Keith Barbara doubles, while Kyle Lukon wins the Steel Block Bandits VS PPMS Fastrak Pro Late Steel City 30, with Jake Simmons, Joe Podolinsky and Logan Crewl also win on Sunday July 29 2012 at Pittsburgh’s PA motor Speedway, after rain postponed Saturday’s show.

South Park PA’s Keith Barbara picked up a double win in the Hoosier Tire Mid- Atlantic DIRTcar Super Late Models. In the first go, the rained out feature from July 1, the race was restarted two laps in with Jared Miley (in his uncle Ben’s #99) in front. Barbara wasted no time taking the lead on the restart and led the remainder of the race. Jared Miley was second followed by Steve Baker, followed by Michael Norris, Kari Gasser, Alex Ferree, Jim Lepro, Daryl Charlier, Jim Stephans, and Kyle Lukon. In the second go, Barbara started 12th, and charged his way up to third by lap 12, with Daryl Charlier leading Mike Johnson. On the restart Barbara swept into the lead and pulled away for the win. Johnson was second followed by Michael Norris, Charlier, Jared Miley, Lynn Geisler, Kari Gasser, John Flinner, and John Garvin. Kari Gasser, Jared Miley and Alex Ferree won the heats. Alex Ferree was the K&N top performer, while Lynn Geisler was the hard charger coming 19th to 6th.

The first ever Steel Block Bandits VS the Brougher’s Machine Shop Fastrak Crate Late Models in the Steel City 30, Burgettstown PA Kyle Lukon picked up his second win of the season and first ever Steel Block Bandits win. Former NFL player Rick Singleton, making his first ever PPMS start, took the early lead. Lukon moving into second on the opening lap, and bided his time and moved by Singleton on lap 8. From that point on the race was all Lukon’s as he ran a smooth steady race to win over Joey Leavell, Glen Elliott, Mark Moats Jr., Singleton, Walker Arthur, Nico Dabecco, Josh Holtgraver, Andy Fries, and Will Thomas. Tyler Armstrong, Josh Holtgraver and Nico Dabecco won the heats. Nico Dabecco also won the K&N award. Armstrong, who ran away with his heat, had problems in the lineup, and did not start.

Jake Simmons, McKees Rocks PA picked up his 7th Sunoco Race Fuels Late Model Sportsman win of the season. Simmons took over first on lap 5 from Nick Kocuba and won going away over Kocuba, Joey Koteles, Craig Koteles, Mike Duritsky, Brian Huchko, Jenn Barker, Jared Westover, Mark Lee and Bill Slade. Craig Koteles won the heat, while Jenn Barker was the K&N award winner.

The Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks had point leader Joe Podolinsky win his 5th event of the season. Podolinsky led from the start to beat Gary Smith, Chase Evans, Steve Pyeritz, newcomer Don Blank, Anthony Aiello and Hannah Ramsey. Joe Podolinsky also won the heat. Hannah Ramsey won the K&N award.

In the Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns, Logan Crewl won his second feature of the season over Todd Weldon, and newcomer Jonathan Miller. Jonathan Miller won the K&N Award.

Upcoming on August 5 the ARDC Midgets will be on hand for Midget Sprint Madness, plus the Late Model Sportsman will be running Sportsman Convertible 20, plus a complete regular show for the other classes. On August 12 will be Colussy Chevy Collectables night, and a complete regular show, and the Wacky Wheel’s Figure 8’s. Regular shows consist of Super Late Models, Fastrak Pro Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, and Young Guns. Effective for the remainder of the season, in the event of any Saturday rainout the management will utilize a Sunday evening raindate. Times for the Sunday evening will start 1 hour earlier, with Gates opening at 4:00PM, Hot Laps at 5:00PM, and Racing at 6:00PM. For more info on PPMS Schedule see the website


Super Late Models Feature, (Held Over From July 1st): 1. 17 Keith Barbara, 2. 99 Jared Miley, 3. 0 Steve Baker, 4. 72 Michael Norris, 5. 0K Kari Gasser, 6. 10 Alex Ferree, 7. 6 Jim Lepro, 8. 12 Daryl Charlier, 9. 38 Jim Stephens, 10. Kyle Lukon, 11. 4t8 John Flinner, 12. 2J Mike Johnson.

Super Late Models Feature (July 29): 1. 17 Keith Barbara, 2. 72 Mike Norris, 4. 12 Daryl Charlier, 5. H1 Jared Miley, 6. 1C Lynn Geisler, 7. 10 Alex Ferree, 8. 0K Kari Gasser, 9. 4t8 John Flinner, 10. J4 John Garvin, 11. 99 Ben Miley, 12. 38 Jim Stephans, 13. 0 Steve Baker, 14. 69 Jon Hodgkiss, 15. 6 Jim Lepro, 16. 1 Laura Lukon, 17. 17 Brandon Burgoon, 18. 4J John Mollick, 19. 44 Derek Stefanick, 20. 21 Tony Musolino, 21. 76 Jason Rider, DNS 22. 94 Tim Gould, DNS.

Steel Block Bandits/Crate Late Models: 1. 1 Kyle Lukon, 2. 8 Joey Leavell, 3. 5 Glen Elliott 4. 15 Mark Moats Jr. 5. 99* Rick Singleton 6. 87 Walker Arthur, 7. 1F Nico Dabecco, 8. 00 Josh Holtgraver, 9. 82 Andy Fries, 10. 9 Will Thomas, 11. 9 Mike Reft, 12. 8 Tommy Schirnhofer Jr., 13. 2M Chuck Medved, 14. 93X Justin Lamb, 15. 99 Beau Glemba, 16. 09 Dennis Neiderriter , 17. 21 Billy Beacher, 18. 12 Brian Goebel, 19. 18 Chris Lander, 20. 01 Ron Hall, 21. 75 Colton Flinner, 22. B4 Steve Beatty, 23. 3J Paul Jablonski, 24. 18 Robbie Scott. 25. 11 Tyler Armstrong DNS.

Heat 1 Tyler Armstrong, Heat 2 00 Josh Holtgraver, Heat 3 1 Nico Dabecco.

Late Model Sportsman Feature: 1 68X Jake Simmons, 2. 10 Nick Kocuba, 3. 33 Joey Koteles, 4. 64 Craig Koteles, 5. 90 Mike Duritsky, 6. 60 Brian Huchko, 7. 33 Jenn Barker, 8. W1 Jared Westover, 9. 25 Mark Lee, 10. 22 Bill Slade.

Heat 64 Craig Koteles.

Hobby Stocks Feature: 1. 56 Joe Podolinsky, 2. 1 Gary Smith, 3. 7 Chase Evans, 4. 56 Steve Pyeritz, 5. 21 Don Blank, 6. 14 Anthony Aiello , 7. 14HER Hannah Ramsey.

Heat 56 Joe Podolinsky.

Young Guns Feature: 1. 0 Logan Crewl, 2. 45 Todd Weldon, 3. 21 Jonathon Miller.