Team Fully Injected’s Colton Flinner piloting the Ron Hall owned #75 during action at ‘PPMS.’ 

Allison Park, PA – 8/6/12] Allison Park, Pennsylvania native and Team Fully Injected crate late model rising star, Colton Flinner, picked up a Brougher’s Machine Shop Pro Late Model feature win on Saturday evening, August 4th, at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway near Imperial, Pennsylvania. The defending Pro Late Model track champion at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway and current point leader won the 20 lap, crate late model main event in terrific fashion; holding off Kyle Lukon and Josh Holtgraver for his first victory of the 2012 season. 

“I want to thank Ron Hall for this big time!” said Flinner about the victory, “He let me driver his car so I would stay alive in the points…we worked on this car all week long to get it ready and I can’t thank him enough for this opportunity…next weekend, I will be back in my own equipment so hopefully we have the same outcome!”

 Flinner actually swept crate late model action at ‘Dirt’s Monster Half Mile’ this weekend; winning not only the 20 lap main event at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, but also capturing the victory in his respective heat race. 

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Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway: August 4, 2012
Brougher’s Machine Shop ProLate Models

Heats – 93X Justin Lamb and Colton Flinner 

Feature (20 Laps) – 1. 75 Colton Flinner, 2. 1 Kyle Lukon, 3. 00 Josh Holtgraver, 4. 8 Tommy Schirnhofer, 5. 1F Nico Dabecco, 6. 99G Beau Glemba, 7. 93X Justin Lamb, 8. 15 Mark Moats, 9. 2M Chuck Medved, 10. 12 Brian Goebel, 11. 3 Paul Jablonski, 12. 18 Chris Lander, 13. 39 Pat Willar, 14. 8 Dusty Curry, 15. 15H Bryan Hoffman, 16. B8 Tom Bateman

K&N Performer – 93X Justin Lamb