ROSSBURG, OH (April 27) – While Brian Post (UMP DIRTcar Modifieds) and Logan Yelton (Waynesfield Tuff Trucks) scored their first career Eldora Speedway victories it was Barney Craig (Stock Cars) picking up where he left off from last season as Eldora Speedway finally celebrated its 60th season opener on Saturday with some dramatic racing.

Dubbed Saturday Night SpeedFest, it was the historic track’s third attempt to race this season. Mother Nature tried to intervene again, as light rain fell several times throughout the night, but the teams rallied and the entire show was completed in two hours and eight minutes.

The score sheets may show Post leading all 18 laps, but the replay video shows a host of drivers on his bumper the entire distance. Five cautions and one red flag bunched up the field behind Post, yet each time he was able to maintain control. The final slow down, a red flag, came with three laps to go as Schuyler Nahre’s front tire made contact with another driver’s front tire, sending him barrel flipping high in the air before slamming hard to the track. He walked away under his own power but was later transferred to Community Health Center in Coldwater, OH for observation.
On that last restart, Post pulled away from Jeff Babcock and Jerry Bowersock – two veteran drivers who have a combined 32 Modified wins between them — down the backstretch and won by 0.748 seconds.

“This is our first time in this car so this is awesome to come out here and beat the best Modified drivers in the country,” said Post, who pumped his fist in the air in celebration after taking the checkered flag. “I want to thank the fans for coming out and my dad for believing we could win, especially here.”

Yelton was equally excited in his Tuff Truck victory. He wrestled the lead away from Danny Kelly after eight completed laps, and then fought off bumper-to-bumper, door-to-door challenges from Jerry Sawmiller, Roy Miller and Mike Sawmiller. Able to throw a blanket over those top four cars the final seven laps of the 15-lapper, Yelton received a bump draft push of sorts from Miller to keep him out front. Yelton then pulled off a veteran move in the final turn. Jerry Sawmiller pulled an Eldora slide job and got underneath Yelton in Turn 3, but Yelton returned the favor and went low in Turn 4 to beat Sawmiller to the finish line by 0.158 seconds.

“Man, I thought he had me. I took a chance and just dove,” Yelton said of that winning slide job. “That’s good racing by Jerry, by everybody. … We just got the truck put together this morning. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.”
In the Stock Cars, Craig opened defense of his 2012 Eldora track title with a comfortable victory. Craig needed just three laps to leap from third to first, and never relinquished his lead once he got there. With two laps complete Craig used a slide job to take second away from Shawn Phillipi, then set sail for leader Chris Douglas. He caught him on the next lap and went high in Turns 3-4. Craig used the momentum to drag race Douglas to the finish line and grab first.

Craig stretched his lead to 3.1 seconds over the field after nine laps but a caution grouped the field behind him. Douglas went low on the restart and nearly got underneath Craig. But the momentum of running high helped Craig hold off the challenge.
“The track was heavy, it was hammer down and I did what I had to get it to the front,” Craig said of the win.

Eldora Speedway returns to action with the World of Outlaws STP Sprints on May 3-4. The Eldora Stock Cars join the Outlaws on Friday and the UMP DIRTcar Modifieds on Saturday. Complete event and advance ticket purchase information for the World of Outlaws weekend, along with the other exciting race events on the 2013 Eldora calendar, is available on the track’s website www.EldoraSpeedway.com. Race fans and race teams can get behind-the-scenes access by following @EldoraSpeedway on Twitter, hitting ‘Like’ at Facebook.com/EldoraSpeedway and view video highlights at YouTube.com/EldoraSpeedwayInc. The new Eldora Speedway app for the iPhone, iPad and Android is now available for download via iTunes and Google Play.

UMP DIRTcar Modifieds:
Heat 1: Aaron Orr, Jerry Bowersock, Schuyler Nahre, Matt Westfall, Scott Bowersock, Scott Williams, Zach Schroeder, Tim Richardson, Steve Billenstein, Bryant Dickinson
Heat 2: Brian Post, Jesse Bitterling, Ryan Sutter, David Treon, Brad Hess, John Phlipot, Jr., Brent Hole, Scott Orr, Jon Henry, Rob Williams
Heat 3: Dave Daugherty, Brandon Vaughan, Jeff Babcock, Nick Katterhenry, Chad Rosenbeck, Donnie Miller, Mike Dirksen, Shane Unger, John Brooks
B-Feature: Scott Williams, John Phlipot, Zach Schroeder, Brent Hole, Rob Williams, Mike Dirksen, Tim Richardson, Steve Billenstein, Jon Henry, Donnie Miller, Shane Unger, Scott Orr, John Brooks, Bryant Dickinson
A-Feature: 1)Brian Post 2)Jeff Babcock 3)Jerry Bowersock 4)Matt Westfall 5)Aaron Orr 6)Brandon Vaughan 7)Steve Billenstein 8)Nick Katterhnery 9)David Treon 10)Mike Dirksen 11)Ryan Sutter 12)John Phlipot, Jr. 13)Brent Hole 14)Dave Daugherty 15)Schuyler Nahre 16)Jon Henry 17)Scott Williams 18)Jesse Bitterling 19)Scott Bowersock 20)Chad Rosenbeck 21)Zach Schroeder 22)Rob Williams 23)Tim Richardson 24)Brad Hess

Eldora Stock Cars:
Heat 1: Paul Pardo, Shawn Phillipi, Casey Barr, Cody Timmerman, Anthony Goode, Wayne Williams, Alex Peace, Rodney Lacey
Heat 2: Barney Craig, Earnie Woodard, Eric Sandlin, Frank Paladino, Ricky Ray Dillon, Jordan Conover, Bradley Caudill, Adam Schaeff
Heat 3: Jeremy Creech, Chris Douglas, Brad Conover, Rob Trent, Mark Wooten, Corey Wooten, Dean Pitts
A-Feature: 1)Barney Craig 2)Jordan Conover 3)Chris Douglas 4)Shawn Phillipi 5)Casey Barr 6)Anthony Goode 7)Eric Sandlin 8)Frank Paladino 9)Wayne Williams 10)Jeremy Creech 11)Earnie Woodard 12)Bradley Caudill 13)Brad Conover 14)Adam Schaeff 15)Cody Timmerman 16)Dean Pitts 17)Alex Peace 18)Rob Trent 19)Ricky Ray Dillon 20)Mark Wooten 21)Corey Wooten 22)Rodney Lacey 23)Paul Pardo

Tuff Trucks:
Heat 1: Mike Sawmiller, Logan Yelton, Danny Kelly, Roy Miller, Robbie Starkey, Erik Wolleson
Heat 2: Jerry Sawmiller, Daniel Crowder, Aaron Myers, Dylan Myers, Kenneth Osborne, Jr.
A-Feature: 1)Logan Yelton 2)Jerry Sawmiller 3)Roy Miller 4)Mike Sawmiller 5)Daniel Crowder 6)Aaron Myers 7)Danny Kelly 8)Erik Wolleson 9)Robbie Starkey 10)Dylan Myers 11)Kenneth Osborne, Jr.