Scott Priester is another name to be crossed off the list next week as he will participate in episode 4 of the Fully Injected “Behind the Scenes” productions.

A 25 year veteran of sprint car competition, Scott has agreed to allow me to come visit the home of Scott Priester Racing and check out where he keeps the Metplas #11 when its not at the races. Although he is committed to run the Dionese #15 for much of the 2011 season; he still plans to run his own equipment when the time allows.

Running 410ci sprint cars at western Pennsylvania venues is Scott’s general focus and has been for most of his career. This year, his primary weekend destination is Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania- where he drives for local 410 sprint car owner, Martha Dionese (pictured below).

Along with a mini tour of the race shop and facility, an interview will be conducted to give everybody a glimpse of what he’s experienced in the past 25 years of racing.

Stay tuned for more!!