Current All Stars Point Leader Dale Blaney: Photo by Cory Stivason

The All Star Circuit of Champions will be invading Mercer Raceway Park in Western Pennsylvania this Saturday evening for a $5,000 to win event. The All Star line up will be facing off against the best that Western Pennsylvania has to offer. Drivers like Dale Blaney, Tim Shaffer, Jessica Zemken, David Gravel, Greg Wilson, and Cap Henry are all expected to invade the Mercer, PA bullring Saturday night in hopes to claim the $5,000 top prize and bragging rights. As an added bonus to all regular racers at Mercer Raceway Park, an additional $500 is being put up for the highest finisher amongst the All-Star field!

Tim Shaffer – All Star competitor and 2010 Knoxville Nationals Champion. Photo by Cory Stivason

After catching up with some of the Fully Injected teammates; this is what they had to say about this Saturday night’s event:

Rod George: “You know, we went winless last season at Mercer so picking up a win this Saturday night would make up for all of that.”

Danny Holtgraver: “We are pumped as can be! – We are ready for sure with hopes to finish in the top five. We need to build our points back up with the series!”

Brandon Matus: “I’m┬ádefinitely really excited, ya know…I haven’t had much luck this year and haven’t been real good with my setups-but I think i still have an advantage over some of the All-Stars being that they may have never been to Mercer (Raceway Park) before. I am going to try my hardest to make the show- thats my goal and that would be awesome!”

Since I was unable to reach Fully Injected teammate,Scott Priester, at the time I was preparing this write-up, I decided to contact the next best source; his daughter, Kirstie Priester:

“I’m excited to watch dad (Scott Priester) compete with the All-Stars. He and the crew figured out some issues with the car (Dionese #15) and got that all figured out; so hopefully this weekend turns everything around. They are obviously called the ‘All-Stars’ for a reason, but my dad has raced there (Mercer) a lot – I’m excited!”

Don’t forget, get there early and check out the autograph session taking place from 5:00 – 5:30 PM at Mercer Raceway Park. Driver’s like Tim Shaffer and Jessica Zemken will be in midway area signing autographs during that time.

Thanks for reading; and as always – RACE OPEN WHEEL