fully Injected was founded in late December by Tyler Altmeyer and company. As most big time ideas start out, Fully Injected began its journey as a simple sketch drawing on a white sheet of tablet paper.   That simple sketch soon transformed into an idea that was pushed heavily by his friends and family. The idea was to create a brand; a brand of clothing that would stick out among the rest and rise to be popular among his close friends and surrounding peers.  The idea would soon take shape and gradually evolve into an even bigger pursuit. Fully Injected is a brand name that hopes to soon erupt into something much bigger than anyone expected. Mostly influenced by local dirt track racing and sprint car competition; Fully Injected hopes to reach those who are closest to the sport, along with those who are not- bringing them into a world that they did not know existed. Fully Injected Apparel will be available soon.

Look for us to be stationed at a Mall Show near you!

See you at the races.