Super6 Late Models Announces Summer Driving Experience Event

BUTLER, PA (May 11, 2017) – Effective immediately, dirt track enthusiasts and speed demons alike will have a new method of feeding their adrenaline demands. Set to make its official debut on Saturday, June 3, Super6 Late Models officials are pleased to announce the inaugural Super6 Late Models Driving Experience; a fully interactive, hands-on, dirt track experience that will give race fans the opportunity to operate a fully adjustable, fully capable, 350 horsepower Super6 Late Model.

The Super6 Late Models Driving Experience will be conducted on four separate Saturdays throughout the 2017 summer season, each hosted at Dog Hollow Speedway in Strongstown, Pennsylvania; a regular home to Super6 Late Models competition in 2017. Those who register will not only have the opportunity to drive a Super6 Late Model around Dog Hollow Speedway, but they will also have the privilege of receiving guidance on car tuning, car setup and driving techniques, all capped off with a catered luncheon.

“I can’t think of a better scenario for race fans, especially those who are still learning about our new division and have the itch to become involved. What better way to make the leap,” Mike Spinneweber explained, Owner and Founder of TRD Racing, Inc. and Super6 Late Models. “We are still new in the dirt track world, and our overall goal is to make an impact and really show racing enthusiasts what our division has to offer. These three-quarter scale late models are truly powerful. Why not give those curious an opportunity to really experience the level of power and excitement Super6 Late Models deliver.”

Super6 Late Models Driving Experience sessions will be conducted on June 3, July 8, August 12, and September 9. Racing experience is not required and safety equipment will be provided to those who do not have their own. Those seeking additional news and notes, as well as pricing, reservation availability and other requirements, should visit 

“The best part about this whole deal is that the people who may be interested enough to purchase a Super6 Late Model will have a place to race regularly,” Mike Spinneweber added. “Our relationship with Dog Hollow Speedway has grown into something very special. Super6 Late Models have been adopted into their racing program and are featured at least twice per month. We hope to turn our driving experience participants into active, full-time racers. We’re excited to begin.”

Those seeking additional information regarding the Super6 Late Models should contact Mike Spinneweber at 724.822.1604. News and updates will be posted regularly at the official online home of Super6 Late Models: Be sure to ‘Like’ Super6 Late Models on Facebook and follow along on all of the available social media networks.

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