Haubstadt, Indiana…….It became six winners in six nights of the 25th AMSOIL “Indiana Sprintweek” as Jon Stanbrough of Avon, Indiana picked up his second win of the season on Saturday night at Tri-State Speedway.

Stanbrough led throughout, but the race was slowed on numerous occasions over the first half of the race. After moving to second just before halfway, Bryan Clauson used a lap 17 restart to go for the lead. The two exchanged slide-jobs and cross-overs before Stanbrough cleared Clauson. The two both ran the cushion, but Clauson nailed it in turn-two on lap 19 and flipped.

After Clauson changed a flat left-rear tire and restarted 17th, Stanbrough found another gear out front and stretched out a monster lead over the final twelve laps to win by a healthy margin in the Roberts/Tate Racing – Leer Racing #21x DRC/Speedway.

“I was trying to save a little back and wasn’t running as hard as I could, but then I saw Bryan come at me there around halfway and knew I had to pick it up a notch. We had the red and I got a few signals from (crew chief) Daryl (Tate), and I ran a pretty good pace after that. I gotta thank all of our sponsors and the fans for helping us get through this week, and especially my crew,” Stanbrough said.

Levi Jones started from row-two and raced within the top-five throughout the race, finally clearing Jonathan Hendrick to safely put himself in the second spot, where he finished in the Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing – Chevy Performance #20 Maxim/Kistler.

“We just hung in there and ripped the cushion the whole time and came up a little bit short. We’re still in the hunt, and it’s always great to come here to Haubstadt. I love to hear the cheers and the boos at this place,” Jones said.

Unbelievably, Clauson regrouped from his earlier mistake and put on a charge for the ages over the final twelve laps. He was back into the top-ten in just a couple laps and moved all the way to the third-spot without the aid of another caution in the Curb Records – R&B Trucker’s #7 Maxim/Fisher.

“I pretty much just stepped on it there. I really thought our Sprintweek was over because of me flipping like an idiot. But we rallied, and that’s what championships are made of. It’s not the night we could have had, but we salvaged and we’ll try to go to Putnamville tomorrow and knock one off,” Clauson said.

The trio has now solidified themselves as the contenders for this year’s “Indiana Sprintweek” crown, as Jones holds a twelve-point over both Stanbrough and Clauson, who are tied for second.

Hendrick finished off a solid night by recording his career-best finish of fourth in the McAlister’s Deli – Hendrick Pool #68 Spike/Foxco. Chase Stockon put on a show of his own, scoring the Schroeder Torsion Bars “Hard Charger Award” by rallying from 20th to finish fifth in the Terre Haute First Financial Bank – Superior Tank & Trailer #32 DRC/Fisher.


AMSOIL USAC NATIONAL SPRINT CAR RACE RESULTS: July 21, 2012 – Haubstadt, IN – Tri-State Speedway – 25th AMSOIL “Indiana Sprint Week”

QUALIFYING: 1. Dave Darland, 11, Walker-13.234; 2. Jerry Coons, Jr., 71P, Phillips-13.267; 3. Brent Beauchamp, 11B, Beauchamp-13.306; 4. Jonathan Hendrick, 68, Hendrick-13.377; 5. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 9K, BlackJack-13.395; 6. Bryan Clauson, 7, Tucker/BCI/Curb-Agajanian-13.408; 7. Chris Windom, 5, Baldwin-13.435; 8. Dakota Jackson, 3, Jackson-13.454; 9. Levi Jones, 20, Stewart/Curb-Agajanian-13.469; 10. Damion Gardner, 71, DG-13.498; 11. Jon Stanbrough, 21x, Roberts/Tate-13.563; 12. Bobby East, 5E, East-13.597; 13. Tracy Hines, 4, Hines-13.601; 14. Hunter Schuerenberg, 35, Byram-13.617; 15. Kyle Cummins, 3c, Cummins-13.669; 16. Jeff Bland, Jr., 38, Bland-13.694; 17. Casey Shuman, 10E, Edison-13.746; 18. C.J. Leary, 30, Leary-13.763; 19. Chad Boespflug, 98, Boespflug-13.768; 20. Robert Ballou, 81, MPHG-13.825; 21. Brady Short, 11P, Pottorff-13.832; 22. Josh Burton, 04, Burton-13.836; 23. Thomas Meseraull, 18, Keen-13.840; 24. Richard Vander Weerd, 10, Vander Weerd-13.862; 25. Darren Hagen, 69, Dynamics-13.911; 26. Chase Stockon, 32, Stockon-13.988; 27. Scotty Weir, 77, Wingo-14.032; 28. Jace Vander Weerd, 88, Vander Weerd-14.091; 29. Chase Briscoe, 5B, Briscoe-14.114; 30. Justin Grant, 40, Hery-14.261; 31. Daron Clayton, 92, Clayton-14.341; 32. Wes McIntyre, 83, McIntyre-14.345; 33. Donny Brackett, 4B, Brackett-14.407.

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Burton, 2. Schuerenberg, 3. Thomas, 4. Stockon, 5. Darland, 6. Leary, 7. Jackson, 8. Grant, 9. Gardner. NT

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Clauson, 2. Stanbrough, 3. Meseraull, 4. Cummins, 5. Clayton, 6. Coons, 7. Boespflug, 8. Weir. 2:17.44

THIRD HEAT: (10 laps) 1. East, 2. Ballou, 3. McIntyre, 4. R. Vander Weerd, 5. Windom, 6. J. Vander Weerd, 7. Bland, 8. Beauchamp. NT

FOURTH HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Hagen, 2. Jones, 3. Hendrick, 4. Hines, 5. Shuman, 6. Short, 7. Briscoe, 8. Brackett. 2:17.77

SEMI: (12 laps) 1. Coons, 2. Darland, 3. Windom, 4. Beauchamp, 5. Gardner, 6. Clayton, 7. Leary, 8. Shuman, 9. Briscoe, 10. J. Vander Weerd, 11. Brackett, 12. Bland, 13. Boespflug, 14. Short, 15. Grant, 16. Weir. NT

FEATURE: (30 laps) 1. Jon Stanbrough, 2. Levi Jones, 3. Bryan Clauson, 4. Jonathan Hendrick, 5. Chase Stockon, 6. Bobby East, 7. Jerry Coons, Jr., 8. Robert Ballou, 9. Chris Windom, 10. Kyle Cummins, 11. Wes McIntyre, 12. Darren Hagen, 13. Dave Darland, 14. Richard Vander Weerd, 15. Thomas Meseraull, 16. Kevin Thomas, Jr., 17. Hunter Schuerenberg, 18. Daron Clayton, 19. Tracy Hines, 20. Damion Gardner, 21. Brent Beauchamp, 22. Josh Burton. NT
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-30 Stanbrough.
**Jackson flipped in Qualifying. Gardner flipped in Heat 1. Gardner flipped on lap 17 of the Feature. Clauson flipped on lap 19 of the Feature.

NEW AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT POINTS: 1-Stanbrough-1,084, 2-Jones-1,070, 3-Darland-984, 4-Gardner-926, 5-Clauson-885, 6-Hines-867, 7-Ballou-803, 8-Stockon-797, 9-Hagen-792, 10-Schuerenberg-788.

NEW INDIANA SPRINT WEEK POINTS: 1-Jones-329, 2-Stanbrough-317, 3-Clauson-317, 4-Darland-284, 5-Coons-273, 6-Stockon-266, 7-Gardner-230. 8-Schuerenberg-222, 9-Thomas-198, 10-Hines-180.

NEXT AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT RACE: July 22 – Putnamville, Indiana – Lincoln Park Speedway – 25th AMSOIL “Indiana Sprintweek” Finale