Its been a great summer thus far and taking the time to thank those who have given support to Fully Injected and everything it’s involved with can’t happen often enough. I personally want to thank everybody who has been involved directly and indirectly with Fully Injected and To say that I have done this all on my own would be inaccurate and totally fabricated. The 2011 summer racing season is reaching the half way point; hopefully the second half is as eventful and entertaining as the first! The new T-shirt released is upon us!

Rod George will look to defend his sprint car win this weekend at Mercer Raceway Park; he is currently second in the points standings at that facility – Rick Rarer Photo

Adam Kekich will look to repeat his appearance in the top 3 at Mercer Raceway Park this weekend; he currently sits in the top 5 in the track points standings – Rick Rarer Photo