Mark Smith wins 358 sprints and Rick Barr wins super sportsman
By: Todd Heintzelman
MECHANICSBURG, PA – Rick Lafferty became the 16th different sprint car winner at Williams Grove Speedway this season with a win in the Billy Kimmel Memorial on Sunday night.
Lafferty, of Pennington, N.J., earned $3,600, plus $230 in lap money, in his self-owned sprinter.
Davey Sammons started on the pole and jumped into the early race lead. Aaron Ott moved by Frank Cozze and into second and Lafferty was third. Lafferty would get by Ott and into the runner-up spot.
Chad Layton flipped coming off turn four on lap two bringing out the red flag.
Lafferty got under Sammons coming off turn four on the restart and would lead lap three. Lafferty was catching lapped traffic, but the caution flag flew giving him a clear track once again. Ott pitted under the caution giving up fourth spot.
Brian Montieth was up to fourth and got by Alan Krimes on the restart for third. They would trade the spot again before Montieth secured it.
Lafferty had a comfortable lead on Sammons as Montieth closed. The leader got quickly through lapped traffic as Sammons tried to hold back Montieth.
Montieth slowed and came to a stop on lap 21 bringing out the caution flag. Lafferty pulled away on the restart. Danny Dietrich did a 360 spin in turn two and kept going, but then stopped the next time around with two laps to go.
Lafferty got a good restart and drove away as Krimes got by Sammons for second. Sammons would fight back on the final lap, but Krimes would get the runner-up spot at the line. Brent Marks and Doug Esh completed the top five.
Greg Hodnett extended his point lead with a sixth place finish. Frank Cozze, Lance Dewease, Fred Rahmer and Daryn Pittman completed the top 10.
Lafferty, Montieth and Layton won the 10-lap heat races.
Mark Smith of Sunbury, Pa., took the lead from Brian Garland on lap five and would go on to win the 20-lap main event for the 358 sprints.
Garland started on the pole and led the first four laps before fourth starting Smith drove by coming off turn two. Pat Cannon was up to fourth by lap seven. The red flag flew on lap nine for a fourth turn crash by Rodney Westhafer. He was okay.
Cannon was up to second by lap 10 and chased Smith for the remaining 10 laps, but couldn’t challenge for the win. Ryan Wilson, Eric Tomecek and Garland completed the top five. Adrian Shaffer, Nate Hammaker, Tim Berkheimer, Dale Hammaker and Brie Hershey completed the top 10.
The top 10 in the 358 sprint points were locked in the main event. Garland and Berkheimer won the eight-lap qualifying races.
Rick Barr of Camp Hill, Pa., was the third and final leader of the 20-lap main event for the super sportsman.
Paul Miller led the early laps of the super sportsman feature before Bobby Hockenberry drove by on lap seven. Barr was up to third and then drove by Miller for second with nine laps to go.
Barr drove by Hockenberry off turn two and would lead lap 17. He would hold on for his second Grove win of the season over Miller, Hockenberry, Russ Mitten and point leader Frankie Herrr. Eric Walker, Jay Fannasy, Scott Dellinger, Carmen Perigo Jr. and Mike Enders completed the top 10.
The top 10 drivers in the super sportsman points were also locked in. Walker and Miller won the eight-lap qualifying races.
410 Sprint Car Feature Billy Kimmel Memorial (25 laps): 1. Rick Lafferty. 2. Alan Krimes. 3. Davey Sammons. 4. Brent Marks. 5. Doug Esh. 6. Greg Hodnett. 7. Frank Cozze. 8. Lance Dewease. 9. Fred Rahmer. 10. Daryn Pittman. 11. Danny Dietrich. 12. Steve Buckwalter. 13. Cory Haas. 14. Glenndon Forsythe. 15. Jim Siegel. 16. Bill Stine. 17. Hunter Mackison. 18. Dave Wilson. 19. Brian Montieth. 20. Aaron Ott. 21. Troy Fraker. 22. Joey Hershey. 23. Chad Layton.
358 Sprint Car Feature (20 laps): 1. Mark Smith. 2. Pat Cannon. 3. Ryan Wilson. 4. Eric Tomecek. 5. Brian Garland. 6. Adrian Shaffer. 7. Nate Hammaker. 8. Tim Berkheimer. 9. Dale Hammaker. 10. Brie Hershey. 11. Tyler Ross. 12. Jay Galloway. 13. TJ Stutts. 14. Nate Berwager. 15. Rocky Magaro. 16. Aaron Eichelberger. 17. Scott Fisher. 18. Rich Eichelberger. 19. Todd Reed. 20. Dave Thrush. 21. Kevin Nouse. 22. Rodney Westhafer.  
Super Sportsman Feature (20 laps): 1. Rick Barr. 2. Paul Miller. 3. Bobby Hockenberry. 4. Russ Mitten. 5. Frankie Herr. 6. Eric Walker. 7. Jay Fannasy. 8. Scott Dellinger. 9. Carmen Perigo Jr. 10. Mike Enders. 11. Leroy Martin. 12. Cody Fairchok. 13. Kenny Edkin. 14. Duaine Smith. 15. Jared Miller. 16. Stan Wanner. 17. Ryan Slothower 18. Doug Dodson. 19. Tom Wychoff. 20. Yance Yinger. 21. Lanny Hake. 22. Jim Shuster. 23. Steve Fannasy.