MOORESVILLE, N.C. (April 2, 2021) – Rowdy Energy, the enhanced hydration formula energy drink created by two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch, announced today that acclaimed dirt track racer Rico Abreu has been added to the Rowdy Energy Athlete roster for the 2021 season.

Abreu has amassed nearly 100 victories across multiple disciplines in his 10-plus year career, including major wins with the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, All Star Circuit of Champions and United States Auto Club (USAC). The California native was crowned the 2014 USAC National Midget Series champion. The fan favorite may be most well-known for capturing back-to-back Chili Bowl titles in 2015 and 2016.

Rowdy Energy will adorn Rico’s familiar No. 24 winged sprint car as its primary partner beginning this weekend during back to back nights of racing at Federated Auto Parts Speedway at I-55 with the World of Outlaws.

“Rico is a great fit for Rowdy Energy; on the track he’s one of the most exciting drivers in all of dirt racing and off the track he keeps his faithful following of fans entertained with his presence on social media,” Busch said. “As he travels coast to coast in a variety of racing disciplines this year, he’ll be a great ambassador for our brand and help us create awareness of our product as we continue to increase our portfolio of vendor partners nationally.”

“I’m really excited for the opportunity that Kyle and the team at Rowdy Energy have presented to me,” Rico said. “We put our toes in the water at the Chili Bowl and we immediately saw the potential to grow a bigger partnership. Kyle expects results both on and off the track and I’m more than ready to live up to the expectations as a brand ambassador. I can’t wait to get into the Rowdy Energy No. 24 car tonight and more importantly, I’m looking forward to putting it in victory lane.”

About Rowdy Energy:
With a focus on wellness for longevity in his career and life, Kyle Busch, the accomplished driver aptly nicknamed “Rowdy” for his will to win at all costs, created Rowdy Energy with a proprietary Enhanced Energy Formula. Comprised of precise time-released caffeine, sugar reduction ingredients, amazing taste and hydration levels above leading sports drinks, Rowdy Energy is a “better for you” product. Specifically formulated for your needs to accomplish any challenge thrown your way and to be your most effective self. Rowdy Energy seeks to support those that embody a spirit of high performance, not just all-star athletes but the weekend warrior, superhero mom, the ambitious college student, the men and women in uniform.

Rowdy Energy is currently available in seven flavors, including five sugar free options that are KETO certified. For our more traditional energy drink consumers, we designed a 60% less sugar option than the other leading energy drink brands.Contact Andy Gee (315) 566-9034, or