Sodeman Becomes first Repeat Winner of 2012

In the BOSS Sprints special, Youngstown OH’s Jack Sodeman Jr. picked up his second PPMS feature in a row, and second BOSS win of the season. Andre Layfield, who won the earlier BOSS race this season at PPMS, grabbed the lead at the start and led the first 4 laps until the yellow came for a tangle in turn three. On the restart, Layfield was back out front, only to spin coming of turn four, bringing out the yellow, and putting Layfield to the rear. This put Jack Sodeman Jr. in the top spot followed by Mark Cassella. Sodeman led the next 11 laps, when the red came out when Adam Miller and Lewie Christian tangled, and Christian flipped. He was OK Sodeman jumped out on the restart and opened up a lead over Cassella until lap 21 when Francis Sesco tagged the wall in three and four leaving a four lap dash to the checker. Sodeman was up to the task, and held off Cassella for the win. He was the first repeat winner in the series in ten races. Cassella was second followed by Steve Irwin, Tony Beaber, with Andre Layfield rolling back up to fifth from the tail. Dallas Hewitt was sixth followed by Dustin Smith, Mike Miller, Derrick Hastings, and Chuck Wilson. The four heats for the 29 cars on hand saw Mark Cassella, Andre Layfield, Dallas Hewitt and Steve Irwin pick up the victories. Tony Beaber won the B-Main. Charlie Cornelius became the second ever car to flip out of the ballpark at PPMS, flipping out of turn one in the B-Main and ending up in the trees that line the access road. He was OK. 
BOSS Wingless Sprints – Car Count: 29

Heat Winners – 91 Mark Cassella, 21 Andre Layfield, 2M Dallas Hewitt and 1 Steve Irwin

B-Main Winner– 3T Tony Beaber

Feature (25 Laps) – 1. 23 Jack Sodeman Jr., 2. 91 Mark Cassella, 3. 1 Steve Irwin, 4. 3T Tony Beaber, 5. 21 Andre Layfield, 6. 2M Dallas Hewitt, 7. 37 Dustin Smith, 8. 82 Mike Miller, 9. 32M Derrick Hastings, 10. 31 Chuck Wilson, 11. 91X Aaron Middaugh, 12. 13 Brandon Matus, 13. 57B Brandon Spithaler, 14. 14 Chad Wilson, 15. 27 Skip Daugherty, 16. 33 Brent Matus, 17. 5M Jim McMillen, 18. 2S Francis Sesco, 19. 24M Adam Miller, 20. 8 Lewie Christian, 21. 59J Kirk Jeffries 22. 45 Landon Simon, 23. 7K Dan Shetler, 24. 5B Adam Anderson