In just the past few days, the United States has had many accomplished sprint car drivers not just in victory lane, but all over the results grid in Australia –  against some very stiff Aussie competition. (Remember: take into consideration the time difference when reading this post…)

Craig Dollansky, shown racing this past summer in the United States, picked up the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic preliminary win last night in Victoria, Australia. He will be back in action tonight looking for the $40,000 finale victory – Rick Rarer Photo

Louisiana native and current ASCS National Series standout, Jason Johnson, recently grabbed the ‘Kings Challenge’ victory on Friday evening, January 20th, at Borderline Speedway in Victoria, Australia! The former ASCS National Champion followed that up with a top 10 finish at the Lucas Oil Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic preliminary event last evening (Saturday, Jan 21st) at Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway in Victoria, Australia. Although Johnson only secured a 9th place finish, the 25 lap preliminary feature saw another American find victory lane; Elk River, MN native Craig Dollansky.

Jason Johnson, shown this summer at Attica Raceway Park during Ohio Sprint Speedweek in the United States, grabbed the Kings Challenge victory Friday evening in Victoria, Australia. He is also seeking a $40,000 top prize this evening at the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic! – Rick Rarer Photo

Dollansky held off former ‘Classic’ champion, Kerry Madsen, and Ian Loudoun for the victory. The $40,000 Lucas Oil Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic finale will take place later this evening – Sunday, January 22nd – celebrating it’s 40th year of existence . Eighty-five cars were entered in the preliminary event last night; with all expected to return for tonight’s action! Fourteen American drivers are  seeking an opportunity to grab a chunk of that prestigious purse, or even better: the $40,000 top prize.

Oklahoma native, Daryn Pittman, has been a very consistent competitor this ‘off-season’ in Australia. Pittman has scored multiple top 10’s thus far ‘down under’ – including a 9th place performance in the Kings Challenge, and a 4th place performance in the ‘Classic’ preliminary last night – Rick Rarer Photo

Other top American finishers in the ‘Kings Challenge’ Friday evening include Kyle Larson (2nd), Jason Meyers (4th), Danny Smith (7th), Daryn Pittman (9th), and Paul McMahan (11th).

Other top American finishers in the Lucas Oil Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic preliminary feature last night include Daryn Pittman (4th), Kyle Larson (6th), and Jason Johnson (9th).

Recent Headlined Australian Results:
President’s Cup at Avalon Raceway (Wednesday, Jan 18th): 
1. Q7 Robbie Farr
2. Q83 Dave Murcott
3. USA14 Jason Meyers
4. NQ25 James McFadden
5. W92 Kerry Madsen
6. USA4 Danny Smith
7. USA27 Daryn Pittman
8. NQ47 Jason Johnson
9. V70 John Vogels
10. V35 Jamie Veal
11. USA5 Lucas Wolfe
12. U25M Paul McMahan
13. V77 Darren Mollenoyux
14. V68 Brett Milburn
15. S27 Daniel Pestka
16. T77 Shaun Dobson

 Kings Challenge Finish (Friday, Jan 20th):
1. NQ47 Jason Johnson
2. USA68 Kyle Larson
3. W92 Kerry Madsen
4. USA14 Jason Meyers
5. NQ25 James McFadden
6. Q25 Andrew Scheuerle
7. USA4 Danny Smith
8. V5 Max Dumesny
9. USA27 Daryn Pittman
10. V35 Jamie Veal
11. U25M Paul McMahan
12. S27 Daniel Pestka
13. S51 Dylan Jenkin
14. T55 Jamie Bricknell
15. W7 Steven Lines

Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic Preliminary Finish (Saturday, Jan 21st):
1. USA7 Craig Dollansky
2. W92 Kerry Madsen
3. N18 Ian Loudoun
4. USA27 Daryn Pittman
5. A1 Brooke Tatnell
6. USA68 Kyle Larson
7. N21 Garry Brazier
8. Q7 Robbie Farr
9. NQ47 Jason Johnson
10. NQ25 James McFadden
11. S4 Trevor Green
12. NT5 Danny Reidy
12. NT5 Danny Reidy
13. V37 Grant Anderson
14. S51 Dylan Jenkin
15. T55 Jamie Bricknell

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